🌚♌ Witchy things to do during this New Moon in Leo tonight through the next 24-48hours) ♌🌚

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the cards are so hilarious I swear! I must have been taking too long shuffling cause Ms. Lunar Queen decided to flip and fling herself right out of the deck! I was going to draw a card for the New Moon and how perfect is this???? 😍 the universe and the cards continue to amaze me - reading post coming soon! #newmoon #readings #oracle #isisoracle

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Super New Moon 🌑Gemini ♊️ Healing 💆🏻 Magick 🔮Ritual 👇🏽
Under the influence of this Super New Moon, it seems that the cosmos is very strongly guiding us to heal our energy, our emotions & even our physical bodies.
Under the May 2017 Super New Moon in Gemini, we are being guided to heal ourselves on all levels. To heal any anxieties, energy blockages, stresses, symptoms, diseases, twitches, aches & pains; whatever may be presenting on our bodies right now, the time has come for healing.
Healing can happen on many different levels, but the focus for this ritual will be healing the energetic body. Along with this ritual, use the rest of this lunar cycle to really look after yourself, practice clean eating, sleep, rest, exercise & really listen to your body.
New Moon : The dark of the moon, when the moon is invisible, is the most affective for casting spells concerning New Beginnings, & the launch of new projects. It is generally a time for taking new paths & making fresh plans established on the basis of past experiences. The influence of the New moon can also boost ambitions & careers, so it is a productive time for sowing the seeds of success. During the New moon, money spells & work spells stand a better chance of being fulfilled than at other times. It is generally a good time for spending money & speculating with a view towards the future. Those who have experienced problems should take advantage of the valuable time.
Astrological Sign : Gemini ♊️ the Heavenly Twins: 22 May – 21 June. Color: yellow or pale grey. A mutable Air sign for spells concerning communication, learning, choices, adaptability & short-distance travel.
Day: Thursday
Planet: Mercury
Conjuring: business, logic, social matters, political power, material wealth, publishing, education, long-distance travel, religion, philosophy, broadcasting, publicity, expansion, luck, growth, the law, doctors, guardians, psychologists, charity, self-improvement, researching, reading,
Gemini Super Moon Ritual for Healing 
* Blue or white crystal of your choice (Aqua Aura Quartz is a good choice)
* Sage, palo santo or incense (for smudging)
* Candle (white preferably)
* Paper & pen
1.) Before you begin your ritual, smudge your aura & your surroundings.
2.) Light your candle & hold your crystal in your non-dominant hand. Take 3-5 deep breaths to center & ground your energy for the ritual.
3.) With your pen & paper, you are going to start writing down messages from your body. The trick with this is to really let yourself relax & go with the flow of what comes out as you are writing. Try not to censor or judge yourself, just give yourself permission to write whatever comes to your mind. Trust that whatever is written will have some meaning for you.
Questions to guide you to the wisdom of your body:
a.) Dear body, how would you like to feel?
b.) Dear body, what can I do to help you feel this way?
(If you have any current ailments, or feelings of anxiety you can even try talking directly to them. It sounds weird, but it can be quite enlightening. Again, you will have to trust the answers that flow. Try to just write your answers or feelings without judgement.)
4.) Once you have communicated with your body, take your crystal & place it over your ♥️. You can lie down or you can simply hold the crystal to your ♥️.
5.) Close your 👀 & visualize the healing rays of the crystal going into your body in order to heal & nourish it. Breathe in & out deeply as you do this. Give thanks to your body.
6.) Once you feel the crystal is activated, begin visualizing a blue light around your entire body. See the blue light surrounding your body & moving through your body. Feel the blue light healing your entire body. As you feel the blue light, keep breathing deeply.
7.) Once you can clearly see the blue light, recite this mantra or one that you have written for yourself. Say the mantra 3 x

“I am healed. Healing light surrounds me. I am a Divine being with the amazing power to heal my mind, body, ♥️ & Spirit. I know healing energy surrounds me now & forever more. I am healed. I am blessed. I am a miracle.”

8.) After reciting the mantra 3 times, you can open your eyes & close the ritual. Snuff out the candle & keep the crystal with you for the next few days.

After doing this ritual, try to stay open to the messages that your body is sending you & try to check in, to ensure that you are taking care of yourself.

