Anonymous said:Could you please write Imagine the Lost boys protecting their mate from another vampire. I don’t know If you would want to seperate these into diffrent imagines to make them a little longer or what. Also thank you for making so many great imagines. Love ya

A/N: I would love to write this imagine for you, anon. I’m glad that you requested a The Lost Boys imagine! I’ll be separating these to make it easier to read, if that’s okay. I’m going to put this in their point of views; So I hope that you don’t mind. You’re very welcome, it is honestly my pleasure. Enjoy, anon!

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Imagine: The Lost Boys protecting each of their mates, - you-, from another vampire.


Her thoughts bubbled vulnerably within my own mind, causing my eyes to snap instantaneously towards her figure as she swallowed thickly. My stature became rigid as his scent wafted bitterly up my nostrils, his immortal scent causing something within me to lurch forward, almost baring my fangs, but I had to keep myself under control before these ridiculous human beings noticed a thing. (Y/N) was different, she may have been human, but she was more than a pet to me. She was my soul mate, my mate and I was looking to turn her some time soon.

My body found itself effortlessly off of my motorbike and before the vampire, with (Y/N) behind me. “Is there some sort of problem?” my smile is overly friendly, my eyes blazing bitterly at the immortal offender that attempted to pick up my mate.

“Just looking for a snack.” the male speaks, grinning, showing off his pearly white fangs.

A laugh escapes my lips, icy and deadly ominous at the exact same moment. “You seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t have patience for by passers who try eating my mate.” I growl lowly, threateningly, my words plucked carefully to give a serenely sadistic atmosphere.

The vampire tenses for but of a millisecond before grinning much more friendlier than I would have imagined. “Is that so? You plan to make your human pet a meal any time soon? If not that seems to be a bit of a waste don’t you think?” he tilts his head, his icy green eyes baring into mine boldly.

This only makes my intentions more implacably gruesome for this man. “It’s not waste.” I spit, bunching up his jacket’s collar and driving him forward with my immortal strength. “You keep your filthy self away from her or we’ll have a devastating problem on our hands. Do you copy what I’m saying or would you care for a demonstration? My boys wouldn’t mind giving you a taste of what I’ll have in store for you if you ever step foot near her again.” I hiss at him, causing (Y/N) to tremor behind me.

By the look upon his inhumanely gorgeous and handsome face, I imagined that he found my threat a mere threat and no promise. “I’m pondering whether to end you here before all these people or to end you when you least expect it. Take my threat as a promise. My names David, possibly you might have heard of me?” I grin notoriously to see the perpetuate fright filter through his pupils and spread his eyes to wide trembling orbs. “Good, I’m glad that we’re on the same page.” I loosen my grip upon him, flattening out his coat collar. “Now run along and enjoy the rest of this city. But remember…” I trail off, grinning menacingly at him as I back away with my mate beneath my arm. “If you come near her, even decide to play mind tricks and lure her out, I promise you that this will be your last night of your mundane immortal life.” I spit out so sourly that he flinched before I turned around, guiding (Y/N) towards my bike.

“You’re alright?” I give her an incredulous look. As she nods, silence shutting her lips out of habit. I grin. “No need to be scared. I only bite when provoked.” I winked as I help her onto the back of my motorcycle.


My heart hammered within my frail chest, beating and bashing upon the fragile bone until it caused me agony. I gulp obviously, stepping forward towards the four rows of motorbikes and the immortal men that sat upon them. ‘Turn around.’ the voice repeats hypnotically within my mind, causing my boyfriend Paul to cock an eyebrow within confusion.

My mouth is agape, my feet trailing to the dark alleyway squashed in between the two buildings, those orange eyes almost glowing within the darkness. I felt my blood run cold, my knees wobbling but my legs had a mind of their own. ‘Don’t cry for help. Just come here.’ the voice is much more impatient, calling and hissing for me to approach the glowing orange eyes within the darkness.

My legs nearly caved beneath me if the familiar hand had not wrenched me back, a growl baring through his pearly white teeth as I was forced behind him. “You’re insane. Trudging on someone else’s territory.” he mutters, barely audibly towards the alley way. “Alone you’re no threat.” he murmurs, smirking. “But I’m your biggest threat.” Paul winks to the figure that is feeble, starved from blood as it watches him, it’s skin papery dry, parched even. It’s eyes piercing through Paul and towards me.

