movies i wish existed

Let’s just apriciate this nice klance moment for a second

1. They’re literally standing so close that they are overlapping eachother.

2. It’s another instance of lance just saying something about him to keith (I.e. That’s the tag line to like 6 of my favorite movies)

3. I too hate lemon meringue pie and I wish it never existed


Underwritten Female Character: Trailer for a movie I actually wish existed


Best witchy movie ever! I was tearing in the end ;( But this is a Japanese movie called The Witch of the West is Dead (2008).

It’s about a little girl named Mai who stays over at her grandma’s cottage because she had trouble at school. Her grandma is a witch from England (a hedge witch to be exact), but she speaks Japanese and married a Japanese man so that’s why she’s living in Japan. Her grandma teaches Mai witchy things because Mai also wants to be a witch like her :) It’s cute.

I really wished I knew this movie existed before! But I love it so much, even the ending, I want to save quotes from the movie. But this movie is like a witch teaching an apprentice basic little things about life. I think all witches should watch this <3

You can watch the full movie here with English subs:

Jem The Movie & My Anger....Ive waited so long, and this happened.

FIRST, i will say this, i did not take the time to make a fan video ( as much as i wanted to) due to work and college studies. Do i think it could have made a difference? maybe. who knows.

——> And now My disappointment in Jem The Movie <—–

This Is what JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS originally look like

Notice The Hair Color & Ethnic Diversity in the Group…BUT primarily Notice KIMBER & SHANA. See it ? Ok good.

….And Now The Cast that made my blood boil…!

Guess Who’s Playing Shana…..Did you guess?….Yup, The ‘Brightest’ one with a Question Mark on Her Head. These TEENAGERS are playing the roles of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS. 

ME –> 

The Icing on the cake is KIMBER….Remember Kimber, She has and always has had HOT PINK hair

THIS is Kimber now……

What…The…****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….This Pissed me Off the MOST. i Love the 80’s hair. I understand that their trying to make a “Modern” Version But JON CHU/CHO (Whatever) needs to understand the audience he is presenting this movie too.

Dear “Creators”

We were the 80’s kids, we were the ones who looked up to these WOMEN. NOT TEENS. WOMEN. Why can’t we present the same diversity and Knowledge down to the younger generation? Why can’t we show them that there are Adults in this world who truly care for their well being like Jerrica did for her foster girls? I guess those things don’t matter now…


So many auditions, so much talent…In The end you went with Actresses whom already had hollywood fame. How dare you give hope Jon C.? Why? WHERE IS CHRISTY MARX!? I need her right now!….This is How I think All who auditioned Feel

Now back to SHANA….Are you blind Jon? Is your casting team Blind? OR was it too hard to find a female of a darker complexion to play SHANA ELMSFORD? …

This is SHANA 

THIS Is the ACTRESS chosen to play SHANA

0__________________o…Wait ..what!??!!…*Sigh* So much for diversity

The Anger that this production brought me was completely mind blowing. I can’t handle the thought that these KIDS are going to play my Beloved JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….


….I am pretending this movie does not exist. I am hoping. praying and wishing. Someone would step in and Fix this. **Screams Into her Pillow**