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H-Hello… You can refer to me as Mod Saihara. To be completely honest, my boyfriend, Mod Ouma-kun, forced me to do this… I may not share all of his views, but I consider myself anti-”special snowflake.” Sometimes, he can get a bit out of hand, so please prepare for that. Also, if anyone cares to know, I am a bisexual transgender man. Thank you for reading.

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Around this time, I decided to start watching Detective Conan. At first I was just going to watch 3 episodes at the end of the day. I ended up watching 20 in that night. It took a little over a month for me to binge watch all of Conan (Anime, Manga, Specials, Movies, etc)

So now it’s been a year since I fell into the void, so to commemorate, I drew this. Sadly I ran outta room to include a lot of my favorite characters like Takagi, Sato, and Megure of the JPD and Sera, Sonoko and Makoto to name few.

k i loved Zootopia but can we maaaybe talk about the motherclucking designs in the Kung Fu Panda series, particularly the women? specifically tigress???

Like she totally reads as feminine and elegant but at the same time she’s completely buff and animal-shaped like the rest of the characters there aint a tiger titty or Fluff Cleavage™ in sight

And thats how the rest of the animals are treated too?! like the females and males of every species are pretty much shaped the same, besides the peacocks who obviously have males and females looking different. and then the third movie comes out and we’re treated to MEI MEI

she’s this crazy panda lady ribbon dancer who legit things she’s the hottest shit on planet earth and she is a total badass once she figures out how to use nunchucks. and like theres just so many beautiful and diverse designs for all these characters and I kinda feel like too many people praise this franchise just for its comedy when its got some killer artistry behind it as well. 

Homemade Special Effects

Today, we’re hoping to inspire a little animated fun! We’re using a neat animation method called ‘pixilation’, in which humans are used as stop-motion puppets, to get from Point A to Point B. So grab your tablet or your smart phone or your camera, and come make human stop-motion with us!

Why walk there when you could slide there? Just like in stop-motion animation, the puppet moves just a bit for every photo that’s taken. So: Step to your left, Photo, Repeat!

Here’s the oldest trick in the ‘Special Effects’ book! In George Méliès’ ‘A Trip to the Moon’ from 1902, he infamously turn the camera off, had the subject leave the screen, and turned the camera back on to continue the shot, thus creating cinema’s first disappearing act! So, remember that film is just a series of photographs, and that you, too, can teleport!

Fly there! This one also counts as a daily work out. Just like we did in the slide, except with a jump! And a very well timed cameraperson… So: Step to your left, Jump, Photo, Repeat! You’ll notice we did a few jumping photos in place at the beginning and end to really make the puppet look like she can fly.

Have fun with it! What do you have in your home that you can play with and add to the animation?

Our favorite part about animation is that truly everything is possible! So whatever kooky idea you have, you can make happen with just a little planning and the right tools. 

For more details on how we made these animations, be sure to watch Animation basics: Homemade special effects - TED-Ed

A few seconds

I got my Doukyuusei blu-ray box just 1 day after a scanlated version was released..and I really feel the need to talk about it. This chapter by Asumiko Nakamura was released as special chapter for Doukyuusei blu-ray booklet which is also released in english ;)  

The story is happening after Kusakabe and Sajou ran off and kissed.

I love this one because it shows that it was not just smooth development (from kiss to going out)…I mean yes it was genuinely smooth but with a little bit of awkwardness and embarrassment which I consider realistic (especially in highschool).

They try to be calm and talk normaly but soon as Kusakabe mentioned something that recalled the act of kissing, Sajou immediately blushes. The silent interaction when they are not talking but are aware of each other.

When without words Sajou follows Kusakabe and keeps his distance.

But then Kusakabe stops to wait Sajou and to brush away that distance –>  which I think means uncertainty from Sajou side but it disappeared by Kusakabe’s help. The embarrassed Kusakabe.

They came to crossroad where they need to saparate and befour Sajou leaves Kusakabe asked him: Were you surprised? And Sajou answers: I’m still in shock, even now. (from the booklet)

Embarrassed Kusakabe is LIFE. <3

Kusakabe requests to be together a little longer…and what surprised and made me happy the most was Sajou without any hesitation putting his bag away and sitting down and embarrassedly saying that he wants to wait a little bit more too.

Again they are sitting quietly with blushes on their faces…OMG I LOVE THIS SCENE :D  It’s so fresh, new, akward, nothing to talk right now…but want to be together.

And a little bit of akward interaction…what I really like is detailed starting with hands and ending the page with legs.

Then Sajou gets a message and then decide to head home.

At that moment Kusakabe leans to Sajou and kiss him…I really like how Asumiko Nakamura is playing with their eyes :D for me it makes it more intense.

Sajou’s quiet blushing face answers all Kusakabe’s questions.

-       The few centimeters of distance that I could see from afar, they have now dissapeared.  

It ends the chapter perfectly for me…but than again I have some questions…did Kusakabe happen to be in love with Sajou befour the learning lessons…?? I personally don’t believe that but maybe he was watching him and then fall in love with him between the time from lessons… And yes we know Kusakabe was the first one in love ;) :P


Final cut: ladies and gentlemen
Another page of my movie journal! This time it’s about a really special movie, that has been composed of 451 greatest international movies. I suggest you to watch the trailer first to see whether you like the style of it, but it’s really cool. Also, if you’re a movie lover, I recommend you to have a piece of paper and a pencil nearby while watching and try to write down as many movies as you can recognize, it’s pretty fun 😄