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                                        I sat alone, in bed ‘til the morning
                                      I’m crying, “They’re coming for me.”
                                And I tried to hold these secrets inside me
                                        My mind’s like a deadly disease

NEW 🌿🌑🌿 MOON update

Inhale • Exhale
Gemini Sun ☀️
Gemini Super Moon 🌑

New moon [in gemini]: May 25th
good for: Communication ~ Throat Chakra + viewing our thoughts differently

New moon Archetype: Sage

The Gemini lunation is sending out a powerful reminder tonight for us to communicate better with ourselves & each other, observing thoughts (positive + negative), and to learn to appreciate how much more effective considering different perspectives can make us.
We might also work on understanding when to lead, and when to sit down and let someone who is more qualified lead.

Gemini energy is very “thought” + “throat” driven.
• Be quiet tonight Gemini
• Relax your mind tonight Gemini
You are not your thoughts, you are simply the observer of your thoughts.

I’m sending out a special reminder to my fellow air rulers to ground themselves during this super charged moon tonight. When we are too guided by the air/wind we often feel scattered and uncentered.


Inhale • Exhale

Does It feels as though you’ve been far away from yourself, lately? Are you constantly picking at yourself until you don’t have anything left to say? • Learn to take control of that lion voice again. With all of its working parts, you will be growing into yourself once more.

Gemini ~ She who is the vanishing pixie belle, who acts as a golden herald transmitting messages of angels to humans, she who transforms in the blink of an eye to read the thoughts of the sky.

♊️👯‍♂️🔮Gemini Aesthetics 🔮👯♊️
Deities ~Hermes, Mercury, Castor and Pollux, Loki, Freyr, Freyja, Apollo and Artemis
Stones ~Agate, Citrine, + Tiger’s eye
Metal ~Mercury
Plants ~Lily of the Valley + lavender
Animals ~Horse, Magpie + Butterfly
Tarot ~The Magician
Scents ~Jasmine & Sandalwood
Food ~ oxygenating
Colors ~White, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue
Sounds ~852 Hz Binaural Beat -Mercury-
Anatomy ~Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Lungs

Sit with yourself and feel into your being. The super moon only magnifies the need to peer into the darkness and see what is ready to be cleared.

✵ New moon blessings all around

Art: souls by Jasric
Super New Moon in Gemini on Thursday, May 25 @ 3:44PM (EST) 🌕♊️✨

a Super Moon is the phenomenon where a New/Full Moon makes its closest orbit approach to Earth on its elliptical orbit.

New Moons represent a brand new cycle, a clean page, fresh beginnings, positive changes, hope, and ambitions.

New Moons are the best times to set new intentions and plant seeds for the future.

during and around the time of the New Moon, it is recommended that you rest, dream, and nurture your creative side.

this Super Moon in Gemini brings us the lesson of self-reflection through the countless mirrors of external form.

Gemini says to honor your knowing, learn from your mirrored reflections and create pathways by thinking new thoughts arising from within.

Affirmations for
• I welcome transformation.

• I welcome growth.

• I welcome abundance.

• I know what I need.

• I am ready.


New moon vibes! 🌑
Happy new moon folks! I love when a new moon comes around, I feel more energised and jolly.
A new moon is a time to rid your life from negative energy. Ask for things that are troubling you, to be taken away.
This is a time for letting go and renewal.
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Different Kisses (Embry Call)

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“Are you sure your going to be fine all by yourself” Esme spoke out from the door “Mum I’ll be fine I promise nothing stupid, look I cross my heart and hope for pigs to fly” I said while doing the notion. 

“Alright” Esme said my brothers came in quickly and gave me hugs and forehead kisses saying to behave while I rolled my eyes. My sisters gave me a knowing look they knew of my little plan as they were the one’s to get them out of the house and for them I am very thankful.

My parents came next hugging me and saying ‘I Love You’s’ they walked out the door and got in their cars leaving me to my plans. I looked down at the clock on the wall counting the minutes till I knew they were out of ear shot. I waited patiently tapping my foot at an uncoordinated rhythm I bit my thumb nail anxiety getting the best of me till it struck.

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Persephone New Moon

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Taurus New Moon

Taurus sun 🌞
Taurus Moon 🌑

Taurus ♡: The sacred earth priestess, they who move with the seasons, entangle in vines, and sing the song of birds, they who love, protect and emanate the earth and its beauty

Where are you safe in life?
Where do you feel unsafe?
Do you feel grounded and safe in you life in general?

