There kdrama they are starring in are just…amazing. Beyond then what I expected. I love,love,love it ! Ji sung is so hot by the way. It’s been awhile since I watch his kdrama.. and oh boy his kissing scene are just melting me. LOL, okay well let’s get to the point… I really recommand this drama to anyone out there who loves dark and revenge drama with romance too. The plot is well done and the actor is well choosen. I mean very well…you just want to stab few at the back. But … it deserve to be one of the top rating drama. It did make me eager to watch more and more but sadly I have to wait for the next episode :( .


Prove di recitazione.

I am currently waiting for all the episode to come out and than continued watching it. It’s too serious in these latest episode, lol I can’t handle it. I really love the chemistry between the emperor and nyung. I’m still cheering for both of them to still be together at the end. Every scene of them.. I just feel the connection growing and growing. Although the emperor is weak.. his personality really stood out to me and his love for nyung is so strong as well. I’m really irritated at the fact that why can’t nyung see his love @$##%$$#%!@#!:@. Oh wells.. he is the 2nd male lead anyways.. -3-; it’s suppose to be like this =.= . But I have to say that they changed throughout the drama. Nyung just became so serious about getting her revenge while the emperor isn’t a brat no more lol. I kinda miss their old character at the beginning of the drama up until episode 20. Hopefully later in the story… it’ll focus more back on nyung, the emperor, and the king.