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I saw Beauty and the Beast this evening and it was everything I hoped for and more. So enchanting. It took what was amazing about the original and expanded on it to create a beautiful film which I would say is better than the original. And I don’t usually rate remakes.

It was a wonderful portrayl of the classic story with such powerful messages of feminism and love. I am so happy this movie was made. The cast was perfect. The visuals were mesmerising. The soundtrack was ethereal.

And after all the LeFou controversy I was so happy to see how it played out, my precious gay son. Josh Gad killed it. Honestly, many moments brought tears to my eyes but LeFou’s exclusively gay moment had me and my friend sobbing. Also the diversity and representation of women made me so proud, something the original and many Disney films have lacked.

100% would recommend. Thank you Bill Condon, Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad and the whole cast. Thanks Disney ❤


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Wes Anderson // Centered, A Visual Exploration of the Director’s Perfect Symmetry in Films (x)

“I have a way of filming things and staging them and designing sets. There were times when I thought I should change my approach, but in fact, this is what I like to do. It’s sort of like my handwriting as a movie director. And somewhere along the way, I think I’ve made the decision: I’m going to write in my own handwriting.”

Unfriended | Movie Review

One of the characters goes on Chatroulette and yes, there is Penis.

Look, I honestly thought this movie was going to be trash. I then kept seeing reviews for this movie being very positive, so as I sat down and tested the movie (I work at a theater and have to test all the new releases to make sure they don’t fuck up) I was pretty middle set on my view of this movie. Once it ended, I was shocked of how much I enjoyed this movie.

I’m just as shocked as you are that this movie honestly didn’t suck dick. Having an entire movie take place on a laptop monitor is different. Open Windows did it okay, but I would say Unfriended did it perfect. The Visuals for the movie are fucking amazing, give that person a fucking Oscar. This film literally felt like someone on a laptop. I’ve seen so many movie where the character is on their computer and it looks completely stupid and nothing like an actual computer, because I guess making a computer screen is too fucking complex. The amount of detail that went into the screen is amazing. The main character had multiple tabs open, Spotify open, Facebook in the background while IMing and Skyping her friends. It’s so realistic, that at one point, Blaire, the main character, sent a message to her boyfriend and it reveals he reads it like at 9:26pm or something, I pulled out my phone to see what time it was and realized that I was watching a movie and not actually on the computer (Because the time I had IRL was like 2:00am). Also kudos to the lag, buffering and connection problems with the calls. Some of the scares came from just pure anticipation and suspense of seeing crazy shit, then having the call buffer and trying to connect.

The acting isn’t bad in the film, but it’s not amazing. The main girl, Shelley Henning, besides being fucking beautiful, she was probably the only actress in the film to give a great performance. You got to know alot of her character from her on her computer. The type of music she would listen to, photos and dialouge. At moments when she is typing messages to her boyfriend and “the mysterious caller”, she would write out a message, moments would pass and she would delete it and write something else. It’s something everyone does, thinking about what you write before hitting send. All of the other friends are typical horror cliches characters but again, they’re not that bad. They all really shine during a fantastic scene involving a deadly game of “Never Have I Ever”, speaking of that.

There are some truly amazing moments in this film. Well, two moments to be exact. One being the deadly game of “Never Have I Ever”, because all of the questions, or statements are things that the friends have done, but having done that, turns into friends turning against each other. Truly a beautiful moment in Directing and Acting. Another moment which goes into MILD SPOILERS (I’ll put a spoiler end in bold when done) okay, so there’s this moment where two people get a paper from there printer and are claiming they can not show it, that leads to speculation, fights and arguments and I won’t spoil how it ends, but the paper reads that if paper is revealed, a person will die. I was just like “HOLY SHIT, THAT’S FUCKING AWESOME” because it’s there to create drama in this heated debate going on. END SPOILERS. So kudos to you movie.

The film does have flaws. This is a horror film, people are gonna die. In a movie that is technology wise, incredibly realistic, the kills are EXTREMELY over the top and silly. Besides the first one, which isn’t really even a death because it’s never confirmed due to a shitty connection, all of the kills are just like “What the fuck?!”. Like the one in the trailer where the stoner fat character gets killed with a blender. It’s just like, too silly. Trust me, when you see the film Making a positive out of a negative, that blender kill is pretty intresting in the sense that it kept disconnecting and every time it went back, it kept getting sillier and sillier. Another flaw is the actual ending of the film, and I’m talking about the last 15 seconds of the movie, maybe even like the last 10 seconds. It literally had me going “Oh Shit, cool, oh fuck, oh fuck….Oh really?! Lame” To give you an idea of the “lame” ending, watch the last 3 seconds of Paranormal Activity (The First one) to get an idea. Again, making a positive out of a negative, the moment before that was fucking cool and Absolutely terrifying, but then ended with such a cop-out jump scare ending.

The scares in this movie work surprisingly well. Alot of the “jump scares” are just notifications that go off on her desktop, which sometimes startle me in real life as well. This film has alot of suspense and it always pays off. I love the moments of her browsing the internet, onto a site that is a bit freaky, and just having the ambient noise of silence sit there while you expect something to pop up and then nothing happens, FUCKING LOVE IT. There are some truly disturbing moments in the movie of just pure fucking anxiety. Seeing someone’s power go out behind them and the character freaking out and you as a viewer is just as startled and scared because you have no idea what is about to happen because you’re stuck to this tiny little skype video chat box and can’t see what’s happening around you. Besides the final 5-10 seconds, I would say there isn’t a cheap jump scare in the movie. Unfriended is more of a contained thriller than a horror film. Don’t let the trailers and advertisements fool you (BECAUSE THERE FUCKING EVERYWHERE), I’m positive there were scenes filmed for the TV Spots just so you can go in knowing what happens, but it doesn’t happen and you’re even more scared. No ghost pulls away one of the characters, no one goes out and gets hit by a car, none of that shit. Paranormal Activity 3 did this advertising experiment and it worked out perfect.

Unfriended could’ve been a terrible movie, and it wasn’t. It took a simple idea and made it different and stand out from other horror films. I know this movie will go unnoticed and could probably become a film that gets bigger with word of mouth. Nothing like It Follows did, but more of the lines with a home release. I would honestly recommend watching this movie when it comes out Digital HD, on a laptop because I feel that is the ultimate way to see it. The movie has some great scares, different take on a horror film and some fucking awesome moments. Sadly, the kills are a bit silly and the ending is just mehh.

Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Day 6: Your favorite Sailor Moon movie and why

While The Lover of Princess Kaguya is one of my absolute favorite manga side stories, something about the S movie fell a bit flat for me.  It kind of feels like an extended episode instead of an actual movie.  

So it’s gotta be the R movie.  The visuals really pop, the action is amazing, the pacing is perfect, and the characters really get to shine.  I feel like this movie really draws on a lot of the core elements of the rest of the series and makes them just a little bit better–even the overused scenario of kidnapping Mamoru works better here.  And then there’s the Moon Revenge sequence, which must certainly rank as one of the greatest climax scenes in the entire anime.


Jamie Marks is Dead (2014) - trailer - directed by Carter Smith (The Ruins), and starring Cameron Monaghan (Shameless). if you’re looking for a grim and dreary film with gay themes you may have found it in one of the latest at Sundance Film Festival. The story starts with the body of a kid named Jamie being found. He soon reappears to the head of the cross country team, Adam. While the movie isn’t perfect and tends to lag a bit, its dreary visuals are captivating.