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Uptown Girl [3]

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: thank you to everyone who liked part 2 YAY! this part is in peter’s POV btw!

Peter Parker x Reader


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“I have the perfect movie for us to watch tonight!” Y/N excitedly said from beside me.

6 months.

It’s been 6 months since me and Y/N L/N became friends. In the course of those 6 months, she had managed to wiggle her way into my life to the point where it was hard to imagine life without her beaming smile greeting me when I looked to my side. It was also getting harder to hide the fact that I was completely in love with her but was too much of an idiot to do anything about it.

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Date #2 with the old guy

So last night was date number 2 guys. Brace yourselves because this is a long one.

So we started out by going to dinner downtown closer to where I live. We ate and this time I did most of the talking so that concern is gone lol. We talked about work and school and I told him how I’m fundraising to go on a mission trip to an orphanage in Honduras. He said he would donate! I was like “lol no you won’t” and he was like “sure why not? :)” super sweet. We were going to get dessert but it was almost time to see our movie at 7:30 so we skipped dessert and walked to the theater. (He paid for everything btw. My dinner, my glass of wine, the movie, my candy at the theater, everything!) We got to the theater and he took my had as we walked up the stairs so I didn’t trip in my 4 and a half inch heels lol I refuse to wear flats with him because even in my high heels I’m still only up to his chest so if I don’t wear them I’ll be a miniature person in comparison. And I’m not even that short I’m 5'4"!

Anyways we got popcorn and candy and then went into the theater. (We saw Doctor Strange-highly recommend except it was pretty long lol)
As the movie started our hands found each other again and stroked my thumb with his thumb. Eventually our other hands found each other too and we were just holding all hands. Tangled up in each other. He started running his fingers along my forearm and wasn’t even looking at me it was so natural. And he wasn’t doing it hoping to get something out of it, he was just so tender and caring. We kept switching positions, holding hands, then I rested my hand on his bicep (which is very firm btw-that’s half the reason why I did it so I could find out lol. But I would expect nothing less from an ex minor league baseball player) I kept wondering if/when it was going to happen. If we were going to kiss. About midway through the movie I looked at him and he looked at me and we didn’t say anything, just smiled at each other and then it happened. He reached his hand onto my cheek/neck and pulled me in for a kiss. I put my hand on top of his and we had my second movie theater make out session of 2016. But this one was way better. He kissed my lips, my cheeks, my nose. When we pulled away, (side note-I’m literally smiling as I write this I can’t even handle it) we just looked at each other smiling and went back to holding hands and watching the movie. We kissed a few more times during the movie each time just taking each other in.

When the movie ended he asked if I wanted to get ice cream or dessert, since we didn’t get to get any dessert at the restaurant. I was like “sure we can go but I probably won’t eat any” and he said, “It’s really just an excuse to spend more time with you to be honest. We can just walk around the block or something.” So we did. He wrapped me up in his arms at every stop at a crosswalk and I rested my head on his chest. We walked around downtown, sat under a heating lamp at some restaurant and talked and kissed and then got the boot by someone who worked at the restaurant lol. We kept walking around, stopped at a crosswalk to get to the parking garage and as we were waiting for the light to change we wrapped our arms around each other and he started swaying back and forth. Dancing. We were dancing on the sidewalk. I was somewhere between self conscious and wondering if I was in a Nicholas Sparks movie. We crossed the street and walked to my car. He pulled me in close and tight and we kissed for another 5-10 minutes before getting in the car. I had to change out of my heels and into my sneakers to drive because I can’t drive in heels at which he laughed and said “no judgement.” I drove him to the train station and before he got out of course there had to be a goodbye kiss. Which lasted incredibly long. Because every time we tried to say goodbye it just didn’t happen lol. He literally had to like pull himself away and force himself to get out of the car. He waved goodbye and kept looking as I waved and drove off. I left so happy. I haven’t felt someone like me this much in a while. I’ve been just settling for people who kinda like me. But every time he kisses me, or smiles at me, or grabs my hand, I can just see it. I can see his feelings for me and it makes me so happy. Emotional even. (That could be because I’m PMSing but it really did make me emotional!) Because to see someone look at you and smile and like want to be there with you and want to get to know you and want to make you laugh, it’s such a good feeling.

We texted last night and I asked him what he likes about me. I’m so scared of being in another situation where someone just wants my body. Or as bragging rights. Or something. He said, “A lot of things. You’re smart and witty, funny and beautiful and fun to be around.” Nothing about my body and everything about me.

