it doesn’t matter if you have sex with a stranger or sex with your best friend. it doesn’t matter if you have sex two weeks in to a relationship or two years in. it doesn’t matter if you have sex with a girl, or a boy, or both. all that matters is that it’s consensual.



If there’s any of you out there studying history* and you feel like you’re drowning amongst all the content you need to learn, here’s something that’s making my studying a lot easier and more efficient. 

Split your course into small sections and limit yourself to one A3 paper (this cuts out any unnecessary waffle and textbook parroting), make sure you theme your notes and once you’ve finished writing them you can go over one sheet per day and it’s far less intimidating than reading through 200 pages of notes :)

*I’m sure this would work for other subjects too

Stories from my Grandma

Back in the olden times, my grandparents neighbor was a witch. She was a nice witch. She would help people with there problems. She was old and needed help getting around. She made a deal with my grandma to give her 2 eggs a day if my dad would help her getting things done on her land on home. My dad loved eggs. One day she told my dad to get the two eggs on his way back home. He took 3. The next day the lady asked my dad how many eggs he took. He said 2. She asked him again. He said two. She smiled and told him youll never eat eggs again and went on doing her thing. My dad cant even touch eggs without getting a nasty rash since that day.
This is just one of my grandmas stories about this magical lady. She used to tell us these stories when we would go vist here in the old country. My grandma herself could talk to snakes and scorpions. I know, it sounds crazy. But i saw it and heard it first hand.

More to come later.