Teen Titans Go! - “Movie Night”

They let @chadquandt and I write an episode of Teen Titans Go! that premiered last night on Cartoon Network! It was tremendous fun to have the opportunity to play in the DC Universe sandbox (even as we lovingly made jokes at its expense.)

 The episode was guest directed by the enormously talented @edskudder and @lynnvwang and power-produced by the WB TTGo team. 

 In case you missed it, here’s a clip from “Movie Night!” 

(Incidentally, for you Trollhunters fans out there, you might hear a familiar music cue in the Titans’ dramatic final battle charge during the scene below…)

Imagine while traveling with the Doctor, you hear lots about the Ponds and what happened to them. After confessing that you want to meet them, the Doctor takes you to one of the nights when they were apart and you spend the night eating and watching movies with the Ponds. After the night is over, and the Doctor and you go back to the TARDIS, the Doctor cries.

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Paris is Burning (1990) 

Paris is burning is a documentary about the New York Ball scene of the mid-eighties and the communities involved.

The film openly and honestly deals with the realities of poverty, racism, homophobia and the hate driven violence the subjects face. Despite this the lasting impression Paris is Burning gives is one of community and creativity where drag is a complex mix of creative passion, fashion, performance and social commentary.

The Ultimate Girl’s Movie Guide

1.    10 Things I Hate About You

2.    16 Wishes 

3.    17 Again 

4.    27 Dresses 

5.    A Walk To Remember

6.    Aquamarine 

7.    Beauty and the Briefcase

8.    Bratz

9.    Bridesmaids 

10.   Bride Wars  

11.  Bring It On 

12.  Cadet Kelly 

13.  Clueless

14.  Confessions of A Shopaholic

15.  Crazy, Stupid Love 

16.  Divergent

17.  Easy A 

18.   Freaky Friday 

19.  Frenemies 

20.  From Prada to Nada 

21.  Grace (Unplugged) 

22.  How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days 

23.  Ice Princess 

24.  John Tucker Must Die 

25.  Just Go With It 

26.  Just My Luck 

27.  Legally Blonde 

28.  Legally Blonde 2 

29.  Legally Blondes 

30.  Maleficent 

31.  Mamma Mia 

32.  Material Girls 

33.  Mean Girls

34.  Mean Girls 2

35.  Miss Congeniality 

36.  Monte Carlo 

37.  No Strings Attached

38.  Paper Towns 

39.  Return To Halloween 

40.  Sex and The City 2

41.  She’s All That 

42.  Sleepover 

43.  So Undercover

44.  Sorority Wars

45.  Starstruck 

46.   Sweet Home Alabama 

47.  Teen Spirit 

48.  The Bling Ring 

49.  The Chronicles Of Narnia Series

50.  The Cheetah Girls Series 

51.  The Clique 

52.  The Devil Wears Prada  

53.  The Fault In Our Stars 

54.  The High School Musical Series 

55.  The House Bunny 

56.  The Lizzie McGuire Movie 

57.  The Notebook 

58.  The Parent Trap (1998) 

59.  The Princess Protection Program 

60.  The Proposal 

61.  What A Girl Wants 

62.  Wild Child

Movie Night Part 1

Some serious fluff coming your way. Hope you enjoy, I had a lot of fun writing this. Happy Wednesday! 

You just got back from a week long mission. From the weight of your limbs and the fogginess of your mind, someone would have thought you had been in combat all week, instead of just following a suspected HYDRA supporter. In your defense, he had some late nights and early mornings that you had to keep up with. And watching people was boring. You honestly would have been happier in combat.

You stepped into the elevator and had five floors to shake the fatigue from your body in case you saw one of your team members before you got to your bedroom. 

The elevator doors opened and revealed a certain concerned looking long haired specimen towering over you.

“Buck, you scared me” you said willing your heartbeat to slow down. 

“Jesus Mags, you look exhausted.” You obviously did not succeed in your efforts to look like a lively human.

“I’m fine. Just need a shower and some food, that’s all” you said trying to convince him, and yourself, that’s all this was. 

You started walking down the hall away from him and remembered it was Friday. Your favorite day of the week. “You better not pick pizza again, Barnes” you warned as you closed the door to your bedroom and you heard him chuckle through the door. 