I’m so excited to see him again.

adored by him part three; peter parker

part three of adored by him is based on the song: would you be so kind? - by dodie clark.
peter parker x reader
word count: 1,086
warning: sometimes i let out bits of lyrics, because I either don’t know what to do with them or they’re a repeat.
summary: peter is falling in love with you and tries to win you back after you said you did not wanna continue with him. he tries to show his love for you in many ways but you don’t seem to pick up on it.
part one | two| four| fivemy other work

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Seventeen Reaction: Him Being Your First

To keep it short and simple for anyone who doesn’t understand the title: You losing your virginity to him 

S.Coups: “Wait what, really?” Feels honored to be your first. Do not get it twisted though, it’s not because he somehow feels superior or anything like that, but rather because he feels honored that you trust him enough to care for you in this manner. 

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Jeonghan: Won’t make it into a bigger deal than what it is. “Oh Y/N, don’t worry. If at any point you don’t feel good let me know, okay?” Jeonghan is super caring and attentive of your expression during the doing, he only cares about you being comfortable. my angel

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Joshua: “Oh” actually shocked because it’s probably his first time too and he was hoping you would guide him. “I guess that makes it even more special right?” definitely a learning experience for the two of you. 

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Jun: Although he’s not super experienced, he’s experienced enough to know what precautions to take in order to make you feel good  and no not just sexually u perv ;p “Don’t worry, if anything just tell me when it’s too much for you to handle.” 

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Hoshi: Flustered, he doesn’t know what to say. “Guess that makes two of us then.” probably blushing super hard too. Probably thinks about everything he should and shouldn’t do. 

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Wonwoo: Feels a great amount of pressure, he was already under a lot pressure due to this being this being his first time going this far with a person. But gentleman Wonwoo is more concerned about you feeling comfortable rather than worrying about himself. “It’s all right we- you’ll be okay.” tries to reassure you and him both that everything will turn out fine. 

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Woozi: Inexperienced bean too, the second he hears you tell him that he would be the first he turns bright red. He’ll try not to let you know that though. rosy cheeks are a giveaway tho Similar to Wonwoo he’ll try to reassure you the best he can. 

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DK: Will probably tease you a bit. “Oh really now?” like ye duh thats what u said. The teasing is short lived though, Seokmin could never be that careless. “I’ll make sure to take care of you, trust me.” 

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Mingyu: You two would be in his dorm kissing it up, as things started moving to a different direction. Mingyu already knew it would be your first time, which is the reason for his attentive attitude towards you. “Are you sure you’re ready? We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” You would just reply with a nod and off you go

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The8: One minute you were watching a movie, the next minute things were getting heated. Minghao’s hands starting moving closer to your abdominal area. “Minghao? I- this is my first time doing anything like this.” The second you tell him that, he’ll become really nurturing. “We don’t have to anything, that’s okay.” he’ll say trying to make you feel comfortable. After convincing him that you’d be okay, he’s really caring towards you and will try to make this experience as good as it can be for you.

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Seungkwan: Gets all giggly about it, but will snap himself out of it. Has to remind yourself that this is something that will stick with you and him both, so he wants to make the best out of it. “We’ll be fine Y/N, we’ll take it slow and figure it out. All right?” !!!

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Vernon: When you first told him that you were a virgin he wasn’t surprised, after all he was the first boyfriend you ever had and you both were still quite young; yet he still treats you as if you were some fragile china. a concept vernon holding you by the head lmao kidding xD

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Dino: From the moment you told him, Dino was completely understanding. He never once pressured you into doing anything you didn’t want to do. When you finally told him you were ready to take it to that level, he was surprised and kept asking you if you really wanted to go through this. “There’s no rush Y/N, are you sure about this?” asks you for like the 100th time. 

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A/N: As promised. I will be working on some request I have in my inbox tomorrow, so to anyone who sent them don’t think I’ve forgotten!! Also make sure to check out the small drabble I wrote today  maybe give it a bit of love? idk if it’s any good, constructive criticism is always welcomed

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Jughead & Reader: Caught in The Middle

Summary: When Josie’s dad makes his disapproval for you in the Pussycats known, she decides to kick you out. Upset and heartbroken, Jughead, who was merely an acquaintance to you, helps you calm down. Slowly the two of you become friends and develop feelings for each other. But there’s a major problem standing in your way: His girlfriend, Betty, and your boyfriend, Reggie.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: Pachuca Sunrise - Minus The Bear

“No, no, no,” Myles McCoy said as he stood up from his chair and shook his head impatiently. “That’s not right at all.”

You lowered your head slightly embarrassed, because you knew more than likely he was speaking directly to you. It was hard for you to get the right chord change on the keyboard so you were holding up rehearsals. 

