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Princess Twilight how do you feel about fillies that like fillies? I'm scared to be myself because of what others might think.

I don’t see the problem. My best friends are fillies (well, strictly speaking they are mares like me, but in a colloquial sense they are fillies) and I like them very much. Surely, that’s pretty common. If it’s not where you are, well, as the Princess of Friendship I would argue that who you care for is a matter of their character and how they treat you, and it’s not up to other ponies to decide.

I suppose sometimes ponies might not approve of your choice of friends, but you should ask yourself whose opinion you value more: theirs, or that of your friends. Assuming you value you friends’ opinions more you shouldn’t abandon them because others might disapprove.

Oh, and trying not to be yourself rarely works out. You really should embrace who you are. Well, unless who you are consists of enslaving all of Equestria or something like that, but clearly that’s not the issue here.

Request: Over protective part 2

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“How long they choose to love you will never be your decision.” -Unknown

They had to be quick, Vladimir spent no time dropping the powder into the glass of diluted juice you had at your bedside table. He quickly stirred it with a rod before fleeing before he could be noticed. 

Within a matter of minutes you were back in your room and rubbing your eyes. “Okay! Okay! I’m going to bed you two, quit your hollering at me!” You called out. If you had paid closer attention you’d probably see the remaining power at the bottom of the glass still to dissolve. Instead you took a long gulps as Jane came into the room. “I’m telling you. Those miserable brats of a guard are utter useless- What is that smell?”
“My exhaustion, now can I go to bed please?”
“No, seriously, what is that smell? Has someone been your room?”
“I don’t know, probably.”
“I don’t like this. Suddenly we think a stranger has snuck in and now there is a smell in your room.”
“Look, if it helps, if someone kidnaps me I’ll be sure to call you so you can go all Liam Neeson.”
“Who’s Liam Neeson?”
“Oh geez, an actor from the movie ‘Taken’ he has this crazy line that I would gladly share if I wasn’t half asleep.”
Jane rolled her eyes. “Fine, I shall let it slide just this once. 

She was suddenly leaning over you on the bed and she placed a kiss to your forehead before gesturing to the glass. “Are you going to finish that?”
“Oh geez, let’s have me peeing all night then.” You rolled your eyes and drank the whole thing.
“I really don’t need to know when you urinate, thank you.” Jane muttered. “Really? Damn, and here I thought I had buddy to hold my hand as I pee!” Jane made a face of disgust. “Brother, come say goodnight to the human before they make me ill.” Jane swiftly left the room and Alec came in.
 “You know you love me Jane!” You yelled.
“Goodnight (Y/N)!” You heard her call back.
“Why do you terrorise us so?” Alec said climbing onto the bed as you may down, getting comfy.
“Because not only are you easy targets but it’s so fun.” You giggled with a tired grin.
“Goodnight (Y/N).” Alec said firmly before kissing your cheek. He leaned over you to get your glass. He eyed it for a moment seeing a few white specs at the bottom but quickly shrugged it off. He the sniffed. “What on earth is that smell?”
Oh for- go away you blasted twin!” You suddenly sat up with a smile and swatted him with a pillow.
“Alright, alright, I’m going. Goodnight love.”
“Goodnight Alec.” You said firmly before yawning. 

You were out like a light and the Romanians waited a few hours so the guard would be less tense at the suspicion of an intruder. That was when Vladimir climbed through your window once more and lightly shook you. You didn’t stir and were out cold. He slowly moved the duvet off you and hauled you into his arms. Down the corridor the twins perked up hearing the duvet but quickly shook it off as you rolling over.
Vladimir and Stefan made their way out of the window with you and took off running as fast as they could. They were beyond worried when they heard their human friend was the mate of the witch twins and had planned to get them out of there. 

 Jane stopped down the corridor. “Listen.” she said to her brother. “Do you hear anything?”
“No? I don’t hear anything.”
“Exactly.” Jane said as she turned and sped down the hall to your room.
Alec quickly caught on, they couldn’t hear your heart beat anymore and who knew how long it had been since they couldn’t. 

Jane quickly opened the door to find your bed empty and you being nowhere to be found. Her eyes widened as though her brain was catching up to the scene before she let out an ear-piercing scream. Alec quickly caught up and found you gone.
WHERE ARE THEY!? WHERE COULD THEY HAVE GONE!?” Jane screeched as her master’s moved down the hall quickly. Alec began to search the whole room for you, wrecking your room as he went. 

