movie:witch hunters

Dangerous way



Stephan received messages from Elena while he was on the couch that was next to the big window, his hand was resting on his knee and his leg was bent and the other leg was stretched out on the couch.
He furrowed his eyebrows and looked to the side, then he shook his head softly. He replied her message.

[Text to Elena]: My step-sister is blind. With Hunters never act alone.

[Text to Elena]: Well, he is there to kill the witches and after kill my mother, she is the Supreme and most powerful witch. Maybe he married with my sister to kill her, after my mama…Can I see you now Lena? Can I see you in your house and we talked better?


Die Hochland Hexenjager.

I’ve had these guys pretty much done since February, but I only got around to painting the Finecast Witch Hunter today. God, what a horrible material.

But anyway, here’s my Mordheim Witch Hunter band. It started out with the Warrior Priest who I painted for a competition. I had so much fun with the tartan and fire I thought I’d do a whole warband. I doubt I’ll ever play Mordheim, but I love these angry, little bastards.