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TOP 50 RILAYA MOMENTS (as voted by my followers):
♡ #5. - girl meets creativity. 

you mean let’s go watch some art, or read some art, or listen to some art. because movies, and books, and music are art. i do go outside riley! i watch the light move during the day. and you know what happens at 5:30? you turn gold. everything is more beautiful at the beginning and the of the day and I want people to see that. I want to capture that. 

+bonus; “how close were you to breaking?”

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Top 5 Bellarke and CS quotes? or moments/scenes if you want :)

i think i’m gonna do favorite moments/scenes just because i remember those much more vividly than quotes!

for bellarke:

1. the list scene, 4x03

2. the talk and hug on the beach, 3x13

3. the entirety of day trip (but especially their talk and the “i need you”), 1x08

4. the iconic first hug, 2x05

5. clarke leaving after mount weather, 2x16

bonus: bellamy trying to save clarke, 3x02

for captain swan (this is harder because literally all of their scenes make me die but i’ll try):

1. this isn’t just one scene but the entire captain swan movie and the kiss at the end, 3x22

2. “don’t you know emma? it’s you”, 4x15 

3. the camelot kiss in the field of roses, 5x04

4. emma tells hook she wants a future with him, 5x08

5. emma asks hook to move in with her, 6x03

bonus: the proposal, 6x13

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How do you animate on a background?

hmm, well, here I would say the best thing to do for the final product is use an external program to stitch the frames and background together so they are on separate layers.otherwise if you want to have the final BG in firealpaca, you’d have to bundle it together with each separate frame. And that is not really an effective way if you have many frames as well and the background is a still image. So I would use something like Blender (Video Editor in it) Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas or Krita to stitch the BG and image together. I think maybe Plastic Animation Paper 4.0 had something like this feature as well but I don’t recall anymore.

But if you just want a BG for a simpler gif or shorter animation, just put all your frames into separate folders and duplicate the BG layer + move one BG duplicate into each folder. Congrats, your folders act as frames now and you can export the composite frames+BG layer as separate frames. I think this is a pretty neato feature of FA onionskin mode.

but how to actually have the background as reference: what I think is the best method in FA for this is having the BG image (or a simplified edited version of it so you don’t get confused by the green tone, since the “next frame” onion skinning just shows a greened down monotone of any layer that’s the next one) as the top layer next to your current layer, so you can view the frame you drew before and then have the BG as reference right next to your current and previous frame. This would probably also involve moving the BG layer around if you want to tweak things but it’s not so bad if you’ve got the rest of your planning done for the animation. 

Hope this helps. If you meant something else, don’t be scared to ask again.

You should definitely reference Obtusity’s animation tutorial for the basics if there are other things that were unclear about this ask.

i want to run away…but like in ghibli movie. like i take a block of cheese a loaf of bread and some apples and wander through the flower-specked mountains wrapped up in a shawl and i happen to wander into a moving castle and fall in love with a cute wizard


Yuuri: Lets run! Don’t fight them, Vitya!

Viktor: Sorry, I’ve had enough of running away, Yuuri. Now I’ve got something I want to protect. It’s you.

(Vitya’s Moving Castle

There are so many Disney movies where the protagonist’s beloved parent/sibling dies a horrible, violent death, so I’m really glad that in Moana they showed Moana’s grandmother having a peaceful death surrounded by loved ones. And then she moved gracefully into the afterlife, taking the spiritual form she always wanted, and I personally think it’s really important for kids to see an example of death that isn’t completely fucking terrifying for a change. 


“There’s something to be said for having even unrealistic dreams. Even if the dreams don’t come true – that to me is what’s beautiful about Los Angeles. It’s full of these people who have moved there to chase these dreams. A lot of those people are told by people around them that they’re crazy, or that they’re living in la la land. I wanted to make a movie that saluted them a little bit, and that kind of unrealistic state of mind.” - Damien Chazelle

Bts reaction to you grinding on them while in their lap


“Stay still! Now,now. Don’t tease on purpose baby girl. You want to have your dessert later, right? You will beg me to let you cum, right? So, if you want to cum later, stop moving. Good girl.”

