movies i can't get tired of

Cute Starters
  • "I'm glad your home."
  • "How was work?"
  • "Did you have fun tonight?"
  • "Get back in bed."
  • "Hey, I have a cold sore! Don't kiss me!"
  • "My favorite character died..."
  • "What's your favorite flower?"
  • "I'm baking a cake for us!"
  • "Happy Anniversary, ___"
  • "Aren't you going to give me a kiss?"
  • "Will you cuddle with me?"
  • "I had a bad day."
  • "Can't we just stay in bed today?"
  • "Please?"
  • "Don't make me use puppy-dog eyes!"
  • "Don't use the puppy-dog eyes!"
  • "Let's watch a Disney movie together..."
  • "Do you love me?"
  • "Will you marry me?"
  • "May I have this dance?"
  • "My back still hurts. Will you rub it?"
  • "Get up! It's morning!"
  • "Are you sure you're okay?"
  • "You look a bit tired, why don't you just stay home today?"
  • "I'll take care of you."

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Hi Pauline, I love your drabbles! Please write no. 29/Fluff and no. 79/Angst. I can't wait to read it!

You will get number 29 in a separate post, promise, this is 79.

“I don’t care what anyone else thinks.” 

It was Friday night, way past eight, when Robert came home. He had a long day at work, driving up to Leeds to meet a client that had been very difficult. He was tired, exhausted and all he wanted to do was curl up on the sofa with Aaron, maybe watch a movie or continue that show they had started.

When he turned the key, he could already hear the chatter and the laughter.

He walked into the living room and saw Aaron, Adam, Pete, David and that Matt guy. Music was playing, empty beer cans already on the table, showing that this has been going on for a bit.

“Robeeert,” Adam cheered when he spotted him.

Aaron turned around and greeted him with a big smile. “Hey,” he said.

“What’s this?” Robert asked.

“Oh, the pub is holding some weird birthday so we decided to move here,” Aaron said.

“Can I talk to you in the kitchen for a minute?” Robert asked and David whistled.

“Somebody is in trouble,” Matt sang with a high-pitched voice.

“Who are you again?” Robert snapped and Matt instantly shut up.

Aaron got up, not looking very pleased and followed Robert into the kitchen.

He kept his voice down, because well, kitchen and living room were not exactly separated.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“You need to tell them to go,” Robert said.

“What? No,” Aaron said, shaking his head. “I invited them. I am not kicking them out, just because you are in one of your moods.”

“I am NOT in one of my moods,” Robert snapped, voice getting louder, “I just had a long day and would like to have my house to myself.”

“Oh, YOUR house, is it now?” Aaron asked back, clearly annoyed. “They are my friends, Robert, I am not just kicking them out!”

Adam started to tell a joke, clearly trying to take the attention away from Robert and Aaron.

“Either they go or I go,” Robert barked.

“Oh wow, what is this, 8th grade?” Aaron asked, shaking his head. “You are making a fool of yourself here, mate.”

“I am not your mate. And I don’t care what anyone else thinks! I don’t care about any of these people. But you clearly don’t care about me!” Robert said and by now it was impossible for the rest of them to not listen in.

“Oh yeah, this really is 8th grade,” Aaron said. “You know what? Why don’t you go then?”

“Fine, I will!” Robert snapped and stormed through the living room to the front door, banging it shut on his way out.

Aaron got back to the living room and everybody looked a bit abashed.

“Sorry, mate,” Matt said.

“Yeah, we can go if you want,” David said.

“Whatever,” Aaron said. “He’ll come back.”

“He always does, right?” Adam said with a grin.

“Yeah, what is it with you two?” Matt said. “I feel like I am missing a big story here.”

“Oh, Matt, my friend, grab a beer, lean back and let me tell you the great story of Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden,” Adam announced with a grin.

