ok but in eclipse it’s shown that bella struggles with the difference between romantic and platonic love. she eventually convinces herself that she’s also in love with jacob as well as edward due to the fact that she cares about him so strongly. she uses both edward and jacob as sources of comfort and validation and focuses most of her energy on her relationships with them, meanwhile her relationships with the girls in her life (alice, angela, etc.) are effortless and not nearly so stressful yet she never considers them as romantic options because a) gayness doesn’t exist in smeyer’s world and b) she canonly has issues telling romantic and platonic love apart. she’s literally a bpd lesbian struggling with compulsory heterosexuality the evidence is all there!!!!!

castleofwarriors  asked:

Did you know that the Mark Reads Twilight Archive is broken? I can't access any of the chapters.

Unfortunately! So, I’m removed enough from it that I can openly shit-talk, but Buzznet decided to delete ALL JOURNALS EVER, which is a great business decision. So that means all my original work for that series and Harry Potter is gone. HOWEVER. I knew it was going to happen years ago and got warned by someone who worked there. That was the main impetus for me turning all the reviews into books. 

I didn’t intend for the first one of these to be all, BUY MY STUFF, but do I get a lot of messages asking what happened to them. You can find them here:


Harry Potter:

facts about the twilight girls

bella swan: CONFIRMED butch lesbian in love w alice
alice cullen: sweet beautiful pure butchy femme bi
rosalie hale: bitter angry lesbian whom i love with all my heart
leah clearwater: bi trans girl who deserves the world and she’s dating rose
all the amazons: lesbian
denali vampires: all sapphic
jane: small evil and gay
jessica stanley: bi legend with a crush on bella
angela weber: lesbian nerd i love her

Cullens 1934 vs 1935
  • 1934:
  • Rosalie: *rage*
  • Edward: *angst*
  • Carlisle: *guilt*
  • Esme: *hangs colorful curtains and puts out fresh flowers to cheer everyone up*
  • 1935:
  • Emmett: LULZ I just did a canonball off the top of a cliff into a lake and the splash was so big the people in town thought it was a sudden downpour!
  • Rosalie: *smirk*
  • Edward: *rolls eyes, but laughs*
  • Carlisle: *chuckle*
  • Esme: *whispers* my precious new giant son