Didyme's Daughter (Volturi)

Unbeknownst to Aro, when he was changed Didyme was pregnant with her first child.

Fifteen years later he returned to change his sister and Didyme changed her fifteen year old daughter, Vivian.

Vivian was very much like her mother. She always did the right thing, she had a replica of her mother’s gift and always wore a smile, treating everyone she met with kindness.
She had befriended the Cullen’s and were considered an old but dear family friend.

So in the confrontation about Renesmee when Aro touched Edwards hand he saw the whole story, but he also saw her and her story. Aro stiffened eyes wide. He didn’t mention it until the confrontation was over and it was decided that Renesmee could live.
“Where is she?” Aro asked slowly.
“She’ll be here soon.” Edward said quietly.
“I am right here.” A voice said. Everyone’s heads turned to see Vivian beaming at them. Marcus inhaled sharply, she looked just like her.

Vivian walked with them to the border.
“So what should I call you?” Vivian turned to Marcus?
“Excuse me?”
“You tell me. You’re the mate of my mother, does that mean I’ve to call you dad?” She grinned.
Marcus didn’t answer.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure there is time for that.”

The Volturi walked on before the leaders turned around making the guard follow in suit. Vivian simply smiled at them, offering a wave.

Relationships that you should NOT romanticise
- Romeo and Juliet - seriously it lasted 3 days and 6 people died - also the fact that Shakespeare didn’t write romance should kind of clue you in?
Edward and Bella/ Anastasia and Christian - I put these two together because they’re basically the same couple - the men in these relationships are abusive like seriously
Harley and Joker - do I really even need to go into detail here?

Relationships that you should ABSOLUTELY romanticise
- Morticia and Gomez Addams - they are like one of the healthiest fictional relationships I’ve ever seen

The most hilarious part of being in high school while the Twilight series was coming out was pointing out Washington Inaccuracies.

Like, some of them were Wetside vs Dryside shit, but others were “what do you mean Bella Swan was the only one with a crappy pick up.”

“They’re on the wet side, you’re telling me the Cullens are the only pale motherfuckers with expensive cars.”

“Not a damn mention of people slugging each other walking to class playing slugbug because this state is made of coffee, depression, flannel, apples, and Volkswagen?”

“Are you telling me, with a straight face, that there was not just a random AND LO THE CLOUDS PARTED TO BLIND YE BECAUSE FUCK YOUR EYESIGHT cloud shift moment while it was raining in the whole of the schooling years the Cullens were there. That didn’t happen at least once?”

“You’re telling me Charlie isn’t out on bullshit patrol/calls like 75% of the time and trying to figure out the new IM system and constantly asking Bella to explain shit to him. I do not think you know anything about how these people work, ma’am.”

“There are not enough apples involved. I was lured here by promise of apples and apple related merchandise. Any Washington native would know the Cullens were Not One Of Us because they didn’t enjoy coffee, apples, and a mild to sever obsession with which side of the state you’re on.”

“This is an oddly long span of time in the history of Washington for fire to not consume the state.”

Things like that. Like, there was more, but for specific Washington things.