Aro tried to calm the twins as Caius insisted they stopped. Marcus, however, kept his eyes on the open window, the curtains billowing in the breeze. “Everyone needs to stop.” Marcus said slowly and sure enough even the twins took a break from their tantrum. They all followed Marcus’ eyes to the open window.
”…did they run away?“ Jane asked quietly, her heart breaking.
“They left us?” Alec was quick to assume channelling Jane’s dramatics.
“Why would-I thought they were happy? Why would they want to leave? I-” “Sister,” Alec suddenly interrupted, a new theory coming to him, the more calculating of the two. “We would have knew, if they planned to leave. There would have been signs. We would have heard them climb out the window.” “You think they were taken whilst they slept.”
Alec turned to Jane. “We thought there was an intruder earlier. What if there was?”
“…the smell in their room…but how would they not have woken up?”
“I can’t be sure, I haven’t thought of that.” 

”Let’s take a moment.” Stefan said gesturing for Vladimir to sit across from him.
”A moment for what exactly?”
”That’s a human in there. We need to be wary that our actions do have consequences that do effect them whether we like it or not.”
”Stefan, we are helping them. We didn’t have to!” Vladimir stood up.
”Are we?” Stefan argued looking up at Vladimir. “Are we really helping them? Do we care about the human or do we simply care about our revenge on the Volturi?”
Vladimir shook his head slowly in disbelief. “What has got into you?”
”I’m remembering just how much we want revenge and thinking of what we would do to get it. What we are capable of, Vladimir. We have fooled ourselves.”
Vladimir couldn’t make a reply but in his stubbornness he stomped away, the stairs thudding with each forceful stomp.

Vladimir lightly brushed your hair from your face at your bedside. He didn’t want to wake you. He couldn’t stop thinking about Stefan’s words. Could he be right? Could some dark clarity be revealed about their twisted ways?
”I want you safe.” Vladimir whispered. It sounded like reassurance for himself more than you. He didn’t want to admit he was trying to convince himself but the dread creeped up his spine telling him that the chances were high.

Alec was in deep thought, thinking of last night in repeat. He knew he was missing something. He drummed his fingertips on the counter before a moment from yesterday popped into his head.
“Wah!” You squealed as you jumped. You had opened the fridge to grab the juice, when you closed the fridge door Alec was right behind it, startling you. “Can you not do that!? Announce your presence please!” Alec rolled his eyes. He had watched you pour the glass of juice. It was a clear violet colour. The glass was clean.
Alec straightened up. Luckily the glass was still sitting waiting to be washed. The white specs were still there whilst they weren’t when you had poured the glass. He swabbed his finger on the bottom of the glass to get a closer look at the specs. It was clearly a powder, he lifted his fingertip to his mouth licked it briefly. His mouth twisted in disgust tasting the remainder of the juice but his expression turned dark. He couldn’t deny the strange medicine-like taste that later attacked his tongue.
You hadn’t left willingly. You were drugged to stay asleep. 

You woke up very groggily. It was like you had a heavy blanket over your body. You barely felt your real physical blanket…that wasn’t yours. You weren’t in your room either. Everything looks so much different than anything​ in the castle. You decided it was better that you didn’t ask them what they had planned. Your main worry was the twins. They’ll be freaked out for sure and you winced at the memory of their tantrums. You wanted to be with the twins. For now, it wasn’t a need but you wanted to be with them for their sakes. You didn’t want them to be hurting. It was no surprise when they found you three days later.

Jane glowered at the Stefan who had a firm grip on your shoulder. “Do anything to me, move from that spot.” Stefan threateningly squeezed your shoulder and you winced with a slight yelp. Jane looked livid, she was boiling over and flew into a tantrum. Something you had hoped you’d never see again. “You! You listen to me!” Jane screamed. “You will not touch a hair on their head! If you do-LOOK AT ME!” She bellowed with rage as Stefan looked back at Jane. “Touch a hair on their head and I swear-” Jane couldn’t finish the threat. You didn’t get to register what had happened but Jane had lunged.

