Movie-Remakes Fic Recs, part 1

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Like Tears In Rain A/N: I may have been young and impressionable at the time, but I always loved 80s sci-fi and Blade Runner was always one of my favourites. With the main character being a hunter who was going after ‘skin jobs’ it just seemed to cry out for this treatment.. Treat the movie as inspiration – you don’t need to have seen it though, obviously, some things will be familiar if you have.

The second Man  A rewrite of the movie Overboard. Jared’s wealthy and wound too tight, and his parents seem intent on keeping him that way. Jensen’s the oldest of four unruly siblings who lost their parents four years ago. Things keep slipping through his fingers no matter how hard he works to keep them together. When Jared’s parents manage to ruin the last thing that Jensen has for himself, right before their son washes up on the beach with amnesia, Jensen’s lifelong friend and Bear Creek town Sheriff, Christian Kane, takes it upon himself to get some payback. Jensen’s sure he’s not gay, and Jared’s sure he’s never lived at the end of Ackles Rd, but somehow their made up life together makes more sense than their actual lives apart.(They’re about the same age.)

Good Will Towards Man  Jensen is a bitter veterinarian, angry at hotshot lawyer Jared Padalecki for skipping out on an important meeting. When a hot guy shows up at his door, claiming to be a Christmas present, he’s sure Chris decided to actually hire him an escort. Little does he know his boss likes to play Santa, and Jared just wants to get to know him a little better.

Dreams Come True  Jensen’s just returned from the war when he meets Jared, a college student on his way home to reveal a big secret. Their lives … and hearts, become entwined.

By the stars  Inspired by LA Confidential. Jensen is a detective with a soft spot for abused men, Jared is a high class hooker who crosses his path during an investigation.

Air Force 1 Jared is on his first day at his new job, as the new co-pilot on a plane codenamed Air Force 1, the President of America’s official call sign. Jensen is the second son of the President, his father’s PA, and is the centre of attention for a hijacker who only wants one thing. Everything.

Rub Me the Right Way  "You’re a genie and you live in Chad’s bong?“ Jared asks stupidly. "It’s a lamp,” the genie replies. “It’s a goddamn lamp!”

Intent of Desire Jared Padalecki, rich, sophisticated, with a car to kill for, and a reputation to die for; his stepsister, Sandy McCoy, as viciously cunning as she is beautiful; Jensen Ackles, middle-class, seemingly naïve, with a bit of a past. When a wager is made, and the stakes are high, who will win in the end? Jared or Sandy, and will Jensen be the casualty?

If I Stopped Lying I’d Just Disappoint You  Jensen and his step-sister Danneel rule their haughty Upper East Side prep school through sexually laced machinations and deceit. Yet when a purity-ring-wearing basketball star transfers in, Jensen starts to wonder whether there is more to life than just the game.

Absence From Those We Love Jensen Ackles led a great life. It just wasn’t the one he planned on. Now he’s newly single, stuck at a job he hates, and sharing an apartment with his lovably psychotic best friend. When he’s given the chance to go back and do it all over again, he leaps at it. Only he soon comes to realize that no matter what’s in front of him, it’s impossible to leave the past behind. Considering what he’d be giving up, he might not even want to. (17 Again - J2 Style.)

You and Me, That’s All There’ll Ever Be Jared’s 13; and then he’s not. As if waking up in a huge bed with a naked guy next to him isn’t weird enough, Jared finds out that he hasn’t talked to Jensen, his best friend, in seventeen years. Something he never thought possible.

The Winchester Identity A tall and handsome doctor is kidnapped by a mysterious green-eyed man who has no memory—but who definitely has a past.

We Used To Be The Loners  This about four boys—Jared, whose parents haven’t quite managed to deal with the death of his older brother, Jensen, abandoned by his mother to an abusive father, Tommy, suffering youngest child syndrome in a family of incredible overachievers, and Mike, trying to stand out in his crowded family while dealing with a sort of benign neglect from his over-stressed parents. It’s a story about what happens over a few days in summer, in an unnamed state somewhere on the east coast, when the boys undertake to find a body abandoned in the woods.

Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed Jared pines for the perfect Jensen Ackles. But Jensen’s a senior, dating the popular Katie Cassidy and not gay.

She’s A Handsome Woman Jensen Ackles is a talented actor with a reputation for being difficult. When his friend Danneel is passed over for a role on a soap opera, he cross-dresses, auditions for the part - and gets it. As Jennifer Albee, he’s got to deal with a jackass director and ridiculous plotlines, not to mention his blossoming friendship with actor Jared Padalecki, a single dad with a few surprises of his own.

Be My Baby  Summer, 1963. Young Jensen Ackles leaves his hometown in Texas to spend a three week long holiday with his conservative parents at the Kellerman’s mountain resort in NY. Little does he know that he’ll meet someone there that will change his life forever.

The Fall of Jericho lHeir Jared Padalecki runs away from his domineering father to join his husband, Chad Michael Murray, in San Francisco. Unfortunately, he’s never been out on his own, so he doesn’t really know how to get there. Reporter Jensen Ackles turns up to help him, but the journey isn’t what either of them expects.

The Three Faces Of Jared Meet Jay Welling. He’s married to a very rich man, living in a beautiful home. To the outside world he appears to be a withdrawn but sweet young man. To his husband, he’s a prize. But deep down inside there’s more to Jay, and ‘they’ are coming out. When Jensen meets the beguiling young man, he’s not sure what to think- but he knows he wants him.

Underneath This Texas Sky Money can buy popularity but… For Jensen, he just wanted to be a part of the cool crowd. When star quarterback Jared needs help, Jensen sees his chance. What he gets is more than he bargained for.

When It All Comes Crashing Down Based on the film Die Hard. Detective Jared Padalecki is visiting his estranged lover Jensen Ackles; an invitation to a high profile party at the company Jensen moved away to work for. There may be tension between the men but nothing prepares them for the chaos that is about to break out around them.

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