Things that I have been told/said rp sentence ask meme
  • "There is like literally no way back for me, it's already too late."
  • "Did you just growl?"
  • "If I'm going down, you're coming down with me."
  • "How much you wanna bet this is because what happened the other day?"
  • "Who called it? I did."
  • "Can't a person read in peace?"
  • "When I find a movie I like, I will gladly watch it over and over again as much as possible."
  • "Don't be alarmed if I all of a sudden just fall asleep, cause I'm tired."
  • "I will gladly fight you."
  • "I'm too tired for this crap, so can we not?"
  • "I'm going to keep score of how many times you say that."
  • "I'm so close to punching someone in the face."
  • "Listen, I am someone that has a lot of anger pent up inside me so don't get on my bad side."
  • "Oh yeah I'm fine, dead inside and currently screaming internally, while sobbing uncontrollably but still fine. Perfectly fine."
  • "And they say I'm the crazy one."
  • "I was nodded off so much I think I blanked out."
  • "I'm someone who will flirt with bad pickup lines but if I'm flirted back with, I immediately get ready to run,cause that usually doesn't happen."
  • "I'm not used to having someone flirt back with me so if I fall over, just assume I'm dead."
  • "You can never have too many books."
  • "You have an addiction and I swear we might need an intervention."
  • "I feel like I was just thrown out a 73 story building then beat up by a bunch of body builders."
  • "What do you expect from me? I'm barely even able to expect much from myself."
  • "I pace when I think so please let me pace."
the signs as dad jokes
  • Aries: how to defeat your enemies; you cut off their feet
  • Taurus: I wandered why the ball was getting bigger, then it hit me
  • Gemini: need an arc to save two of every animal? I Noah guy
  • Leo: my friends bakery burned down last night now his business is toast
  • Virgo: I'm always on time with my jokes, I guess you could say I'm always pun-ctual
  • Libra: a bicycle can't stand on its feet because it's two tired
  • Scorpio: are cats empathetic because they're feel-lines?
  • Cancer: did you hear about the guy whose left side was cut off? He's all right now
  • Aquarius: I wasn't planning on getting a brain transplant but then I changed my mind
  • Sagittarius: don't trust stairs they're always up to something
  • Capricorn: there was once I cross eyed teacher who couldn't control his pupils
  • Pisces: I saw a beaver movie last night and it was the best dam movie I ever saw!
Fathoms Deep 53. Luke Arnold

When my right eye twitches it’s a sign that I’m irritated.  When listening to this podcast (FD 53) It begins to twitch when the discussion begins about John Silver’s standing when it comes to Madi and Flint status in this pirate world.  There is this feeling that Silver is not a “GIANT”, when actually he’s the biggest one out of all of them.

Silver doesn’t have anything tangible to the eye in the beginning the viewer can hold onto because we are all a part of his story unfolding right before our eyes.  You don’t see it because we are a part of it.  Silver not having a “story to tell” compared to Madi and Flint is minimal thinking.  Look at the entire story and see who John Silver really is.  He is not just a nobody, he is somebody.

Silver is a man who worked his way up from the mail room of a corporation to CEO.  He knows the in’s and out’s of this pirate world more than anyone else.  Flint is a great military man who had training.  Madi is a hand held woman with a support system.  Silver is the only one on the job with no experience.  The one who took the 3 week course and got a A+.  His intellect surpasses everyone else.  He didn’t have people holding his hand until the day came.  He is on the job training right before our eyes.  He’s the biggest GIANT of them all.

This man who was nothing but a con man worked his way up to being in command.  The crew became his men… not Flint’s.  Think about the power that takes and tell me he’s not a Giant in his own right.  We watched the making of Long John Silver.  He is more than a tool for Madi and Flint.  Silver found his true self without anchoring his definition of who he is on an objective.  Madi and Flint can’t define themselves no other way. 