”Jane stop!” You pleaded as Stefan screamed. You took her face in your hands. “Stop! Stop! Please! I’m here!” 
Stefan’s cries died down slightly but he didn’t get up from the ground still evidently in pain. You wrapped an arm around her before walking her away from him. “Let him go.” You whispered in her ear and Stefan went limp behind her.
You continued to walk with her. You didn’t cast a glance to Stefan. You just kept walking. It was like a blanket came over you. Your emotions were pulled away from you and a sheer sense of all-knowing washed over you. You knew what you had to do in the moment. That’s what kept you walking.
The next thing you saw was Demetri. “I’ll deal with him, get (Y/N) out of here.” Demetri demanded. You felt cold hands grab you by the upper arms and drag you out of the building. 

“Oh my god, Alec!” You cried running into his arms. His grip on you was borderline painful but you couldn’t care, you were too happy to see both of the twins here. “Demetri wants to deal with Stefan but there is just one more left.” Jane said as Alec pulled away to look at his sister. “It shouldn’t be so easy. They don’t deserve to live for this.”
“(Y/N) won’t allow us to dispose of them. I don’t want to push that.” Jane said. “For now, atleast.” Alec glanced at you before being deep in thought. A look of determination swept his eyes. “I have an idea. Something that may just persuade them to never come near them again.”
Alec and Jane smirked at one another. “Stay still (Y/N), this won’t hurt.” Your eyes widened as the twins moved closer to you.

Jane traced your cut with her cold finger providing a cooling sensation to the angry wound. 
“How could you and Alec control yourselves?” You said quietly.
“Age.” She replied.
“What are you going to do to the Romanians?”
Jane looked up at you before looking back down at your arm. You knew she was bothered by even questioning it. You felt her grip tighten sharply under your arm at the mere mention of them. Yet her finger on the other hand continued to be as gentle as a feather.
“Are you going to ever tell me what’s going on? Why you took some of my hair? Why Alec had his?”
“Maybe one day.” Jane said letting go of your arm as she moved her finger away from your wound. 
“Jane please don’t kill them.” You whispered.
Jane took your head into her hands making you look at her. “I can’t promise you that, you don’t fully understand what they did and why- what they intended. We need you safe, (Y/N). That’s all we care about.” She whispered the last sentence. Her eyes flickered from your eyes, to your lips and back up to your eyes. She leaned in, her cool lips meeting yours.

It wasn’t often that you got kisses from either twin. Jane was even less likely than Alec. You knew she must have had genuine concern if she felt the need to express herself through affection. It was a rarity- special even. Jane was more insecure than Alec when kissing you. If you didn’t react quick enough, it would scare her off and she’s pretend the kiss never happened. Alec on the other hand was very relaxed, he didn’t seem to care if you kissed him back or not. He knew your feelings for him. The only time it bothered him was if you were angry with him. Neither twin could stand it when you were cold with them.

You quickly put each hand on Jane’s neck, assuring her it was okay. She slowly pulled away before planting a kiss to your forehead. You quickly grabbed her wrist before she could entirely step away from you and she laughed softly and quietly. You always wanted affection for comfort in uneasy situations. She found it sweet, cute even. She could tolerate it for now, no one else was around.

Vladimir growled as Alec slowly moved into the kitchen.
“Where are they!?” Vladimir demanded.
“You see the Volturi as cruel, haven’t you looked at yourself?” Alec asked.
“Where. Are. They?”
Alec didn’t reply, he leaned against the counter, both hands propped behind him in fists.
“You were stupid to think you could take them from us. You were stupid to believe we would let you.” A smile grew on Alec’s face, he looked unstable. “We really would do anything to keep them.” He laughed quietly. He moved a hand in front of him and Vladimir gasped. Alec’s hand was bloodied. Blotches of blood covering his porcelain hand. Opening his palm, Vladimir could confirm that hair that resembled your own was in his hand. Your scent travelled to his nostrils within moments.
“What have you done? What did you do!?” Vladimir took a step forward, eyes wide and staring at Alec’s hand.
“Can you feel it yet?” Alec asked. “Do you feel the dull, aching pain of (Y/N) being ripped away from you? Knowing you’ll never get them back? Can you even begin to understand it?”
“Enough!” Vladimir yelled. “How did you get that!?”
“It came out…I grabbed their hair too hard.”
“So they wouldn’t feel any pain. They wouldn’t stop struggling.”
“You…” Vladimir said slowly. “You wouldn’t. You wouldn’t have.” He refused to believe neither Alec or Jane would kill you.
Alec looked down at the bundle of hair and spread it out with his thumb, your scent becoming slightly more prominent. His lack of response told Vladimir otherwise. Alec put the hair on the counter before smudging the blood from his fingers with his thumb and fingers.