You and Bucky were the two quieter members of the team, happy to stay in on weekends. Sure, there were times when Steve and Natasha would drag you both to parties, but the whole team knew not to mess with your Friday Night Movie Nights. 

Established a few months ago, the showing started at 9pm and one person picked the movie and the other picked the food. Bucky always ordered a pizza for the two of you every other Friday night from the same place he got it when he was kid back in the thirties. It was delicious, you would never complain about it, just tease. 

You jumped in the shower to wash off the smell of the hotel and enjoyed the hot water relaxing your muscles. Cold air hit you as you walked out your bathroom and you groaned. Man, you were so tired, but you couldn’t abandon Bucky on movie night. You would pick an action movie to rid the chance of involuntary napping, you thought as you threw on some PJs. 

Walking into the hallway you smelled pizza. You rolled your eyes and shook your head as you walked over to Bucky’s room. You opened the door and the smell of tomato sauce and cheese overwhelmed you and your stomach growled in anticipation. 

“How’s Joe?” you asked Buck referring to the man who knew his order as soon as he recognized Bucky’s voice on the other end of the phone. 

“He’s good. Says hello.” You walked over to the little fold out TV table with the pizza box on top of it to pick out a piece as Bucky clicked a few buttons on the remote to make the wall open to reveal a flat screen. 

Bucky was not fond of having a TV in his room, never mind one that huge, but Stark insisted we all have one. In turn, Bucky argued for it to be mounted behind the wall so he could hide it when not in use. You knew the only time his TV was in use was during Friday Night Movie Nights, and that realization never failed to make you smile. Buck really let his age show sometimes. 

You sat cross legged on Bucky’s bed biting into your pizza with a moan followed by a “Yum.” He chuckled as he joined you sitting with his legs straight out and leaning his back against the headboard. “Says someone who never wants pizza.”

“Oh, no” you corrected him. “I always want pizza.”

“And you make fun of me for always wanting pizza?” Soldier was confused. 

“Hey, you’re catchin’ on, Barnes” you said with a mouth full, elbowing his gut. 

He retaliated by snatching the rest of the pizza slice on your plate and sticking it all in his mouth in one bite. Before you could yell at him he asked, almost incomprehensibly because of the half slice of pizza stuffed in his mouth, “What movie?”

You squinted your eyes and glared at him, warning him that this war was not over. You picked your favorite action movie and quickly grabbed another piece of pizza, making sure to protect this one, as the opening credits rolled. 

A few minutes later, with your happily full stomach, you slid down into the pillows to make yourself comfortable. Maybe too comfortable. You combated that feeling by sitting back up a little, bending one knee up, and sticking your hand under the back of your head. There. Comfy, but not too comfy for sleep to threaten movie night. 

You turned your focus back on the movie and felt eyes on you. You looked to your right to see Buck eyeing you. “Maggie. We can postpone our movie night, doll, it’s okay. You look exhausted.”

You gasped over dramatically. “We have never missed a movie night” you said, impersonating some old movie actress. He shook his head, but grinned at you. “Really, Buck. I’m good” you assured.

You had seen this movie enough times to know that your were about an hour in without looking at the clock on the nightstand next to you. You would totally make it through without falling asleep. 

A few minutes had passed and loud gunshots, explosions, and voices were heard on the surround sound speakers Stark had also insisted on putting in the room. Out of the corner of his eye, Bucky saw you move suddenly. He looked over to see that your head had rolled to the side to face him, your eyes closed. 

He turned down the TV so it wouldn’t wake you, he knew just how fatigued you were. As soon as the elevator door opened earlier that night, he noticed your normally perfect ponytail had some hairs out of place and your eyes drooped ever so slightly: things no one else would have perceived, but he noticed right away. He knew you too well, knew you needed some shut eye. He would make fun of you later for falling asleep during movie night, absolutely, but right now, he let you be.

He turned back to the movie you made him watch too many times, but he couldn’t tear his thoughts away from you. After a few minutes, he couldn’t help but look back down at you. Your still damp hair framed your face and you wore a tiny smile. His eyes traveled down your frame, over the thin light blue t-shirt he’d seen you in many a movie night, and down to the matching shorts that were slightly riding up your long soft legs.  