Josie, Val, and Melody sighed as Myles walked over to you. “This is how you do it,” he told you. He nudged you out of the way and you watched as he played your part with ease. You looked up at Josie who seemed just as embarrassed as you. “Got it?” Myles asked. He was incredibly annoyed. 

“I think so,” you said quietly.

“That’s not good enough,” he told you. “You have to be able to do it. If you can’t, maybe you shouldn’t be a Pussycat.”

The thought of you not being a Pussycat anymore crushed you. You worked so hard to learn how to play keyboard just so you could be a part of Josie’s group. You admired them and thought they were the epitome of cool, so when Josie asked you to play with them, it was like a dream come true. You were a damn good keyboardist but not good enough for Myles. 

Josie put her hand on her hip as she looked at you. “Just try again, okay?” She was annoyed, just like her father. 

“From the top,” Myles said as he sat down in his chair and watched you with judging eyes. 

Your hands were shaking as Melody counted off with her drumsticks. Finally it was time for you to play but you choked. You were so nervous in front of Myles, an accomplished musician, that you completely forgot how to play. 

“What the hell?” Val asked, setting her tambourine down. 

“I’m sorry,” you said as you grabbed your things and left the room. You couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. You had to leave. 

You sat on the steps leading up to school, playing with the cat ears in your hands. You felt so embarrassed and so ashamed that you couldn’t play right in front of Myles. He was so intimidating and didn’t like that Josie added another member to the Pussycats. But at one point you were really good and she liked your talent. Now you knew what was coming. 

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[TRANS] Bazaar June 2017 Park Hyungsik Interview


Park Hyungsik calmly walked into the Hawaiian nature where sun, wind, fog, and sudden showers changed one another in unparalleled fashion like special effects. A full-fledged 26-year-old actor, who is slowly discovering the taste of acting, without a touch of fear or hesitation explored the unfamiliar world. The diverse Park Hyungsik’s prism that radiates between an innocent boyish face and a wild manly appearance. —-By Editor Kim Areum

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Honesty is the Best Medicine

Title: Honesty is the Best Medicine

 Prompt: @wellthatwasdumb : Can you do a marvel one where Natashahas a mission to make the reader fall in love with her for some information. The reader is kinda sweet an innocent. Anyway the reader Finds out about the mission and feels betrayed, fluffy ending. Female Reader

 Summary: Natasha Romanov broke your heart with her lies and deceit.  Will she ever be able to fix it?

 Warnings: LANGUAGE! I mean seriously, this reader has a potty mouth! Angst.   Masterlist of Fanfiction

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Tears filled your eyes as you wrapped the blanket around you tighter.  Your mind raced with thoughts, of course she didn’t care for you, of course she only wanted to use you for information, why else would she spend time with you?

A shiver went through your body as you thought back to the last six months.  Six months of thinking you were happy.  Six months of bliss.  Six months…of lies.  Every smile, every laugh, every kiss, every tender moment.  It was all lies.

Your eyes drifted up and looked across the room to see her.  Her red hair falling around her face, framing it perfectly.  Even now, after an all-out war, after she fought and bled and god knows what else, she was still picture perfect.  Natasha.  No, not Natasha…Black Widow.  She was no longer the Natasha who whispered things in your ears to make you blush, she was the warrior Black Widow.

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holding-on-to-francis  asked:

Kissing Gibbs in the rain then him proposing to you

It stupid and reckless - you could potentially catch a cold or a shiver but neither of you wanted to move. Lip locked in a passionate kiss outside of the Naval Yard, the rain pouring down around you. In a movie this would be considered romantic, not possible death by cold.

Gibbs slowed the kiss, his hands hesitating only a second when they left your face, “I suppose now is a good time..”

You frowned and tilted your head, your fingers still stroking his face, “A good time for what?” You grinned when he smirked, “Jethro?”

He slipped a hand into his coat pocket and took a knee, not minding his knee getting wet, he’d do anything for you. As he produced a ring, in a small red brushed velvet box, “[Y/N]…will you do me the honour, of becoming my wife?”

You cried, actual tears and managed a nod before speaking, “Yes.” You pulled him up, kissing him again and wrapped your arms around him in a damp hug, “Yes.” You whispered and once you’d back up Gibbs slipped the ring on the appropriate finger.

Who knew Jethro could be so romantic? It was just like a scene from a film. Hand in hand you headed to work, luckily you both had a change of clothes.

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Arguing with lider Coups with a cute fluffy ending

You bite your lip in an attempt to smother your rising frustration, glaring at the clock on your wall. Over an hour has passed since the time your boyfriend told you he would arrive for your date and he still hasn’t texted you nor called. You had spent hours meticulously preparing your anniversary dinner, only for it to get cold because a certain somebody decided that whatever they were doing was more important than celebrating your three year relationship. Your heart burns with the same fire as the melting candles you had set all about the kitchen as you ponder what he could possibly be up to.