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“Move one more time and see where it will get you. On this lap, but with a beautiful gag around your beautiful lips and handcuffs around your wrists. You really want to trigger me?”

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Fists your hair in his hand. Pulls your hair to him “Go on. Continue. Slowly. I don’t give a fuck who sees kitten. Grind on Daddies dick like you are supposed to do.”

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“Y/N, please stop moving. I understand you are needy and all, but Daddy wants to finish this movie. I really want to see the-” you grind really hard on him “FUCK, the movie can wait. Come here, you little tease. You’ll pay for this.”

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He didn’t say anything at all. You tought doing this will have some effect on him. He wanted you to think this. So, you were really surprised when his hand dissappeared under the blanket and then your skirt. “Keep quiet. This is what you get for being a naughty little kitten. If you make a noise, I’ll make sure you won’t cum tonight. I’ll wreck you. Was I clear?”

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You only wanted to tease him, so you sat in his lap, wiggld a little, enough to frustrate the shit out of him and when you were done having fun, you stood up. But a big, strong hand, yanked you back down. “Be a little good girl and finish what you started. Don’t try to run. I’ll catch you and then destroy this sweet body of yours.”

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This little shit. No matter how much you were trying to make him horny by wiggling like a child in his lap, it just didn’t work. He was either totally oblivious to the situation or he controlled his hormones perfectly. As you thought that game was over for you and you got annoyed with him, you stood up. Halfway standing, a low voice said “Come right back here. Sit. On my thigh. Come on. Good girl. Now move on it. Use it as your own limited edition sex toy. That’s it. My little baby. I can’t get hard if I know I haven’t taken care of my needy little princess.”

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The fact that Moana put aside her longing for the sea in order to focus on becoming the best leader she could for her people was one of the best and most believable parts of the movie for me. She didn’t mope and turn into a bratty teenager who refused to do what her parents wanted (like many Disney/animated characters often do). People DO grow out of childhood fazes, or at least they move on from them even if they’re not completely forgotten. Sometimes they rediscover them later in life, like Moana did. But I love how her parents were never made to be the villains for not letting her spend all day daydreaming about the ocean. Sure, she argued with her dad, but they gave him a pretty good backstory to support his thinking and Moana never let it become a huge rift in their relationship, despite her frustration. Even when Moana DID end up leaving, it was ultimately to save her people. This theme of responsibility instead of rebellion is wonderfully refreshing and realistic!

Phil’s Livestream // 2.9.17

He’s wearing his fox jumper

He’s going to draw out his birthday for as long as possibly

Dan got him a signed picture of David Boreanaz in the bath

Tb to that awful radiator photoshoot 

“It was very crotchy”

He doesn’t know how to smile with his eyes

In most photoshoots they want Dan to smile and Phil to do a funny face but that may change

They went to see Manchester by the Sea

The theater had footstools and some poor man kept falling over them

He ended up falling face first into Dan’s popcorn

“Why us? Why us?”

The Lesters attract weird people 

He had a list of movies he wanted to see before the Oscars

“I got to see about 4 snows”

“’You need to move out. I know!”

They had 3 more gas leaks that they had to get fixed

They are fine though dw

If there’s another leak they’d have to leave the house for a while so perhaps a holiday

Emu update

He hasn’t played Kingdom Hearts

“Why do people want to stick duct tape to fish?”


He doesn’t like mouth noises

“Mouths man. They’re weird.”

His flowers are bloomed to the max

“Philly did something right”

They’re still loving Steven Universe 

He’s excited for Stranger Things season 2

He’s also watching Santa Clarita Diet 

He got a big new winter coat that’s black with a furry hood 

They got to feed meerkats with a girl named Zoe with Make A Wish

One of the meerkats was digging into his crotch because some food fell 

“If you’re ever bored just combine dogs and google it”

They also saw penguins, lions, and llamas at the zoo

He was singing Jingle Bells for like a week 

Presentation tips

“It’s time for your bath”

Sugar glider research 

More 8 ball answers

“I’ve had a lovely time chatting with you”

New Sims video soon

Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||| |||||


I want to be a character actor, I think. It’s probably because I’ve just watched five of his movies in a row, but for a lot of my life, I’ve wanted to work with Wes Anderson. All of his characters are really eccentric and interesting. I want to move into playing people so far from me that it’s difficult to find myself in that person. Because, with a character like Sansa, the lines have been blurring for years and I find myself in a bit of an identity crisis as to who I am - whether I’m Sansa or Sophie. I think it would be really fun and challenging for me to do something so beyond who I am. I’m just trying to push myself at the moment and find different characters that are so far-fetched that it would really become a project to become that person.

