The Albus/Scorpius relationship was forced and dysfunctional. No way Scorpius is the only person that genuinely liked Albus and wanted to be his friend in the whole of Hogwarts. The fact that Thorne tried to paint them being ‘each other only friend and source of support’ and 'I don’t need anyone else I got Scorpius’ as beautiful or healthy made me think of Stephanie Meyer trying to paint Edward/Bella co-dependence in Twilight as 'romantic’.

okay kids let’s play Confessions of Shame what did you do because of Twilight/Bella?
I’ll start: I dyed my hair dark ( I’m back to my orginial haircolor, but everytime I see Bella I still get this itch to dye it)
I bought strawberry shampoo because strawberry hair?? what an amazing idea?? and used it for 5 years
I started to listen to classical music ( although I tried to listen to Clair De Lune, I never really liked it)
I read Wuthering Heights (and felt bad for disliking it)
And thirteen year old me asked for all Jane Austen novels for Christmas, and I discovered my love for her

like, is this all embarrassing? probably. But it’s amazing how much twilight influenced me, and still does to this day. I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am to this day without Twilight, and quality schmality, the only other series that influenced me this much or more was Harry Potter.

In-stream sketch commission from tonight’s stream, for shadowcatcher!
Both our lynx characters in the skyrim universe! Nicole (accidentally) sets off lots of traps while she’s adventuring with her friends, Twilight and Koda..unfortunately, Twilight is the one to get caught in most of them.
So here we have Nicole..who appears to have set off the spiked door trap, which Twilight had the pleasure of experiencing. Luckily he’s ok…for now. xD

Artwork & Nicole©Niki.S

1934: First Love

Vladimir never admitted it to anyone but he spared a man once. He found him in a bar and after making it to an alley he prepared to kill his victim. The man then kissed him and Vladimir was left in a daze. The man remained nameless but Vladimir held onto that memory… The first time he ever considered love being something he wanted in his immortal life…

One of the only things I like about bella’s transformation is that her voice and manner of speaking doesn’t change. She doesn’t magically become any more adroite and refined. She’s still going to use ‘like’ in the middle of her sentences and say ‘or whatever’ at the end of them foreverrrr.

oh my god i just had a wave of emotion bc bella and emmett are going to be really good friends as vampires like oh my god bc he is the only one who talks in any way like her and edward and alice are great and all but jesus sometimes you want to just hang out calmly and have a chill conversation where the fun doesn’t have to be JUST wittiness. And sometimes, just sometimes, Rose gets in on that action too because she may have been a lady but she was also a new yorker.



twilight; dusk. 

Etymology: dialectal, from Middle English dim, dym, from Old English dim, dimm, ‎“dim, dark, gloomy; wretched, grievous, sad, unhappy”, from Proto-Germanic *dimmaz ,‎“dark”, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰem-, ‎“to whisk, smoke, blow; dust, haze, cloud; obscure”. Compare Faroese dimmur, Icelandic dimmur, ‎“dark”) and dimma, ‎“darkness”.

[Erin Hanson - Saguaro Dusk]