It just irks me when I hear the down play of Silver’s character.  Silver’s problem was that he was wearing a cooks apron when he’s been crowned King.  He finally breaks free the last two episode and puts on the crown alone, that makes him a Giant.  Everyone will tell his story.  He is a story to tell.  I just think people need to step back and look again at who Silver is.  A con man to the captain of The Walrus Crew.  Yes I said it!  Captain.  Only one motherfucker when down with his ship.  One.  We all watched and didn’t even realize it… he made sure everyone else got off safe not to slow others down and went down with his ship.  Ya’ll gone stop disrespecting Silver and recognize.


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idk if the op of that post is straight or not, and i get they probably had good intentions but like. i'm so tired of seeing people say shit like "it proves platonic relationships can be stronger than romantic ones" or most commonly "why can't you enjoy their relationship without making it romantic." in the majority of tv shows, movies, and anime i've watched, in most of the manga and books i've read, in most of the games i've played, friendship and platonic relationships tend to be the (1/2)

the strongest relationships in the whole story. b/c writing for het relationships is so lackluster and boring, due to heteronormativity, guy + girl = ~tru luv~ even when it’s the weakest relationship present. even when it’s the worst relationship. we know that friendship/platonic relationships can be the strongest bonds out there, even stronger than romantic bonds. we know that. we don’t need this repeated to by us when we’re constantly told this, and then told by others (2/?)

(not talking about the op of that post here, but other fandoms in general) that we’re devaluing m/m friendships bc we ship two guys together. and i guarantee that half the notes on that, be it in the tags or reblogs, are people going “omg yeah, guys can be friends without being romantically involved!” or something similar. this turned out longer than i intended, and i’m sorry about that. it’s just so damn annoying to go into the ship tags and see someone talk about friendship. (¾)

like. we already know. we know very well that non-romantic bonds can be stronger than romantic ones. we know. we don’t need people telling us this, and coming into our tags on occasion to let us know. go tell it to the hundreds of thousands of homophobic straight people who refuse to understand it and only agree with it bc it means they don’t have to worry about two guys actually being in love with each other. ugh. (4/4)

I 100% agree with you. Strong platonic relationships in media have been around for years, it’s not like this is a new thing for us to celebrate and fawn over.

Het pairings can share a damn pencil and have it considered true love but oh no when it’s a same sex pairing you can literally be fucking soulmates and still have people calling it platonic :/

And more importantly, have you noticed how ‘the importance of platonic relationships’ is somehow only ever relevant when it’s about a mlm/wlw pairing?? For some odd reason het pairings never get shit like this! How odd right???? I sure wonder why that is. 


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Ares headcannon: if he can't sleep at night because of nightmares or because he's jittery or just not tired or whatever, he'll pace around his room at night. Since Athena is a light sleeper, he'll wake her up and get hell for it in the morning. Honestly, he can't help it and feels sorry.

yeah she gives him hell but sometimes she feels sorry for him bc sometimes she can’t sleep either and they’ll chill together maybe watch a movie or play some games until they fall asleep

(also i highkey relate to ares bc i pace around all the time)

Yet ANOTHER woman lead?! This is UNREALISTIC it’s not like HALF OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION on Earth are women??? Get this FEMINIST propaganda out of Star Wars!!! I hate it when women are visible in my MANLY DUDE GUY MOVIES!! Especially when they aren’t SEXUALIZED AND OBJECTIFIED and BACKGROUND characters with little to no actual characterization! You SJWs had Rey (a MARYSUE just so you know) what more could you want!!!  How DARE Disney shove this liberal agenda down my throat!! I HATE women!! 

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Hi! lately I feel like I've taken a huge slide backwards in my art and my abilities, and I have no idea how to build my skills back up. I practice all the time but my art is incredibly inconsistent and it seems like I can never improve. I can't find any way or style that works for me! Do you have any advice?