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Request: I made two imagines for this prompt cause I loved it so much and I had another idea so here’s a double dose of will Poulter.

Your boyfriend Will walked out in his basketball uniform, sweat band and all and started dribbling the ball. You had finally agreed to practice with him after him pleading all day.
“Come on, let’s make this quick,” you laughed as he showed off, running right past you and shooting for the hoop.
“Fail!” You yelled right as it hit the rim, bouncing off. You turned to see where it would land but the ball came flying towards you and it was too late to move.
The ball crashed right into your head and you crumbled to the ground.
“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” Your boyfriend helped you up. “Are you ok?!”
“Not really,” you rubbed your throbbing head, “I have a massive headache.”
“Here lets go get you to bed,” he tucked you in to bed and handed you an Advil and ice pack. “Is there anything I can do for you?” His face was worried.
“Well, some cuddles would be much appreciated and a movie wouldn’t be too bad,” you smiled.
“Coming right up!” He ran out of the room only to return with a big bowl of popcorn and your favorite movie in hand. Once the movie was set up he cautiously got in bed with you and carefully wrapped an arm around you.
“Will, it was an accident, you aren’t going to hurt me again, don’t worry.”
“I know, I know,” he warmed up, hugging you a little tighter as you rested your head comfortably on his chest.


The movie finished and you closed your eyes in an effort to try to get some rest.
You felt the weight on the bed shift as Will put the empty bowl aside and a light peck on your head.
“I just love you so much,” he whispered.

there’s a vacancy in me, a moon crater, a cesspool, a grasshopper on its hind legs pleading to gods that don’t exist yet. i’ve always spelled love with bullet holes in between, his hands rummaging through my snow-caked lungs for heartstrings that vanish at the touch, my own emptiness an animal that gnaws me, a biteful here and a prickling crack in my being there. something wrong, something gnarly. a prayer with bent teeth and beer breath. a glimpse of a memory that might’ve been a dream or another world you existed in when your hands were smaller and the universe was an infinite beast, rattled by stars and ancient fires, matchlit mountains and roiling seas. have you ever felt like a graveyard in the blooming? all these tombstones littered across your body, each grave marked by your name, owls hooting behind the ribcage gates. in me there is a vacancy like this: the earth stemming from purified veins, droplets of blood capering up my skin like caterpillars, something half-eaten, half-felt, something that was perhaps, never whole. waterlogged limbs that only carry you as far as your next disaster. cheeks mottled with rain that does not burn. someone asking “hi, how are you?” and your answer is fine, always fine, do you know what it’s like to never feel anything other than fine? to hold hands with the dead and sing their souls to blissful sleep. maybe i would be a clichè, something out of a movie you’ve seen a hundred times before, a ghost with nothing to haunt, a girl who gets bitten by a monster only to become a monster, suicide in the city.
I Always Have.

*Not a request, just felt like it*

Have you ever wanted something so much, wanted someone so much, it scared you? I knew that it would be trouble, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I walked out of my trailer and headed straight for the trailer across the street. I stopped outside the door. There was laughter coming from inside. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. “Who is it?” 

“It’s Robbie I have a question” I said stepping back from the door. I heard her jump up. She swung open the door with a big smile.

“Robert!” She said jokingly walking down the two steps, almost falling. She embraced me with a hug. “What can I do for ya?”

“Well um, after we are done shooting today would you mind grabbing a drink or something?” I said hoping she’d agree.

“Well I would love to” she paused,” But” I felt my heart stop. “Aren’t we too young to drink?” She laughed. I took a big breath.

“Well I meant something of that nature,” I said laughing.

“Why don’t I come by later and we can watch a movie or play games or something?” She stepped back and moved her hand down my arm giving me chills.

“I am down for that.” I said smiling at her. She smiled back.

“Is that all you wanted to ask me?” She asked moving up on her tip toes.

No I thought to myself. “Yup. So later then. Um text me when you get to the apartment so I can buzz you in.”

“I will. See you later.” She backed away with a wide grin on her face. “Bye” She waved as she backed into her trailer.

“Bye” I waved back at her moving towards my own trailer.


“ROBBIE!” y/n said as she threw a piece of popcorn at me. 

“What! I was just saying that this movie would be a little better if the actress actually acted scared,” I said defending my case moving my hand onto her leg. She laughed and looked at me. 

“Alright mister oh-so-talented, I am going to get more popcorn do you want anything?” She said moving closer to me. 