Yang = Act, Do
Instinct, force, intention, initiation, renewal, projection, will, wishes, new ideas, birth, spontaneity, risk, hope, impulse, inspiration, beginnings. This is a time for brainstorming and starting new projects, but resist the urge to jump in head-first because this phase can be dark & murky – it is the very beginning of the cycle and there’s likely to be truths that have not yet been illuminated. Instead of wasting your energy on potential accidents or mistakes, channel it into plans & desires that you can follow through with at a more appropriate time.

The Taurus New Moon calls for you to reconnect to earth, and remember that you hold balance in all areas of your life.

Ritual for tonight’s new moon: Walk barefoot on the Mother, placing one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Gently hum to yourself three times. Call out your name and the women of your mothers line ending with Mother Earth, for example: I am Jedaya, daughter of Angliea, daughter of Jonell, daughter of Florence Pearl, daughter of the Earth. (If you are Man-human just replace daughter for son of ____) open your arms to the sky above you, feel the ground below you with your hands. Anoint your feet with essential oils, the left for the Mother Mary, the right for the Heavenly Father ✨call down a blessing before you, behind you, within and around you. Meditate/ yoga
Journal prompt:
•What do you need most in your life right now?
•Ask your heart, what is one specific, achievable thing you can do to bring more of _____ into your life?

End your night with a relaxing playlist, tea, and a ritual bath.

Lunar LOVE 

☾ Luna Nueva en Aries ♈ - Nacimiento Energético

Hoy 27 de Marzo, el Sol y la Luna formarán una conjunción en el grado 7° 51´de Aries, formando la Luna Nueva del mes. Aries es un signo de Fuego, de energía cardinal y polaridad activa; la Luna, regente de Cáncer, es una arquetipo femenino, conectado a la imagen de la madre, lo femenino, nuestro lado receptivo y emocional. Las personas que nacen con Luna en Aries, suelen ser un tanto rudas o poco demostrativas de sus afectos de manera sutil o delicada, suelen ser más intensas y a veces un tanto rudas; sin embargo, hoy que es la Luna Nueva en Aries, esta influencia llega para todos los humanos, orientándonos a actuar de manera más independiente y autoafirmada. Veamos con mayor detalle que nos trae esta Luna Nueva.

Las características más positivas de Aries, son su vitalidad, valentía, seguridad e independencia personal, como en cada Luna Nueva, el Sol, la Luna y la Tierra están alineadas, formando un portal energético para que los humanos podamos recibir la luz directamente de la Gran Fuente, sería ideal, meditar y decretar frases relacionadas a estas características. Esta Luna Nueva, indistintamente nuestros signo solares, lunares o ascendentes, nos motiva a ser más independientes, mostrarnos más fuertes y a empezar nuevos caminos. La naturaleza cardinal de Aries, nos recuerda la fuerza del arquetipo del guerrero, aquel arquetipo que yace en la psiquis de todos los humanos. La Luna Nueva en Aries, nos invita a tomar acción, Piscis, signo anterior de la rueda zodiacal, poseer una energía mas receptiva, suave y sutil, con la Luna Nueva en Piscis, soñamos, idealizamos y visualizamos nuestros sueños; ahora con la Luna Nueva en Aries, el Universo nos invita a tomar acción.  Marte, planeta regente de Aries, está en Tauro – signo de Tierra de energía fija – señalando que todas  las acciones que empecemos hoy o esta semana, tendrán un objetivo claro, que a mediano plazo nos podrías generar satisfacciones económicas o materiales.