I can totally understand how you feel. Yes when it comes to drawing there will be times where we’ll feel stuck, thinking we’re not good enough. If I feel stuck, I would stop drawing. Because personally if I continue practicing and I feel that I’m not making any progress at all, I would feel tired instantly. I would either watch movies, read comics, listen to music, sleep, meet up with friends, play games, practically just getting drawing out of my head. This is my way of dealing this situation. I would return back to drawing once I’ve gotten my strength back to “face” my drawing. I would continue to build my skills then and if my energy runs out, I would either draw something else or I go back to the whole “avoid drawing” process again. Different people have different ways of dealing with this problem and this is just my way of dealing with it ><

I have been through your phase where I’m searching for a style that works for me, something that can help me draw easily and able to improve from then on. What I did was I explore everything single art style I see and learn from there. Because if I learn how to draw in a different way, in the end I’m still learning something, another way to draw, another way to solve my problem. If what you meant by you art is incredibly inconsistent, as in you’re able to draw an arm nicely, and the next time you draw it doesn’t come out right, I’d tell you to be happy. :D You got it right once you can definitely get it right again! If what you meant would be inconsistent in terms of style, then I’d say just explore whatever style you like :)

Style had always been an issue for me and honestly speaking I don’t stay in one style consistently? I’m somewhat able to adapt to different sorts of styles. There were times where I feel like my art style isn’t consistent and as an artist, I would want an art style that defines me, that suits me well, that when people see that drawing, they are able to recognize the artist straight away. I would mind this a lot, but as time goes by, I realized that as long as I’m happy and I enjoy what I do, it’s all good. :) There are tons of things to learn and explore in the art world. Whether is it from painting, colouring, characters, realistic or cartoony, learning from every single part can help you learn and improve. Later on you’ll know how to combine styles together and you’d be creating something new. :D

Another thing I would do would be looking at drawings from artists I like to get inspiration and motivation. I look at different artists everywhere. I enjoy looking at different styles of art because it makes me like a child again :D It’s nice to see something from an artist that you love a lot and you’d want to learn from them!

If you think you’re not good enough, practice more. If you are tired of drawing, rest. If you want to draw a new style, draw it. Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying to draw. Don’t worry about style or what others think, as long as you have tons of fun when you draw, and you love it, then continue! You’ll learn tons of things eventually! :D If you become happier in the end, that’s all that matters owo/

I hope everything goes well for you! Good luck! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ I believe you have already gotten very far and you’re doing a good job!

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AHHH ty so much for answering that McCree one so fast!! I've been sending in a few you're just the BEST at him (kinky caring cowboy is now my fave hc) BUT what about like dates?? What would the first date be like. Casual walks in the park? Ordering Chinese and setting up candles and fine silverware and eating it on the floor. Jesse you have absolutely nothing in this fridge lets go shopping right now. Grocery store date, yes ma'am. He makes it FUN. Hc's please'n (and maybe story?) THANK YOU <333

i worry about characterization so much that’s so kind of you omg! i might come back and write a scenario later but for now i’ll just leave it with the hcs<3