“I..Uh,” I stuttered. She kept moving closer. I can’t believe this is happening. “No.” I finally spilled out. 

“Ok,” y/n smiled and stood up heading towards the kitchen. Dangit! I was so close! I should have taken the chance. I will not miss the next chance I have. “ROBBIE!” I heard from the kitchen. 

“YES LOVE,” I responded awaiting her answer.


I stood up and set my drink on the table, “COMING.” I walked into the kitchen and turned towards her. “What do you ne..,” I was interrupted by a strong force. Y/n pulled my shirt and pulled me to her. Our lips connected and it was like something that came out of a movie. I started to kiss her back when she pulled away. 

“I need,” She passed to breathe,” I need to know if you feel the same way.” She said smiling. I smiled back and pushed her up against the wall. 

“I always have.”

Alrighty this is my second imagine. Send me requests if you wish, no pressure, um yeah I am going to keep on workin and such.

Unexpected Changes (Part 3)

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Elijah and i hadn’t really talked a lot since the night he asked me to give us a try. It’s not that i didn’t want to talk to him it’s just that everything else was in the way. Klaus was trying to find a witch and because of that we couldn’t leave the house or people would know we had something to do with the witch hunt.

Sophie and Jason on the other hand were loving living here. And why wouldn’t they. They don’t have to go to school. There are no fighting parents. Elijah had even made sure to buy more toys and coloring books and what not for them. It was actually really sweet of him. He treated them really well.

“WHY THE HELL NOT” i yelled as i followed Klaus through the kitchen. He had just told me i couldn’t leave the house for another week. I had been inside for 3 weeks now and i couldn’t stand it.

“Because love… the witch hunt is gonna be over in a week or so… i just have to make a trip to mystic falls. I know a little Bennett witch there.” he said so calmly. Like i hadn’t been trapped in a house with vampires for weeks.

“Elijah please just tell him i can go out without getting killed. I just wanna go shopping. I have been wearing your daggered sisters clothes for weeks and i’m starting to feel weird about it” i asked him. There was always more of a chance to get Elijah on board when it came to human things.

“Sorry… You have to do with Rebekah’s cloths for a week more. Anna i really don’t want you dead…” he continued.

“And what do you even have to complain about. We hired a maid. A babysitter. We even got you a netflix account.” Klaus asked with that stupid british sass i hated so much.

“Funny… and you didn’t hire a babysitter and a maid. You compelled them which i still don’t know if you’re doing to me remember.” i said. I quickly got up on the table looking at klaus with wide eyes.

“I’ll get you a vervain necklace or something AFTER i find the witch.” Klaus said finally settling for a bottle of water before running off again. I yelled a little “thanks” after him. Before i even had time to think Elijah was leaving again.

“Wait… can we talk” i asked him. He turned back to me a little smile playing on his lips.

“Sure… what did you have in mind. The weather. Politics.” he joked. I just gave him a glare.

“You know what i wanna talk about.”

“Okay… you’re right we should talk. Go ahead what do you want to know” he asked finally getting serious.

“Well you said you wanted to try this” i said pointing between us. “And now everytime i step into a room you leave”

“Anna i’m so sorry. I… i don’t know what i am doing. I was waiting till Niklaus was done with whatever he was doing so i could actually take you out. A date. Dinner and i don’t know a walk in the french quarter.” he finished coming closer to me.

“Elijah that’s so sweet but…” i meant it. It was sweet but that’s not what i wanted. “I just wanna stay here. Eat junk food and watch movies on the netflix account Klaus is very bitter he had to buy” i laughed.

“Perfect. First date tonight then.” he asked me. And even though i had just told him all that i didn’t expect that he would want to do it tonight.

“Yeah… And just to take a bit of pressure off of it” i lean in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. It was weird to be the one to have all the boldness for once. I was always the shy one in relationships.  

I walked upstairs to my so called room. I laid there on the sheets just picturing how this would go. I couldn’t even imagine Elijah eating junk food. A man in a suit didn’t really give the most junk food loving impression.  I also couldn’t picture laying on a bed. With Elijah. Touching. Okay now i’m nervous.

I put on a pair of Rebekah’s black shorts and i couldn’t find a lose shirt. I needed a loose shirt. So i was running around Rebekah’s old room in booty shorts and a bra. I really couldn’t find one loose shirt. I heard someone outside the door but i totally ignored it.

“Thank you for the show love” Klaus’s voice came from the door.

“OH MY GOD KLAUS WHAT THE FUCK” i yelled and grabbed the nearest shirt and quickly put it on.

“What are you looking for Anna” Klaus came closer and dug through the closet

“A loose shirt.” i said quietly.

“Oh well Rebekah didn’t like loose fitting cloths. Why did you need it” Klaus asked me.

