The Fate of The Furious crosses the finish line in ridiculous fashion

The Fate of the Furious crosses the finish line over the Easter weekend with $532.5 million at the box office worldwide.

Dom and Letty married, Brian and Mia retired, and the rest of the crew exononerated,the globe-trotting team has found some resemblance of normal life now. But soon they face an unexpected challenge, when a mystery woman named Cipher force Dom to betray his family. Now they must unite to bring home the man, who made them a family and stop Cipher from unleashing chaos. 

After the beautiful yet tragic (rea life) tragic ending of Fast 7 (Paul Walker),I didn’t think the franchise should be touched again.It made over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office and became the 5th highest grossing film in 2015.

The 8th installment is directed by F.Gary Gary, a director who has directed The Italian Job(2003),Straight Outta Compton(2015).#F8 represents a far different film, as far as sheer scale and budget. He handles the directional duties very well, blending action and heart within its two hour run time. I thought the pacing of the film was decent, however after the first act the film doesn’t stop, take a breath.

At times I felt confused on why things were happening or the characters choices as the film progresses rather quickly, the editing of the film helped give a clear perspective even despite all the high octane non-stop action. The narrative itself is full of some interesting plot points as we learn why Don has turned dark. I think the important thing is that the revelation is very much in line with the character’s moral code. So,in this regard, the whole scenario of Dom becoming the antagonist feels less surreal. It also created an interesting dynamic as how each team member handles the betrayal.

Cipher’s goals are slightly one dimensional but Charlize Theron’s performance is decent and she manages to become quite fearsome. The action sequences featuring the vehicles were not enjoyable in this film for me,apart from the scene in Cuba.The prison scene with Jason Statham that allowed us to see what a real action star he really is was fantastic,this is why he is so suited for this ever changing franchise.

As far as the characters and the different locations that was used,it is the locales and music featured In the franchise that also makes it so animated and vibrant. Havana, Cuba is the standout and is beautifully captured in this film.New York City’s part was probably the weakest and felt a tad bit silly.The soundtrack by Brian Tyler was energetic as you can expect and really did compliment the action in the film.

Now,this is a strange statement but this film didn’t always feel like a “Fast and Furious” but I don’t think that is a bad thing.Since Fast 5,the films have been broadening their roots,from stealing DVD players,heist to spy films and this one certainly felt like a pure action movie.With that said,it brought the right amount of humor,heart and action that I needed.It’s absurdly cheesy and way over the top but that’s probably why I enjoyed it so much.



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Public Proposal of the Day: So the story is this: Matt wanted to ask his girlfriend Ginny to marry him. So he arranged for her to be taken to see Fast Five by her brother in movie theater filled with her friends and family (unbeknownst to her). During the previews, a different sort of trailer aired: One in which Matt is shown asking Ginny’s dad for his daughter’s hand in marriage.