He was astonished that anyone could feel comfortable enough to fall asleep next to him. You looked so peaceful and your body was so close to his. Instead of allowing himself to think you trusted him, he simply blamed your exhaustion for allowing you to doze off like this.

It crossed his mind that he shouldn’t be looking at you like this, especially since you were in such a vulnerable state, and couldn’t defend yourself from his eyes. He brought his attention back to the almost silent movie in front of him. 

Someone was dodging someone else’s punch on the screen when he felt your body shift calmly. He watched you turn on your side toward him, resting your head on his shoulder and your arm across his chest. He felt you, rather than heard you, exhale into his neck. 

His eyes widened and he was deciding what to do. He should wake you up and walk you to your room. Or if you didn’t wake up, he should carry you to your room, to your own bed. However, he wanted to wrap his arm around shoulders, kiss your hair, tangle his legs in yours and join you in your slumber. As he started to do step one of what he wanted to do, you started to stir. 

The sudden lack of noise from the movie pulled you from your snoozing. You inhaled sharply as you came to, smelling… something very familiar. Vanilla? And mint, you decided. And what were you wrapped around? Something warm and firm… and moving. You opened your eyes slowly and saw a chest where a pillow should have been. You snapped your head up to look at the face above you and when you saw who you fell asleep on, you leapt out the bed and almost ran into the wall trying to find the door. 

“Jesus-Buck. I-I’m so sorry. I, uh, I’m just gonna go to my- I’m just tired,I…” You couldn’t even finish a sentence, let alone look him in the eye. You couldn’t believe you fell asleep on movie night. You couldn’t believe you fell asleep on Bucky. You couldn’t believe how comfortable he was, how warm he was, how nice his arm felt around your shoulder, how steady his heartbeat was, how calm he made you feel. 

You frantically pulled your shirt down that had ridden up and ran your fingers through your hair to prop it behind your ears, while trying to find the door in the darkness of Bucky’s bedroom when you heard him chuckling. That bastard was laughing at you. At least he wasn’t letting this be as awkward as it had the potential to be, you thought.

“Maggie, you don’t have to leave. You seemed to like it here.” You could hear the arrogance in his voice and you finally looked up to see the conceited smirk on his mouth in the glow of the television screen. 

You wanted to come back at him with something clever, but you were so mortified that all that came out was, “No-um, I’m just gonna-m’gonna go.” 

“Maggie, wait. What I meant- I….” His now shy and quiet voice stopped you from walking out the door. “Please don’t leave. I like having you here” he amended his earlier, cocky statement. 

You turned around to see him standing beside the bed, his tall frame now seemed a foot shorter as all the confidence he had been exuding just a few seconds ago was replaced with apprehension. 

You stared at him for a minute deciding if he was only teasing you, but his aching blue eyes and his stiff stance told you he was sincere, that he was afraid of losing you to your room all the way across the hall. 

You closed the door until it clicked and slowly walked over to his nightstand until you were even with Bucky, the only thing separating the two of you was his bed. 

Your eyes followed the lines of this body, starting at the eyes you loved looking into, the lips you longed to kiss, the chest where your head had so comfortably rested, the arms that safely held you, the hands you wanted to link in your own, and the legs you wanted wrapped around yours until your eyes ended back at his. You knew he wanted the same as you. 

You lifted the blanket and laid down in the bed, your eyes never leaving his. Only when you were safely in his bed did he join you, tucking his strong arm under your head, allowing you to return to the position you fell asleep in. You felt his hand rub your shoulder and his legs tangle with yours, and you let out a sigh and let yourself relax on his chest. 

“I guess I’m the worst movie night partner ever” you said smiling into his shoulder. 

“No, I think this is our best one yet” he said softly, putting soft kisses on your head, breathing in the scent of your hair, finally daring to do what he wanted to so badly just a few minutes ago. 

With a permanent smile on your lips, you fell into sleep listening to Bucky’s heartbeat, feeling safe in his arms.  

Part 2


@usannika  Hope you enjoy! Happy Wednesday!