movies 2

  • March 18, 2005 - May 6, 2011
  • 6 seasons total
  • 158 episodes total
  • 3 Emmy nominations (2 Outstanding Children’s Program & Outstanding Choreography)
  • highest rated series premiere in 2005
  • Disney Channel Original Movie
  • 2 crossover specials

is it legal to have two b.atb aus

Tag game

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Nickname: Shin

Zodiac sign: Saggittarius


Last thing you googled: 707 mystic messenger (uh you can probably guess what im drawing LMAO)

Favorite music artist: bts

Song stuck in head: HastyHat - Hate

Last movie you watched: Persona 3 movie which was like 2 years ago

What are you wearing right now: pj’s

What do you post: my art

Why did you choose your URL: idk honestly i wanted a new name

What did your last relationship teach you: i have no relationships AHAHA CRIES//

Do you have any other blogs: yes

Religious or spiritual: nah but probably spiritual (?)

Favorite color: darker colors of the spectrum (despite my art radiating with bright colors)

Average hours of sleep: depends ranges from just 3, 5-6 or 8-10

Lucky number: none

Favorite characters: anyone i draw on this blog

How many blankets you sleep with: 1 and it doesnt even keep me warm at night

Tag 9 People You’d Like To Know Better!

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Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Color: Purple

Lipstick or Chapstick: Neither

Last Song I Listened To: It’s a Dangerous Game from the Jekyll and Hyde musical

Last Movie I Watched: Mulan 2, unfortunately

Top 3 TV Shows: Steven Universe, Friends, and Bob’s Burgers

Top 3 Characters: Lara Croft, GLaDOS, and Pearl (SU)

Top 3 Ships: Lara/Sam, Lapis/Peridot, and Pearl/Mystery Girl

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bandicootlatte  asked:

What 2 movies got cancelled because of the emoji movie? (Also I was like,"What the heck is this?!" when I saw it...)

YES. There was going to be a new Popeye movie and it looked REALLY GOOD! And funny too! Another one was called Medusa I think. It kinda looked like a Disney Hercules movie by the looks of the title.

ryan reynolds: i want deadpool to have a boyfriend and i want spider man i want andrew garfield

marvel headquarters: yeahhhh we’ll think about it

ryan reynolds:

marvel headquarters:

ryan reynolds:

marvel headquarters: hoe dont do it

ryan reynolds: *kisses andrew garfield in front of dozens of cameras at the biggest ceremony of the year*

marvel headquarters: god dammit