Fanstastic Beasts thoughts on Newt & Credence

On a serious note, one of the things I really liked at the end was that when Newt is trying to talk Credence down from his World-Destroying Explosion of Power, he asks Credence “Is it okay if I come over there?” and “Is it okay if I come closer?”

like this poor kid has been getting physically abused all movie and has his every move monitored by people trying to use him, and Graves slaps the shit out of him the second the guy starts acting even remotely scared (and then immediately tosses him when he thinks he’s got what he wanted)

and Newt, even after Credence has destroyed a lot of the city and accidentally gotten Newt locked up in prison, at least has the decency to give him physical space and ask permission to go near him

like it’s really small, but it’s giving Credence some control over who’s allowed to go near him and who’s allowed to touch him when that’s something he doesn’t normally have, and I think that’s really sweet

When I go see Beauty and the Beast today...
  • Me: (holing my ticket outside the theater) I want adventure in the great wide somewhere...
  • 6 year old behind me: Excuse me.
  • Me: (more dramatic)I want it more than I can tell!
  • 6 year old: Lady come on, could you move?
  • Me: And for once it might be grand, to have someone understand....
  • 6 year old now pushing by: Freak

Can you imagine how awesome a tumblr city would be? 

Like, there would be the hipster district and the fandom district and smaller districts inside. In the fandom district, we would cosplay or wear fan merch everyday. The bars would put tv shows instead of sport, we would have big movie theaters at every corner with a marathon each week and a special hotel for when stars come to visit. Gringotts would be our bank and we’d use the Hogwarts Express to move from one district to another. We would paint or ships on the walls and display fanarts in the streets. Movie soundtracks would be use in lifts, waiting rooms, etc. 

There would be the superwholock district in the center, the biggest one, a bit strange but once you’re in, you can’t leave. It’d be full of demons and angels stuff, blue police boxes and people would call themselves ‘hight functioning sociopaths’.

There would be the HP district with the Hogwarts castle in the middle were people would live and works. Hogsmeade and Diagon alley to do some shopping. People would wear their houses colors and bring their wands with them every where.  

The Percy Jackson fandom would be near the lake. They’d live in two different camps, the Greek one and the Roman one. There would be fights from time to time between the two but nothing really serious. They would pray the greeks and romans gods.

The DC fandom and the Marvel one would be in the part of the city were the buildings are the highest. People would often wear masks and superhero costumes. It would probably be the part of the city were  crimes are the rarest due to the amount of heroes, even though some people worship vilains.

The Hunger Games fandom would organise a game (not as cruel as the real ones) every year. Sometimes, some people from the Dauntless faction (Divergent fandom) would try to sneak in. 

We would have a National Day, the Tumblr Day, with huge parties etc.There wouldn’t be any discrimination or sexism, we would respect the environnement and every one would be welcomed as long as they stay nice.

And anyway, that’s my dream.   

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*pokes fingers together* ah-I can't remember if this has been done or not and I'm sorry if I'm repeating a question that's already been asked, but um.. c-can you do headcanons for the main three with a shy sweet s/o who is really affectionate at random times? Like super snuggly and gives little butterfly kisses and stuff I'm sorry I crave fluff so bad ;--; also I love your blog



-People like s/o are his greatest weakness

-Is this close to crying from happiness when they get affectionate


-It’s a blush fest when the two are together

-Especially is s/o is in one of their affectionate moods

-He’s a bit like that, too, though


-He loves s/o, he really does


-It’s because he’s not used to the level of adorableness, though


Character Design is an important part of any movie, but few use it to map out character design as well as Howl’s Moving Castle

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