if you’re a democratic republic, you are valid.
if you’re a theocratic autocracy, you are valid.
if you’re a feudal state, you are valid.
if you’re a military junta, you are valid.
if you’re withering away to give way to a classless society, you are valid.

whatever your government structure, your sovereignty is legitimate and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise ❤︎


Ichiruki. 125 words. What unconsciously lingers in Ichigo’s memory from his black-out after losing his powers. 

There are gaps in his memory. Entire weeks blotted out by pain and loss of strength– and a reverse flow of time– that he cannot regain.

When he thinks back on that time he lay unconscious for four weeks, he remembers something, consistently. Again, and again–

A perfume. Familiar, a scent that transports him to a happy place, to a place before she disappeared–

The first rain hits suddenly, and then he understands, when the returning scorch dries the drops off the leaves–

Petrichor. Rain and sunshine.

He’s surprised it’s not the scent of snow– but then, she has never been cold to him– and he smiles, despite himself.

She was by your side the whole time, Kurosaki-kun, Inoue tells him several months after.