  • I just… can’t picture him as anything other than a snuggly little dork
  • He wants to be around you whenever he can. If this means waking you up at like 3 in the morning to have stupid existential conversations under the stars and then making you brunch when you wake up at noon, then so be it
  • Coffee dates all the time
  • “Jesse wtf where are we going” “i need new boots and ur coming with me duh”
  • Not so much for being sentimental in public, like walks, fancy restaurants, etc
  • If he takes you somewhere upscale, you don’t know beforehand because he loves to surprise you and parade you around in casual clothes
  • He likes goofy dates where he can embarrass himself to get you to laugh
  • Laser tag, roller skating, painting pottery, things like that
  • When you eat out together it’s mostly at little hole in the wall joints that were recommended to him. Half of the time they’re trash but he never apologizes, just laughs it off and takes you wherever you want or cooks for you
  • If you’re a disgustingly bland white person like me, cooking will always be a couple’s activity because he likes his food s p i c y and you have to limit him
  • And if you don’t mind it, it’s still a two-person job because it’s more fun that way, and also he’s not the most observant of chefs (accidentally catches things on fire, miraculously it’s never the food)
  • When he’s feeling sappy he’ll request dates in
  • A particularly common choice is movie marathons where it just stays on the credits screen for hours while you talk quietly
  • He’s scared of horror movies probably,, hold him
  • Cuddly and greedy when he’s tired, aka don’t deprive him of hugs he’ll get grumpy
  • Likes to take you on dates as often as he can, and will classify pretty much anything as a date (“remember our morning date a couple days ago–” “you mean when we walked to the store to get more eggs?” “uhh, yeah what else”)
  • Also takes stealth pictures of you especially when you’re laughing, if his phone is out there’s a good 80% chance it’s his camera
Real-time fandub highlights:
  • RIP Ryan
  • Lucia is Amethyst
  • #AntHunt
  • Dipper: "I can smell my brain."
  • Waluigia
  • Dipper: "I don't want my breakfast to kill me."
  • Soos: "Hey did you know that Chalupas and Tacos are the same food? It's a conspiracy."
  • Dipper: "Stop drinking coffee, switch to de-caf."
  • Sheriff Blubs: "I'm already hot chocolate. get it? cuz I'm hot and attractive? That has nothing to do with race."
  • Mabel: "Are you sure the footprints didn't do it?"
  • Dipper: "Yeah, it was the invisible wizard, with an axe!"
  • Soos: "You can't chop a chalupa with an axe."
  • Dipper: "This is just like the Spongebob movie"
  • Mabel: "hey, are you a corner?"
  • Manly Dan: "the clock insulted my fandom."
  • Dipper: "I can understand that."
  • Durland: "HE'S A GOBLIN IN LOVE!"
  • Toby: "Your little legs must be tired-no wait not yet."
  • Blubs: "Can we just kill him because Goblin lives don't mater."
  • Blubs: "This new season of Breaking Bad is really weird."
  • Stan: "Some may say it's wrong for a man to love a meme about himself."
  • Random breaking out into songs from "Aladdin-The Return of Jafar."
  • The *horrific* Karaoke of "All Star" during the break.
  • Oscar: "If that karaoke was a politician, it would be Trump."
  • "That was far too coherent to be Trump"
  • The Ukulele cover of Peanut Butter Jelly in tribute to Dogan.
  • The recitation of the History of Japan.
  • "Lapis, Peridot, Jasper, Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, Bismuth, and Garnet all fused to make Dogan."
  • "Peridot is actually Larry King"
  • "The Cameo of Steven's brother."
  • "The Cameo of an ant."
  • "Bismuth and Greg got together and Bismuth revealed herself to be Stan."
  • Soos: "Is this a mushroom? No that's a doorknob."
  • Wax Sherlock Homes: "I would say the dying scene from 'Blaze Runner' but I forget it."
  • Wax Sherlock Holmes: "laughy laughy laugh and die"
  • Sheriff Blubs: "Let's all go get some HOT CHOOOOCLOLATE"
  • Dipper: "We used coffee to kill a man."
  • Wax Larry King Head: "Hey, you should kill me."
  • Cash Wheel Announcer: "Welcome to cash wheel: the show with a wheel with cash in it."
  • Wallet Dad: "ha ha don't puke all over the ground."
  • Announcer: "I sure hope your questions are answered cuz were back."
  • Stan: "yada yada yada, I have a big nose."
  • "If a girl online says she's Asian is she Asian?"
  • "What if she's Russian?"
  • "Asians are like the Weeping Angels."
  • "The Weeping Asians."
  • Mabel: "Ok, well the real #1 is YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!"
  • Stan: "Time to use my old man powers: AAAAHHHH BUILD A WALL!!!!11 BUILD A WALL!!!!11"
