I sincerely have no words for all the love, friendship and positive support and feedback I have received since launching this blog. I mean it, you guys have been overwhelming and I’ve made so many friends in such a short amount of time. So last night when I saw my follower count hit that magic number; I was floored. I have never had a blog reach such a milestone before. I wanted to do something for you guys as a thank you: But WHAT? A few things popped into my mind:

Firstly a giveaway; and I was all set to do it until I remembered I was too broke from my upcoming trip to buy and mail anything and I’m too inadequate with Photoshop to offer icons or anything like that. So instead I have a couple different plans in motion. 


So in popular fashion I will be doing a follower list; but I’m doing it a bit differently. At the very bottom I will list every single one of my followers to date because you are all special and deserving or recognition. Over the next couple days, I will put out more focused lists based on the people I regularly interact with IC/OOC or just genuinely love (up close or from afar). It’s unorthodox but with my attention span something like this is best done in segments.


I want showcase all you lovelies. Therefore I have opened my submit box once again and I ask that ANYONE who wants to be showcased on my blog to simply submit their promo to me. DON’T HAVE A PROMO? Then send me an ask and I will make promotion posts as well to share you lovely followers with everyone.


I will be posting a big starter call later today that I encourage anyone who has ever wanted to RP with me to please give a like. It will be a permanent starter call which means you will be selling your soul to me giving me permission to not only send you that initial starter but to message you, send you stuff and tag you in things whenever I desire. (basically selling your soul to me)


NO MORE TALK! For today and tomorrow Meme Day is in affect. Consider this your official warning followers. To learn what Meme Day is, click the link here.

And now without further ado; here are the followers! (listed in order of oldest to most recent follows) I SWEAR I HOPE I DIDN’T MISS ANYONE I WENT THROUGH MY FOLLOWERS LIST SO ITS JUST A MATTER OF IF I AM BLIND (IF I DID MISS YOU LET ME KNOW!)

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