“She smells delicious. Wouldn’t it be a shame if I sunk my teeth into her little throat? Her screams muffled and gargled by her own blood?” it sneers, leaning against the wall for support.

“You can try.” Paul grins, pulling you into the open. “You’ll get one step and I’ll end you.” and his fangs protrude menacingly, the growl fleeing from his lips causes goose flesh to speckle across my skin, causing me to shiver which only made him smirk even more implacably. “Your mind games are weak and so are you.” Paul steps forward daringly and the figure vanishes a little sloppy for a vampire.

Paul runs his pink tongue across his blindingly white fangs, causing them to shrink substantially before he peers down at me. “Scared?” he teases, sniggering at me like he always does, which causes me to roll my eyes.

“You’re unbelievable, Paul.” I sigh.

“Thank you!” he grins a little high, chuckling from the weed he had been smoking before he takes a final bow.

“Just take me home.” I grunt in annoyance.

“No problemo, baby.” he winks at me.


My brooding hawk-like eyes capture her sexy figure instantaneously, an unusual smirk fluttering upon my face as her hips swing, her body getting closer and closer towards myself. Her eyes trail the opening upon my jacket, her lips parting for her tongue to run over them as though she saw something incredibly delicious. I smirk a little wider, my eyes locked hypnotically upon her own. She was a sight to take in.

But her travelling stops as the frosty hand captures her upper arm, steering her towards it. He grins down at my mate, (Y/N), and something angers me, causes my brooding thoughts to sputter and increase as I force myself off of my bike. Paul sniggers, patting my back encouragingly, Marko smirking with David. I knew what they were thinking. I could hear it. ‘Weak for his girl.’, ‘Dramatic and brooding as always.’. It was almost humorous to them, but they all would do the exact same thing if a vampire attempted to snatch their own mate.

I find my stature towers and completely over powers the vampire, my shadow encasing it nearly. It looks up, eyes blaring before it notices me. It’s stench sickens me, causes my chest to puff up as my eyes float to where it’s hand wraps in an iron tight grasp upon my mates upper arm. It’s hand snatches away abruptly, as though it had been burnt and lit aflame by the hot sun. My hawk-like eyes causing clear vivid discomfort for the immortal man. “Problem?” my voice is strong, though I rarely ever speak, very dominating as I stare it down, clearing frightening the feeble creature before me.

One step towards it and it vanishes promptly, leaving it’s sickening stench within my nostrils. I look back at (Y/N). My eyes speaking for myself and she nods, rubbing the bruised hand mark upon her upper arm. I pull her arm closer and examined it, vowing to find the creature and end it.


My jaw almost hit the ground with a clunk. My eyes were wide as I took in the figure a few feet before me on the sand. My eyes getting lost upon it’s body as a gasp flees from my lips as it flashes it’s pearly white teeth at me. “You like what you see, beautiful?” he winks and I almost faint in that very spot.

My reply does not even get to be thought up in my head before sand is kicked up on my feet, a familiar presence suddenly beside me. Marko stands there, his domineer no longer chirpy and more approachable than his fellow lost boys. He was eerily dominant and threatening. His feet moving forward before I am able to grab a hold of his hand and pull him back. “I think it might be in your best interests to leave.” David’s voice speaks for Marko as he huffs and puffs, becoming a ticking time bomb that is ready to explode.

“And why is that? She’s a human.” he grins.

“Yeah, and?” Marko growls.

“So she’s a meal, not a pet.” he spits out, glowering down at Marko.

“It really is in your best interests to leave the girl alone. My friend,” David’s eyes float to Marko, “ isn’t keen on you being around his mate and I’d rather not clear up any messes tonight.” David yawns, clearly uninterested.

“M-mess? What mess?” confusion crackles fearfully from the offending vampires lips.

“You, buddy. If you don’t get away from her.” Marko spits venom directly at the offending mortal man, causing him to flinch.

“My apologies.” he says, giving one last glance over at you before vanishing. He vanished all too quickly for Marko to grab him and pelt him to a pulp.

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