  • "Um, sir we have Donald Trump on the premises"
  • "ah, uh, um, PUT HIM ON TV!!"
  • Stan: "I'm a cartoon stereotype"
  • "I shouldn't have gone back"
  • Dipper: "Hey, here's my girlfriend, she's Asian and Russian!"
  • Guy (after seeing his worst nightmare): "TRUMP IS PRESIDENT, TRUMP IS PRESIDENT TRUMP IS PRESIDENT!"
  • Mabel *helping someone with the vending machine*"hey, there's a portal behind there, did you know that?"
  • "We'll be right back to Real-Time Fandub on Dogan TV."
  • Ant Hunt Clue #1: "vlpjjanps onoeodyoncexxl"
  • Mabel: "Is a Capricorn a unicorn in a cap or is it a unicorn who drank a Caprisun?"
  • Dipper: "Mabel you have crazy ADHD."
  • Mabel: "Not a wo-manattee?"
  • Mabel: "My whiskers aren't nearly that big."
  • Dipper: "Thank you for randomly handing me a bottle."
  • Mabel: "'McGuckett labs?' Is that a band name?"
  • Dipper: "He has a McGuckett face."
  • Lil Big Dawg: "Oh, hey, I'm here and I'm eatn' my pants."
  • Lil Big Dawg: "Gotta go fast gotta go fast"
  • Soos: "Looks like Sonic's my overlord"
  • Dipper: McGuckett, come here boy!"
  • McGuckett: "Don't tell me not to vote for Trump!"
  • why did that page fall so slowly
  • Mabel: "If you suck all the water out of a watermelon does that make it a regular melon?"
  • Dipper: "THAT'S A NEWSPAPER!"
  • Dipper: "He did vanishified! Or did he?????"
  • Dipper: "This is like a Zelda Puzzle."
  • Soos: "Man that was a lot easier than a water temple."
  • Blind Ivan: "What is it you have seen?"
  • Lazy Susan: "i saw ghost busters the remake and it was ok i guess"
  • "Mabel was asking SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!111"
  • Dipper: "OH WAIT I'M DIPPER!"
  • Lazy Susan: "I feel like a feeling."
  • Dipper: "Your hat's gonna get there before us!"
  • Dipper: "To the Bat Cave!"
  • Mabel: "What's the difference between pie and cake????"
  • Robbie: "My Chemical Romance felt like My Little Pony to me."
  • "What are you Scallywags doing here?"
  • Blind Ivan: "There's a duck and there's an eye but not any more! hahaha!"
  • Mabel: "If evolution is real-"
  • Dipper: "Mabel! Don't erase our minds, and, yep that's my plea, yep that good!"
  • Mabel: "If evolution is real why can't Aquaman tale to all animals? It doesn't make sense???"
  • Soos: "Mabel is a bottle if maple syrup."
  • Mabel: "Polly Pockets are just tiny barbies."
  • Toot-Toot-Mc-Bumbersnazzle: "I love Polly Pockets!"
  • Mabel: "It's okay, we can all go play Pokemon Go."
  • *Young Fiddleford's monologue*
  • Young Fiddelford: "Scare Crow Brother."
  • Mabel: "Adventure Time got weird! That was the Ice King, right?"
  • Stan: "Whoop! There goes a Rick and Morty cameo!"
  • Stn: "Time to make this a running joke for the next few episodes."
  • dudududuududududuududuududuuduududuedededededeedlellelelldldldldajdededeldeasdaddaedededeaarrfatffeddetaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Steven Universe Real-Time Fandub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Remember that time?: A Lucaya fanfic (mature content)
  • Two years after they started dating, Maya and Lucas are just standing next to eachother watching the city from above, at the rooftop, waiting for Riley and Farkle.
  • Maya: Hey Ranger Rick, remember that other time we came in the rooftop?
  • Lucas: Which time?
  • Maya: the fun time... You know... That time.
  • Lucas: Was it the time we were stargazing with Riley and Farkle for Astronomy?
  • Maya: no, after that...
  • Lucas: was it the time Farkle and I were testing the parashutes for the egg shells, and you and Riley boiled the eggs and cheated?
  • Maya: C'mon, please don't tell me you forgot... You get one more shot
  • Lucas: ohhh I know, was it the time we sneaked up and hid while Farkle and Riley were looking for us outside and then we droped the water balloons at them?
  • Maya: really? I'm so disapointed at you Ranger Rick.
  • Lucas: can I have another shot?
  • Maya: no! That was your last one.
  • Lucas: not even if I'm cute?
  • Maya: Don't pull that card out...
  • Lucas: What if I
  • Maya: don't you go there...
  • Lucas: oh, I'm going there (and he grabbed her face with both hands kissed her softly, and slid one hand behind her head and grabbed a handfull of her hair, and slid the other hand down her side, trough her waist and pulled her close until there was no space whatever between them, and the kiss became more passionate. Until she stopped the kiss,and smiled)
  • Maya: So you do remember.
  • Lucas: yeah... I'm not quite sure, you should remind me more often.
  • Maya: You sneaky-
