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Every Day, a teenage drama based on the popular book by David Levithan, has a trailer and it’s out now!


the gang’s all here!

the last of my legos came in today so i’m finally posting them all and not buying myself anymore legos for the foreseeable future. i got 12 ninjas - ‘casual’ movie versions, and whatever was my favorite minifig of each character for their tv version (so, still completely mismatched there) - and my main faves from the Lego Movie (plus hawkeye, which @bananadumbledore gave me years ago <3)

Pixar be like

1995: What if toys had feelings.

2006: What if cars had feelings.

2008: What if robots had feelings.

2015: What if feelings had feelings.


Inspired from (x)

Atla - Live Action

That whitewashed fan cast of atla that was on my dash got me smh so i decided to make my own y’all yes I’m being salty but whatever representation is really important to me ok and it’s one of the reasons atla was so amazing 

Granted, this would be my fan cast in a version of the series where they are older bc these ppl are 110% not teenagers

Katara - Ashley Callingbull - Enoch Cree Nation and she from my province so HOLLA 

Sokka - Martin Sensmeier - Tlingit, Koyukon-Athabascan 

Zuko - Seo Kang-joon - South Korean and myy GODD he’s foine

Iroh - Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa -  Japanese

Toph - Davika Hoorne - Thai

Haru - Şükrü Özyıldız - Turkish and also can I marry his face pls

Jet -Charles Michael Davis - Filipino, African Amercian - THis mas oozes bad boy charm and i will forever believe he would make an incredible Jet

Aang - Huang Zitao - Chinese - shoutout to exo’s former member

Ty Lee, Mai, Azula - Claudia Kim (Kim Soo-hyun), Rila Fukushima, Liu Yifei yes she is also mulan yay  - South Korean, Japanese, Chinese 

Yue - Julia Jones - Choctaw and Chickasaw, African American

Suki - Diem My - Vietnamese

Hakoda - Eric Schweig - Inuit and Ojibwe/Anishinaabe Aboriginal

Ozai - Cha Seung-won - South Korean