Esta Luna Nueva en Aries, formará conjunciones con Venus retrógrado, Mercurio y Urano. Por la conjunción con Venus retrógrado, veamos lo importante de meditar y reconocer los patrones psicoafectivos que se activan al momento de relacionarnos. Sabemos que con venus retrógrado, aparecer amores del pasado, que no solo incluyen los de esta vida, también podrías aparecer personajes de reencarnaciones anteriores. Igual con Venus retrógrado es mejor evitar empezar relaciones, formalizar compromisos o realizar matrimonios. Esta Luna Nueva en Aries en conjunción a Venus retrógrado, quiere que tomemos conciencia de las emociones que nos movilizan, especialmente aquellas más intensas que podrían manifestarse como comportamientos impulsivos o respuestas reactivas. Por su lado, Mercurio en Aries en conjunción a la Luna Nueva, nos puede sembrar ciertos interés académico o intelectual, puede que durante estos veintinueve días – hasta la siguiente Luna Nueva – despierte en nosotros una  mayor necesidad de entender o comprender verdades universales, Mercurio en conjunción a Urano y la Luna, optimizarán esta influencia, especialmente en personas con Sol, Luna o Ascendente natal en signos de Fuego: Aries, Leo o Sagitario.

Buenas vibras!


Happy New Moon in Taurus! ☺✌🏼

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Dommed To Fate

“If someone had told me years ago that Sam wasn’t the one for me, that instead a bloodsucker from a royally evil coven was, I would of ripped their throat out. I still want to.” Leah said as her eyes stayed looking forward, an angry expression on her face.

Jacob nodded absent mindedly as he sighed.

“I didn’t think I’d imprint on Bella’s kid either. Fate has a strange way of pushing people together.” Jacob replied.

He smiled softly as he thought of Renesmee.

“How do I accept this? I mean he’s a bloodsucker. Of all the people in the world, why him? Why a leech?” Leah grew more frustrated even more than before.

She gave a soft groan as she thought back.

“I know I said I’d give anything to imprint on someone else, to get rid of what Sam did, but this…” Leah’s voice soften after each word, almost as if she was about to cry.

“Have I done something so horrible in the past that I deserve this…?” Leah asked, partly to Jacob, but mostly to herself.

“You’re taking this the wrong way. An imprinter is the perfect match for an imprintee. There’s a reason Bella and I never worked out, that’s clear to me now. So maybe with him, there’s a reason you and Sam didn’t work out. Sam found that reason with Emily. It’s your turn to find that reason.” Jacob finished his little speech.

He smiled softly at Leah before turning around and walking towards the Cullen’s house.

Leah stayed quiet as she thought over Jacob’s words.


Good or no? Should I keep going?

By the way, this is just a little part of what would happen, not really chapter 1.



The Power Within: New Moon in Taurus

How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?         –Tony Robbins

The New Moon in Taurus today represents a new beginning in some area of our lives. This time around, the New Moon is ripe with advantages that can not only help us gain a strong and grounded sense of purpose in the world, but also facilitates change, action and progress after a time of being stalled. With energy as potent as this, we can find ourselves in the middle of a groundbreaking shift that shows us the potential we possess. The resources both within us and around us are powerful now to put something into action we have been waiting for, for a rather long time.

This new beginning is in the sign of Taurus, the sign that inherently knows that people with limitless determination always have enough talent to succeed. Sure, everyone must overcome hurdles and setbacks in life. Challenges can often seem overwhelming and impossible, but what separates the successful is their resilience and confidence, not talent. Some call it backbone. It’s also known as mental toughness.

Are you mentally tough? Do you have emotional intelligence? Are you conscious and capable of shifting your emotions, rather than letting them control you? Are you willing to go the distance in spite of the difficulties, obstacles and seeming insurmountable opposition? Are you willing to show up as persevering and resilient because the outcome matters?

Because that is what we need right now.

And here is the kicker: You were made for this, no matter what anyone else tells you. You were born to do it. The challenge, that thing that seems like it is in the way, is the way.

So stop complaining, procrastinating and wondering if you have what it takes. You have what it takes. Believe in yourself. Even if no one else does. This is not about being perfect,  it’s about resolve. You know your strengths, and you know your weaknesses. No one has to tell you what you already know. What you need is a boundary. A boundary is when you draw a line in the sand and state what your behavior is going to be, what you will allow and won’t allow.

Life’s pleasures include making progress, learning and growing, creation, ever evolving and building things. The muscling building that accompanies facing challenges and subsequent growth is part of our happiness makeup. To be happy is to be in motion, going somewhere, feeling freedom, as opposed to feeling stuck and overwhelmed. The difference between freedom and stuck is mindset.

Will you dig deep for the mental toughness to make progress, no matter how slow? Will you put one foot in front of the other and keep moving no matter what? Will you take the bull by the horns and make it happen?

Today’s triad: Commitment. Confidence. Compassion.