“Oh i… well I didn’t feel like having a tight cloths on. I was gonna go to bed early.” i lied

“Heartbeat sweetheart.” Klaus smirked at me. He had probably heard my heartbeat speed up before i even started talking.

“Elijah and i were gonna hang out tonight and i wanted to wear a loose shirt since it was just gonna be watching movies on your beloved netflix account” i admitted. Klaus’s smirk grew into a grin. He was probably gonna make a comment about Elijah and i but at this point i didn’t really care.

“Oh well. Since my loving brother finally got the courage to ask you out i should probably be of help.” he told me before he left the room only to come back with a white shirt in his hands.

“Thanks” i replied. I waited for him to leave but he never did. “Klaus… privacy”

“Right… i’ll leave you to it.” he said before leaving again. I walked around the room for a while. I had never actually thought about what Rebekah would have been like. If she was anything like her brothers she would be sweet and noble like Elijah but at the same time strong and brave like Klaus. She had cloths from the 20’s in her closet. I guess Klaus daggered her after the 2000’s because most of her cloths were from the 90’s and 00’s. I actually had a great selection of cloths but i still needed to go shopping.

I went back to my room where i had already made snacks and drinks ready for the date. Elijah came in later. It was so weird finally seeing him in something but a suit. I have to admit he looked good. Grey sweatpants hung low on his body and the black shirt slightly see through. It was a good look for him. He looked comfortable.

“Hey… i’m sorry i have never had this kind of date i didn’t know what the fashion for it was.” he rambled on. I on the other hand loved his look. It fit perfectly.

“No that is perfect” i said with a shy smile. I felt butterflies in my stomach but chose to ignore it.

“So… what are we watching” He asked me. I actually didn’t think he would let me chose. It’s not like many other people would be okay with watching anything.

“Well you tell me… what have you not watched” i laughed. We both moved to the bed to actually get comfortable.  Elijah just laughed.

“I have never really been a movie person. What do you feel like” He said

“Wait. Hold up. You have never seen Friends. Oh my god Elijah. We have to watch it. From episode one all night. Ready for the night of your life” i laughed.

Elijah apparently laughed through countless episodes. After a while i got tired and without thinking i rested my head on Elijah’s shoulder. He glanced over at me but i chose to ignore it. We were watching a very cute Ross and Rachel moment when i felt Elijah’s hand grab mine. I looked up to meet his dark brown eyes. At that moment i felt my heart stop. He slowly leaned in. his hand came up to cup my face. Right as his lips were gonna touch mine my door opened.

“Anna” Sophie whined from my door. I heard a sigh come from my lips followed by a very annoyed “What”

“Anna i had a nightmare about mommy and daddy” She started crying. I quickly ran to her and picked her up. I carried her to the bed where i placed her between Elijah and i

“What happened in your nightmare” Elijah asked her sweetly. A warmth spread through my body knowing that he actually cared. That he cared about Sophie.

“The one where daddy get mad at mommy and takes you away” she said to me. Both her and Jason have still not gotten completely comfortable with Elijah or Klaus. I understand why. The were the guys that kidnapped them.

“Again” i whispered. She had this dream all the time.

“Recurring nightmares…” Elijah asked me.

“Yeah ever since my parents started fighting she has had this dream where my dad gets mad and takes me away from her and Jason.” i said while stroking Sophie’s hair “She has it like once a month”

“It usually means a person a person has not acknowledged a problem they are dealing with.” Elijah said. I was surprised. Of course living for 1000 years was gonna give him knowledge but this was very doctorish.

“I have a psychology degree.” Elijah said after noticing my shock.

“Wow… any other degrees i don’t know about.” i said with a chuckle at the end.

“Plenty” he laughed and before we knew it Sophie was sound asleep and snoring. Elijah and i let out a laugh at the sleeping kid. “Did i mention you look really good in my shirt” he whispered making sure not to make the little girl wake up.

“What” i asked. What did he mean. When was i wearing his shirt. I don’t remember wearing his shirt.

“My shirt” he said pointing to the shirt i was currently wearing. I was wearing his shirt. But how.

“Oh my god… i’m so sorry. I needed a loose shirt and Klaus saw me looking through Rebekah’s things”

“Rebekah never did love loose fitting cloths” he interrupted with a chuckle.

“Klaus saw me looking through her closet and he told me the same thing. Well he went to find me a loose shirt and i didn’t really think more of it. But of course he got me your shirt. He had to do something didn’t he” i said annoyed. But it didn’t seem like Elijah was annoyed. He was actually smiling.

