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Went and saw the Lego Batman movie tonight and it was so good. It was so good you guys it was so GOOD


diana prince | wonder woman (2017)

What I do is not up to you.

leading white women are about as impactful as leading white men at this point because not only is a leading white woman played out when 99.9% of the time an actress of color is being screwed over for the part but also because it’s the same movie being made countless times regardless of the gender lmao like that’s mad boring, i’ll give white leading ladies some cookies when the movies are original and we have black and brown women leading in just as many, preferably more, movies with better stories so yeah lol


The ocean chose you for a reason

  • steve: i know that the amazons are the, uh, bridge, between men and a... greater understanding, but how did they get that way?
  • diana: my people are the reincarnations of women who died by men's cruel hand, whose souls rested in gaea's womb deep in the realm of hades. the goddesses, fearing ares's wrath, traveled to gaea's womb to bring my sisters to life once more, and their souls came raining from the sky and fell into the water, and my sisters rose from the oceans to accept the blessing of the goddesses and gaea's girdle.
  • steve: .... that's neat
  • diana: there was one soul left in the womb - mine. my mother had been pregnant in her past life, when she was brutally slain, and upon her reincarnation, longed for a daughter to love, so she carved a child made of clay. the goddesses, accompanied by hermes, traveled once more to the womb to give me their blessing and send me to the earth, and my mother's clay baby was given the breath of life.
  • steve: ....... that's........... still neat

parks and recreation + star wars references


It was good knowing you Junpei


Go! I’ll be right behind you.

I feel very proud that finally this movie is being made because all of the guys, all men, all boys, always had a figure to look up to. Whether it’s Superman or Batman or Spider-Man or whatever it is, they always had heroes to look up to, and for girls it’s always the princesses who are being saved, who are being passive. Finally, there’s Wonder Woman. She’s fierce, she’s proactive, she believes in herself, she believes she can do everything, and that’s a true woman to me.

“Just play the damn game with me !” - Batmom x Damian

Damian is a brat, but I kinda want to hug him to death…Wait…Oh well, anyway, here’s a little story where Batmom (you) really wants to bond with the kid.

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You had gotten it printed into your brain. It was too late now, you couldn’t forget your idea, no matter what. Bruce knew, and didn’t try to stop you from doing what you were gonna do anyway. Besides, he thought it was cute.

What was your idea ? Simple. Damian never had a normal childhood. He was still a kid, only eleven…So he still had a chance at having somewhat of a normal childhood (if you put his nightly activities on the side…and the fact that he had been raised to be a killer).

Against all odds, you and Damian clicked pretty fast. He warmed up to you the fastest…He felt like you were the only one of the bat family not judging him in any way.  Also, you told him off when he was going to far, and he found that he couldn’t speak badly to you, that you had an effect on him that made him want to be nicer. Better…In a word, you quickly became his mommy.

He never really had an actual mother. Talia wasn’t exactly loving with him, and she did try to kill him a few times, succeeding once (a memory you don’t like to remember). You were the first one, even before Bruce or Dick, to make him feel loved and to make him feel what love really was…How could he resist that ?

The first time he called you “mom”, not “mother”, “mom”, you cried, and the poor boy thought he did something wrong. You explained to him that it was “happy tears”, but you’re not sure he understood. He gave you an awkward hug, and you couldn’t stop but smile. It’s that exact moment that forged the idea of trying to show him what a normal childhood was. But, even though he considered you his mom, he wasn’t going to make things easy for you and your plans.

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Okay but wynonna earp and oitnb are coming out on Friday, orphan black is coming out on Saturday, the carmilla movie is being made as we speak and emison are going to be getting engaged (?) + one confirmed sex scene and one undressing scene (possibly sex scene) next week!!!!!!! We’ve been truly blessed that the majority of this falls within pride month

so it’s five am and i dont want to sleep