Vladimir inhaled, it was like time had slowed to a stop. He couldn’t stop himself as he lunged at Alec, grabbing his by the throat and hauling him to the wall behind him. Alec countered by grabbing one of Vladimirs arms and his throat.
“You believe I would.” He laughed. “You believe i could. You believe i could hurt my (Y/N).”
“But… you…” Vladimir couldnt muster the words. Hadn’t he just said? The blood…the hair?
“Where did you get that?” Vladimir growled looking at the hair.
“We cut it. Some of it is mine.”Alec grinned.
“The blood…”
“They had cut their arm when I took them from Jane.”
“The smell!”
“They smell like me, Vladimir.” Alec shoved Vladimir off him. “Do you get it now? They’re mine. They’re Jane’s. They spend every day with us. They smell like us.”
Vladimir pulled at his hair. “You made me think-” He clenched his eyes shut.
“We made you feel what we felt, when you tried to take them from us.” Alec’s light-hearted tone turned sinister, a scowl graced his features like a spoiled child would, “Here’s what you’re going to do. You and your miserable coven mate are going to leave. You will never contact (Y/N) again. You’re lucky to be getting out of this with your existence. I will only allow it once - out of respect for (Y/N), because they care for you.”

The Duplicates have Interesting Moments (Volturi)

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A loud clang erupted from the kitchen and Ar went into the kitchen to find Mar, clinging to the rack attached to the ceiling holding the pots and pans. She then looked to the side to see Cai holding a bowl in her hand, totally ignoring the other two duplicates.
“Cai…are you cooking?” Ar said tilting her head with wide eyes.
Cai didn’t respond as per usual and continued to place the bowl on the counter and toss in a lot of flour and a few eggs, then water. 

Ar moved closer and jumped when Mar came crashing down beside her. Mar quickly stood flicking her long, messy brown hair to the side. Cai looked down at the bowls contents in confusion. Apparently it look the way she wanted it to.

Mar moved slowly and quietly to Cai’s side pulling open a drawer and grabbing a wooden spoon before poking Cai with it. Cai blinked slapping the spoon away before taking the spoon from her friend. She looked at it then at Mar before proceeding to stab the bowl repeatedly with the spoon. Mar hurriedly shook her head, covering Cai’s hand on the spoon and made a stirring motion.
Oh.” Cai said mouthed before nodding. 
Ar joined her two best friends as Mar let go and leapt onto the counter, meekly tapping at the hob of the stove. 

After a few minutes Cai abruptly stopped stirring staring into the distance. Ar looked in that direction before looking back at her friend.
“I don’t eat.” Cai said abruptly with a blank look.
Ar and Mar looked at their friend expectantly and Cai quickly moved out the kitchen. 

A few minutes later she had a fistful of dirty blonde hair and Dee was flailing under her grip. She pushed Dee’s head into the bowl and Dee pushed back, pulling away from the bowl.
“What in the world are you all doing?Cai…Cai, Dee only eats chocolate?” You said slowly. Cai seemed to slowly process this before she huffed in frustration tossing Dem to the side who quickly ran out the room.

The Fun Process of Imprinting

“You coming Y/N?” One of your brothers yells at you.

Rolling your eyes, you say goodbye to your friends and turn around. Your third oldest brother smiled as you made your way over to him and the rest of your siblings.

“You guys are really impatient, you know that right?” You tease Emmett, softly slugging his arm. His wife, rather, one of your sisters, grabbed you by the hand and led you into the car.

“Carlisle wants to see us right away. Esme called us and said it was an emergency.”

Your eyebrows immediately scrunch together as you pile into the family’s car. Alice starts up the vehicle as the rest of you try not to worry about what your father wanted to talk to you guys about.

“It’s probably nothing,” Jasper tried to soothe you. 

Your emotions were coming off strong as you tried suppressing your fear. He leaned across Emmett (Both of your sisters sat in the front as Rosalie called shotgun!) and took your hand in his.

Despite him having problems with blood and humans, your brother taught himself to familiarize your scent ever since you were a child. It didn’t affect him as bad as Bella did or the others did.

Seeing that you were still stressing out, Jasper began to manipulate your emotions until you felt calmer. Sending him a smile, you nod your head in thanks.

“Let’s see how much trouble we’re in now,” Emmett muttered as Alice pulled into the driveway of the house.

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