“Jasper was the first one I saw—he didn’t seem to see me at all. His eyes were only for Alice. She went quickly to his side; they didn’t embrace like other couples meeting there. They only stared into each other’s faces, yet, somehow, the moment was so private that I still felt the need to look away.”

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Jasper’s POV

It started with her smell, it was alluring but not how other humans are. I didn’t feel the need to drain her or hurt her in anyway. I followed the smell and found a woman in the woods, she was crouched down and looked to be trying to help an injured animal. Her scent was so powerful I couldn’t even smell the blood of the creature. When I saw her a sense of protectiveness came over me and before I knew what was happening, my legs started moving towards the woman. A loud crack sounded throughout the quiet forest, startling the woman, the animal and me until I realised that it was me who made the noise by standing on a stick.

“Oh hello” a sweet melody came from her, making me freeze in my spot. From my time in Forks no one has had a different accent they were all the same except her, a southern accent and it was enthralling.

“Hi, you know these parts aren’t the safest of places” for the first time someone has made me incomprehensible.

“Oh I was just explorin’ and found this little guy” gesturing towards the animal looking genuinely concerned for the animal it made me almost jealous that the animal had her attention more than me.

“Why don’t I help you? I know a little bit about animals I could be useful” she gave me a bright smile and gestured for me to come closer and examine the animal.

While taking care of the animal we got talking about anything and everything, well almost everything, of course I didn’t tell her about who I really am or what I am but maybe in time.

Imagine the Romanians asking you to target the Volturi

“It’s hard to have a heart when you have stopped so many others.” -K. M. Howell

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“Why am I your friend again?” You said in distaste when Vladimir asked you kill another, like you were his personal assassin. You were the one human the Romanians were friendly with and sometimes you wished you weren’t. You had an ability with fire and could easily set something alight at a distance. “(Y/N).” Stefan growled. “Just look at your targets.” “Ah geez.” you sighed taking the photos from him and looking down at the first picture.

They didn’t expect you to burst out laughing. The first picture was Aro at the confrontation. “You can’t be serious! Look at his face!” You screeched. “This is fake!” “No.” Stefan said flatly. “It’s not.” “This person can’t be real.” You giggled. “This is Aro Volturi. One of three leaders.” Vladimir informed you. “No…no!” You laughed. “There is no way you two are threatened by a guy with this face!” You pointed at Aro’s gleeful laugh. “This is fake. This dude is a lie!” You put your hand on your stomach as it ached from laughing so hard. “(Y/N)!” Vladimir growled. “Vladimir, come on! You’re having a laugh. He isn’t real! You got this off Google or something.” You laughed breathlessly as Stefan raised is fist threateningly.

“Okay, a two teens that I shall reserve my comment on…” You giggled. “A 7ft tall one, he’ll be no bother and awww why are they all cute, tugging at my heart strings. Now it’s going to be difficult to kill them!” You said as though clearly inconvenienced.

“So he ain’t laughing now!?” You giggled. “I liked the first picture of him better- WAH!” You darted out of the way as Stefan lunged at you. You should have taken it more seriously.
Imagine being invisible in the light and saving Renesmee.

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Reader can’t be seen in the light
The volturi move to her Renesmee
Zafrina makes everyone see black
Reader appears taking  Renesmee
Jane follows.
Reader pushes jane to the ground, stepping into the light and disappearing.
Jane runs away.

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” -Francis Bacon

You weren’t sure if the Volturi were aware of your presence but you didn’t make yourself known. It was light, you couldn’t be seen.

Everyone panicked as the Volturi moved in. They decided against Renesmee. Edward looked at the space you held and then at Zafrina. “Make everything go black! Blind us! Do it! Do it now!”
It was like a light had been turned off, everything was suddenly black and no one could see anything. Even looking down they couldn’t see themselves. Panicked cries rang out before a stunned silence. 

You fixed your now glowing hair. You alone were illuminated by what seemed to be like a black-light. Your skin was blue, your hair resembling various colours to your own as well as your eyelashes. Your eyes were a shocking vibrant colour matching your own eye colour. A wide grin grew on your face as you skipped your way forward. No one knew who you were headed to, they couldn’t see. Aro inhaled sharply to see you heading towards him as Renesmee smiled in relief.

You took Renesmee’s hand, twirling her playfully before walking back and past the covens. Of course no one could see Renesmee, only you. So when Zafrina released them they no longer saw you but could see each other…and Renesmee with her hand out, holding an invisible hand.
“Stop them!” Caius demanded.
You and Renesmee moved quickly as the Volturi moved forward once more. The covens also moved forward to stop them. They had each other at a stand off yet no one saw Afton slowly disappear.

Afton moved quickly to catch up with you and he did. You took her to an abandoned hut. It was made of wood, with a hole in the roof letting light in but the hut itself was incredibly dark inside as the windows seemed to be boarded up. Renesmee lit up in awe seeing you appear once more before disappearing whilst passing through the light, only to reappear once more in the dark.
you lead her to the back of the hut, making her hide in the darkest corner before abruptly moving to the opposite side of the room.

Afton loomed in, it was silent, except for the quick heartbeat. “Stupid girl.” He thought to himself, slowly moving forward, the floorboards creaking and groaning. Renesmee bit her lip behind the wooden boxes as Afton loomed closer. She let out a shaky breath before squealing in fright as Aftons shining eyes stared at her, stiff as a statue. He slowly turned the corner looking at Renesmee. 
He then reached out, moving forward to pick her up. Renesmee wailed in protest but before he could grab her, you were back again grabbing him by the back of his neck and throwing him to the ground. You glared at him viciously, stepping forward in warning as he shuffled back. Unexpectedly he lunged at you which you were prepared for, quickly grabbing him again and shoving him once more to the ground. His eyes widened as he shuffled back again through the light as you loomed over him, following him. You disappeared in the light and he stopped. You were out of sight but he knew you were standing over him, directly in the light. He just couldn’t see you. He got up and walked backwards, you continued to follow him now visible and out of the light. Perhaps if he got you outside, you’d be defenceless, sure he wouldn’t see you but you couldn’t harm him.He grabbed you abruptly by your shirt tossing you outside, grabbing Renesmee by the arm and marching her outside in pursuit.

You were nowhere to be found and it was quiet, but before Afton could make a move an invisible force knocked him hard in the head. He winced as he let go of Renesmee before he was tackled and several blows were received. He looked over to see Renesmee covering her eyes before his head was ripped clean off.

Afton was surprised that you didn’t finish the job. Eventually his head reattached and he slowly returned. “What took you!?” Caius snapped. Afton lifted his eyes from the ground to them for a moment. Chelsea moved forward. “Afton? Are you alright?” “They tore off my head… but didn’t finish me.” Afton said processing the event as well as in sheer shock and confusion.