  • Lucas: You want sneaky? Oh you naughty girl... (He kisses her with more passion and backed her up till they hit the wall. He then slid his hands to her butt, she jumped and put her legs around his waist. He kept hold of her and she started to pull his hair and kiss him more fierly. He started moaning and getting turned on. The he stoped)
  • Maya: what's wrong?
  • Lucas: Notting... Is just that, we need to stop.
  • Maya: no we don't. Riley wont be here for a while.
  • Lucas: ok, not you. I need to stop.
  • Maya: why?
  • Lucas: because, I'm getting a little too heated up...
  • Maya: So am I. I thought you liked it.
  • Lucas: I do, a lot. And that's kinda the problem.
  • Maya: how is that a problem?
  • Lucas: well, it kinda hurts a little after a while. You see, it gets really tight down there...
  • Maya: Oh... I get it. You're embarassed?
  • Lucas: I'm not embarassed. I was that day... That I remember about that time... But it's getting a little heated.
  • Maya: what's a matter Ranger Rick? Can't deal with a little pressure?
  • Lucas: Oh... I can. But I'm not sure you can. We're not ready Pancake. Lets not blow this up just for some steam. Don't wanna go too fast.
  • Maya: OMG, You turned me down.
  • Lucas: I'm not. But is really starting to hurt.
  • Maya: ok. Can I do something to make you better?
  • Lucas: yes, stop poutting and making cute faces. I'm not gonna fall for that again... It hurts Maya.
  • Maya: (keeps trying to make him kiss her)
  • Lucas: damn you... (He jumps over her and starts making out very heatedly and sits in a bench, Maya sits over him with her legs on either side of him, and starts making little noises as she moves over his crotch, and he can't hold it in any longer)
  • Maya: you ok? (Hears him moaning a little to loud)
  • Lucas: No... I'm... Ohhh... Keep doing that... Ohhh... This is so wrong... We shouldn't be doing this here...
  • Maya: like this? (Moves again more times and making more pressure over his hard on)
  • Lucas: You're the devil... Oh.... Yeah... Keep... Doing.... Ohhh.... I'm... Close... I... Ughhhh fuck... (Grabs her hips and puts more pressure on himself and closes his eyes as he grunts)
  • Maya: there, problem solved... No more pain. Right?
  • Lucas: Oh My.... Why did I cave... Shit.... We are in so much trouble.
  • Maya: Why?
  • Lucas: how will you explain this stain?
  • (Points to his pants and there is a big stain)
  • Maya: I'll think of somethig...
  • Lucas: well think fast because Riley and Farkle will be here any second. (And Riley comes in talking with Farkle about nonsence, they both came with smothies in their hands)
  • Maya: (wispers to Lucas) pretend that we are fighting (Stands in front of him very close, close enough that his front in not on eye sight)
  • Lucas: so is true? (He grabs her shoulders to steady her)
  • Maya: I told you I didn't thought it was that serious!
  • Lucas: so is true. You did it?
  • Riley: what's going on?
  • Farkle: yeah, why are you fighting?
  • Maya: stay out of this, both of you.
  • Lucas: I'm just... Unbelievable... What now? You even want me?
  • Maya: yes, of course I want you. Just, i really like him too
  • Lucas: well then tell me what to do cause I don't know any more. You like him better than me?
  • Maya: No. Is a different way. (Call me a slut)
  • Lucas: what? No...
  • Maya: so now I'm a slut?
  • Lucas: I didn't say that.
  • Maya: Riley, give me your smothie... (Grabs the smoothie and pours half on his head and half on his pants)
  • Lucas: (gasps)
  • Maya: (smiles) there... Problem solved... (Turns to Riley and Farkle) Now, where were we?
  • Riley: about to go to the movies.
  • Maya: yeah, we can't go.
  • Lucas: yeah... I have to go shower and change my clothes... (Smiling and holding Maya by the hand)
  • Farkle: don't worry, we can go by your house on our way to the mall.
  • Riley: Yeah, we don't mind.
  • Maya: what about the tickets?
  • Riley: we can get new ones.
  • Lucas: It's ok Riley. All this fighting left me a little tired.
  • Maya: oh yes. I'm tired too. Take me home.
  • Riley: you sure?
  • Lucas: Yeah... I'm heading home. See you guys tomorrow. Lets go pancake.
  • Maya: yeah... See ya.
  • Riley: (to Farkle) those two sure fight a lot.
  • Farkle: and it was a weird fight too, how come it was solved over a smoothie?
  • Riley: who knows. They're weird. I thought Maya really wanted to see this movie she was the one who insisted
  • Farkle: too weird. Didn't even understood what the fight was about.
  • Riley: I don't think they did either.
  • Farkle: don't worry. They'll be fine. They always come back together.
  • Riley: that's not what worries me. Lucas was a little too happy to have a smothie over his head...
  • Farkle: maybe that's their thing... Don't overthink it. Lets go..
  • Riley: ok. Lets go. But I still think that was weird.

