The Woman in Black

Saw the Woman in Black last night. (SPOILERS)

So I entered the theatre in a great mood, got my scarf around my neck just in case I need to hide my face during the movie. Previews started and all was well, then started the movie.

So at first I saw Daniel Radcliffe.

I was totally thinking, “Look at how far our boy has gone. Here he is, doing films other than Harry Potter and stuff. Look at how’s he’s grown.”

Then he was in the house, and a pipe gushed out a bunch of mucky water. It totally started the crap out of me.

Then it got a bit scarier. Some kids started dying, then it showed a little birdie on the ground of the fireplace who just hatched. It looked sad. :( Then a crow popped out and I was like “AAAAAAASAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH”. But it was OK.
Then I saw… THE WOMAN IN BLACK. DUN DUN DUUUUUNNN. She was so creepy.

But anyway, she came later and she was doing her crazy stuff. You know, popping out and screaming. But this one part scared the living crap out of me. This rocking chair started rocking back and forth, baaaack and forth. Then when Arthur (Dan’s character) approached the chair, it stopped rocking. Then you see the Woman hanging herself and she’s flipping out and stuff.

And another part she was standing in the room with him, and she started screaming a ran forward to him. I started hiding behind my scarf like the sissy I am. He returns her dead son’s body that wasn’t recovered before from the marshes, thinking it would get rid of her, but he killed Arthur and his son with a train. Then it zoomed into her face slowly… then BAM! She looks right at you!
But overall, I liked that movie. I totally recommend it!