“Anna… don’t worry about it. I actually enjoy seeing you in my clothes.” he smiled. A blushed made it’s way to my cheeks. Before i could say anything though a snore came from the sleeping beauty next to us.

“Do you want me to carry her back to her room” Elijah asked me. I quickly nodded my head and he carried her away. He put her down on her bed and grabbed her stuffed animal that was now on the floor. After he made sure she was tucked in he left her and came back in.

“Thank you… for everything.” i said. He came back to the bed to lay. A part of me was afraid that he was gonna stay and expect something i couldn’t give him. But on the other hand i wanted him to stay. I felt safe around Elijah. Way more than i did with Klaus. But if he did want that. He was coming to the totally wrong person. I didn’t know anything. I had had boyfriends who had wanted to

“Elijah…” i whispered. I was afraid of what he was gonna say. He had probably done it all in his 1000 years.

“Yes my dear” he whispered back. His eyes were locked on mine.

“hm… i… i” i didn’t know how to ask him about it. How do you ask someone about this kind of thing.

“Anna what’s wrong” he asked me.

“Im……”  i didn’t know how to bring this up. Should i bring it up. It didn’t matter did it. Should it matter. Elijah was a great guy. Would he actually care about this.

“Anna what’s wrong” He asked me with a look of concern in his eyes.

“It doesn’t matter.” I said quietly hoping he would let it go.

“Heartbeat… do you not want this” he said. How could be say that. How could he think i didn’t want this. Everything was going wrong and this was the only thing keeping me going.

“No, yes, no, wait… i do want this…that’s not it but it really doesn’t matter Elijah” i said confused. I didn’t want him figuring it out.

“Okay. if you don’t wanna tell me then don’t. But. if you ever wanna talk.” He said softly.


#113 Brooklyn Beckham – Obvious

You and Brooklyn are meeting up in front of the cinema to watch a movie. It was supposed be just a normal movie day and Brooklyn swears that he didn’t know that the movie is on the same day as Valentine’s Day but when he told you which movie you’re going to watch, you knew that he did it purposely. You didn’t say anything though and just got ready for the day.

Hours later, you arrive in front of the Cinema and see Brooklyn waiting for you. He has a white rose in his hands and you instantly smile when you see him. “I knew it.” You smirk as you walk over to him.

“Knew what?” Brooklyn asks and gives you the rose. You chuckle and he takes a deep breath. “Okay, I think you really know it by now.” He says and you nod. “I’m so stupid, inviting you a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day, thinking it’s not obvious.” He mumbles and runs his fingers through his hair.

“I think it’s cute.” You admit and a smile appears on his lips.

“You do?” He asks and you nod. “Great, ‘cause before we get in, I want to make sure that one thing it settled.” He says and takes your hand. “(Y/N), would you do me the honour and be my girlfriend?” Brooklyn asks and you nod.

“Yes, Brooklyn.” You smile and before you can do anything, he cups your cheeks and kisses you passionately. You wrap your arms around him and kiss him back, hearing people applause for you. When you pull apart, Brooklyn doesn’t let go of your cheeks as you both just laugh.

“We should get in.” He says but doesn’t move.

“No wait.” You say and kiss him again, earning more applause from others. When you pull apart, Brooklyn takes your hand and doesn’t let go as he gets the tickets and then the food.

When you sit on your seats, Brooklyn puts his arm around your shoulder and kisses your cheek. “I always wanted to go that.” He admits and kisses your cheek again and again. You turn your head around and his lips hit yours. He cups your cheek and deepens the kiss. The movie starts but Brooklyn and you are too busy kissing and don’t pay any attention to the movie.



From @zadra-sixkiller’s prompt here!

“So.” Kathy finished reading recounting her date while you two sat at a bar “I’ve told you all about my love life, now what’s going on with yours.”

“Absolutely nothing. Which I am fine with.” You reassured her

“There’s no one? At all? Don’t you at least have someone in mind?” She raised her eyebrow at you.

“Surely you have more stories I could just enjoy?”You blushed and tried to take her off the the subject.

“There is someone, who is it?” Her eyes twinkled

“Theres nobody.” you lied

“It’s not Bruce is it?”


“Good because that would be a lost cause. Hal.Jordon?”

“Oooh, but no.” You thought he was cute but his attitude was a bit overbearing.

“That bartender?”

“Haha no.”


“No way. He’s like a brother to me.”

“Dick Grayson.”

You felt your face grow hot and a lump climb into your throat. You avoided her gaze until you could quite confidently laugh it off with a “No way.”

But your voice betrayed you and squeaked out your words causing her to grin massively.

“Ok I’m done.” You tried to laugh it off as you pushed your drink away from you.

