moviech: cosette fauchelevent

Y'all always misjudging Cosette’s character. This is the chick who, when a stranger on the street called her clothes ugly, completely reinvented her look with an extensive, high-fashion wardrobe, in hopes that the stranger would see her and be ashamed. When she went went to meet Marius, she put on her like, prettiest, most low-neck dress. Homegirl isn’t an innocent uwu little girl she’s a soft but confident chick driven half by love half by spite.

i’ve seen a couple captain america: the winter soldier AUs in the les mis fandom and they usually involve enjolras and those are great but like okay hear me out on this one


cosette as captain america and éponine as the winter soldier

you know what? give me more platonic marius/eponine

give me marius encouraging eponine when she’s struggling to teach herself to read (and offering to help her again, laughing when she insists she can do it herself)

give me eponine busting her ass to keep her father and his gang off marius’ back- which, i mean, she already does

give me marius letting eponine spend the night in his flat when things go wrong with her family, and insisting she move in with him when she finally finds a job of her own

give me eponine as cosette’s maid of honor at the pontmercy wedding

give me strong, independent eponine and her best idiot friend marius