i dnt like to get too deeply into this topic because it always invites unwanted bullshit but it’s just so depressing to me that the word queer has been so decontextualized that people out there are insisting that it belongs to anyone who feels sorta left out sometimes

anonymous asked:

"Sometimes I forget that we’re actually going to get a Hiddles sex scene in a few months" I bet the sex scene will only last 5 seconds and we already have seen his ass, so I don't really care. Tom is naked in almost all of his movies, it's like he can't make a movie anymore without taking off his clothes... He's a beautiful man but I'm kinda tired of him acting like a male stripper, Tommy keeps your clothes on and gives us a good and long kissing scene instead. :)

If you’re not really excited for it, then hey, that’s your cup of tea. The movie will be great anyway :)


Naked? In almost all of his movies?

Tom was shirtless in The Hollow Crown and Coriolanus, both for un-sexy reasons. When he was shirtless in Suburban Shootout, I guess that was a sexyish thing? But it was still only for a moment.

Tom was naked in Unrelated (for a gag), Only Lovers Left Alive (and mostly shirtless) and Deep Blue Sea from the side, both scenes, as he said, for artistic reasons more so than “erotic,” to display the intimacy of the scenes.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think what you’re saying is right.

Del Toro has said that half the reason Crimson Peak is rated R is because of the sexual situations and the kink. Which probably means it will be fairly explicit. Fantastic. It’s on the list of why I’m excited for the movie.

The nudity in High Rise is completely different, if it’s going to actually exist.

More than likely no nudity in ISTL or Skull Island…

The Night Manager may really be the only thing he’s done that will have continuous sexual and nude escapades, based on the book at least.

So basically

I think the only male stripping that Tom is doing is found in select fanfictions.