“You going to be okay getting home or should I call Dick to pick you up?” She winked at you. “I mean i knew you two flirted but I already thought it was just the way you two talked.”

“It is, which is why I’m leaving it alone and waiting for it to pass.”

“Are you sure? I bet he’s just waiting around anyway, here I’ll text him.”  Kathy said and you sprung out of your chair to try and reach for the phone in her hand. She just laughed at you and winked at you before picking up her wallet. “I’ve already got us an Uber, chill.”

You blushed as you followed her out, your bill already covered.

You didn’t see Kathy for another few days until she asked you to team up.

After suiting up you met her at the Quarry, where she was waiting for you.

“So what’s the plan?”

“I’ll fill us in when we’re all here.” She replied with a grin

“Who else is joining us?” You asked as your question was answered by Nightwing jumping down next to you.

“Sorry I’m late.” He apologised quickly “Roommate problems.”

“Perhaps you and Y/N should be together, they’ll keep you on time.”

You opened your mouth to object but before you could do so, Dick had answered for you.

“If anything that would create an issue of me coming too quickly.” He said causing Kathy to burst out into laughter.

You scrunched up for your face and look the other way, refusing for him to see your blush.

“Anyway we need to go investigate this man here.” Kathy said as she pulled out a folder. Nightwing nodded and flicked through it.

“He’s going to be at the restaurant on the corner of 5th and Tulop, so I need you two to go undercover and find out what you can.”

You grimaced, you knew exactly what she was doing

“No way.”

“Aww but babe, you promised we would go for our date night.” Dick pouted

“I thought your version of date night was eating cereal under the stars” You laughed at him

“See, Batwoman, I told you we would win those ‘How well do you know your significant other?’ shows” He pulled you into a sideways hug

“Eww have you been in the sewer?” You cried as you attempted to get away from his stench, which only made him latch on more


“And you didn’t shower?”

“My showers broken or cursed, it won’t let me shower unless I’m with someone else.” He threw his hands in the air dramatically “I’m doomed until I find someone who would share a shower with me.”

“I bet Y/N knows someone willing.” Kathy teased

“I’ve got Y/N though, they’d do anything to get me squeaky clean. “ he winked at your gagging face

“And ruin your Disney movie? The Stank Prince.”

“All I need is a royal kiss, your highness.” He grinned, you waited for him to do finish off with a chuckle like he always did but he actually seemed almost serious?

“Oh my god.” You groaned at him “We’ve got a mission!”

“I’ll need a shower first Y/N.”

Good Choice - Calum Hood Imagine

The sound of my alarm clock jolts me awake from my deep slumber.
I open my eyes slowly and then turn it off quickly.
I sigh and turn around in the bed, facing Calum’s muscular and exposed back.
My cheeks warm up once I see the healing scratch marks on his back.
Small snores escape his mouth and I smile a little.
I place my hand on his back and start to rub it slowly, trying to wake him up.
He stops snoring suddenly and moves.
“Cal.” I whisper gently.
He turns around slowly to face me.
He opens one eye a little once he rests the side of his head on his pillow and then smiles at me, closing his eye.
“Hi sunshine.” He mumbles sleepily while putting his hand on my side, pulling me towards him.
I giggle and kiss his plump lips gently. Then his nose and then his cheek.
Calum chuckles before resting his head on my chest, giving it a quick peck.
“You sleep good?” He asks.
“Uh huh.” I say.
I could feel him smile against my chest.
“Same here.”
“Your boobs feel nice, babe.” He admits, bringing me more close to him.
I laugh and shake my head. He chuckles as well.
“I’m glad to hear, Cal.” I whisper.
Calum sighs happily.
“Hey, can you drive me to work today?” I ask, my hand rubbing his back.
“You’re not leaving me or this bed.” He mumbles, seriously.
“But I have to, babe.” I whisper, kissing his forehead.
“Nuh uh.” He says like a two year old.
Calum’s hand starts to rub circles on my hip bone.
“Uh huh.” I say back with a laugh.
“You’re not going and that’s final.” Calum says, acting like a man now instead of a child.
I sigh.
“What would we do today then?” I ask.
“This.” He mumbles sleepily.
“Cuddling would get boring after awhile babe. Then what would we do?”
“Watch movies, dance, make out, cuddle some more, have sex. Anything you want, just as long as you’re here with me.” Calum admits before looking up at me, giving me a smile.
I look into his big brown eyes while playing with his hair behind his head.
“So (Y/N), tell me…are you down for spending the day with your fantastic, amazing and very sexy boyfriend?” He asks, wiggling his eyebrows.
I giggle and then nod my head. He smiles even more.
“Good choice.” Calum whispers before kissing my lips sweetly.