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if you'd be open to do it, what are your headaconans (all!) For a one, lovely redhead, George Weasley ?

okay, so i love thinking about how the twins are different. people try to morph them into one person, but i think other than their humor and ingenious minds, they are actually pretty different people. i’m all for doing this.

  • i imagine that george is the romantic.
  • he is the secret and very sensitive sap who easily gets his feelings hurt.
  • but he hides it with his humor, and really, only fred and ginny ever saw that side of him before the war. 
  • he had no idea ginny saw it.
  • but she did. 
  • he was the type that would cry if a puppy were to die in front of his eyes.
  • or when he was younger and was teased, he would run away from everyone to go and cry with only fred around.
  • he wouldn’t show people this side of him, because george was the type to want to keep this all private.
  • but after the war - without fred to confide in and show his true self to anymore.
  • he turned to ginny.
  • finally, she thought.
  • ginny always knew the truth anyway, but she never brought it up.
  • i’m pretty sure most of the family truly knew, but they would never say anything.
  • it is sort of like they all truly knew percy’s nature, even though he tried to hide it behind a pompous attitude.
  • that’s the thing about the weasley kids; it wasn’t only ron that was insecure. they all had their one major insecurity.
  • for george, that was his sensitivity and his romantic nature.
  • mainly because it wasn’t as “socially acceptable” for a guy to be like that.
  • but after fred died and he opened up to ginny more - he started to embrace it, because he knew fred would have wanted him to.
  • so george started swapping romance novels with hermione.
  • and ginny and him would go to muggle theaters to see the types of movies that made you cry.
  • and george even started volunteering at st. mungos to help patients.
  • and he would use his jokes and creations from the joke shop to brighten people’s days - not only for pranks.
  • i just really love sensitive george weasley, okay. i really imagine fred sort of being opposite of him. 
  • other than their ingenious minds and humor - they were really two very different people.
  • and that was okay.
  • it’s still okay. 
Severed Forever

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by Jillian_Bowes

Albus has consistent nightmares of Scorpius. Little does he know, these nightmares have a strange parallel to history…

Words: 3554, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Okay now I want your head cannons for Draco x Neville for after the war. You've peaked my interest because why do you ship them? Why would they have gotten together? Please explain???

okay, i’m so ready to go on and on about this now. i have been thinking about this since i got this ask last night. lol.

so basically, it was just a feeling i had once i saw an edit for this ship. i just knew that it seemed right, even though it seems completely ridiculous. what i write below is basically how i think it happened.

  • so after the war, draco isolates himself for a few years - but so does neville.
  • it’s for completely different reasons though, of course. 
  • draco is getting negative attention, but neville is getting too much attention and praise for killing the snake after everyone learned how that basically ended it all.
  • neville didn’t like the “fake” attention he was now getting after he was being ignored for years for his “lack of talent.” 
  • draco didn’t like being spat at on the streets.
  • but the good thing for draco was that after pansy started dating harry and blaise started dating ginny.
  • they would invite him around a lot.
  • and just like draco had always wanted, he became friends with the golden trio and that whole bunch.
  • it made him happier - he felt wanted.
  • and they all knew his big secret - that he was gay.
  • it was one night when harry met neville for a glass of firewhiskey at the leaky cauldron.
  • neville looked nervous, but harry was so happy to see him since it had been months.
  • it wasn’t before long until neville came out to harry saying he was gay. 
  • harry comforted him saying it was no big deal, because he was bisexual - and that any sexuality was valid, and that they would all still love him anyway.
  • neville was still unsure, so harry decided that he was going to have a party at his flat to make neville feel better that upcoming saturday.
  • neville agreed to show up, and harry rushed home to tell pansy the plans.
  • he told her what neville told him (neville said he could tell pansy, of course) and his plans for a party.
  • and pansy just got that smirk.
  • the smirk he fell in love with - but also the smirk that told him she was up to something.
  • he asked her what she was thinking.
  • and she explained how draco was single, and how neville was single.
  • she was working her magic.
  • harry knew it was better not to try and argue, because pansy always made everything she wanted happen.
  • it was part of her charm.
  • so basically draco came over the friday before, and pansy told him they were setting him up with a blind date for this dinner party.
  • draco was nervous and wanted to resist, but he gave into it - because well, he was lonely, especially seeing all his friends happily together.
  • harry owled neville and told him he was setting him up with a date for the dinner party - and neville also agreed to it to harry’s surprise.
  • so basically they were all at harry’s place that saturday drinking mead and wearing fancy dress clothes.
  • blaise was in his element, and obviously so - which made ginny roll her eyes - hermione was passionately telling pansy about something she wanted her to write in the prophet for the next issue about werewolf rights- and harry and ron were standing there incredibly uncomfortable in their dress robes with draco - who was incredibly nervous.
  • he kept asking them questions about who this person was.
  • so much so, that ron eventually had to walk away so he wouldn’t give it away.
  • neville showed up last as they were all sitting at the dinner table.
  • as soon as harry led him into the room.
  • neville blushed scarlet.
  • and draco turned as pale as a sheet.
  • neville asked harry if he was joking.
  • harry said no.
  • pansy took a sip of her mead with a grin on her face and gave blaise a look across the table.
  • they all turned on music and began to ate so they could at least have some sort of private conversation.
  • everyone’s individual conversations picked up..
  • and neville sat next to draco awkwardly.
  • it was draco who first broke the silence.
  • “how have you been, longbottom?” he asked him.
  • neville was so nervous he dribbled some of his mead on his shirt.
  • he expected draco to judge him.
  • but draco just grabbed a napkin and wiped and dabbed his shirt for him.
  • neville felt his heart race as draco’s cold hand brushed against his collarbone.
  • draco avoided looking into his eyes until he did.
  • and that’s when draco truly noticed how blue neville longbottom’s eyes were.
  • and how he had matured some and had a defined jawline now.
  • and how his hair had turned from dark blonde to light brown.
  • he felt his throat turn dry.
  • he licked his lips.
  • neville noticed.
  • it wasn’t until pansy cleared her throat that they both looked up to the whole table staring at their sexual tension.
  • pansy had that smirk on her face as she casually remarked while taking harry’s hand, “well, aren’t i just always spot on?”
  • ginny playfully rolled her eyes and blaise raised his glass.
  • let’s just say that draco and neville talked a lot after that.
  • their weekly lunch dates became staying overnight at each other’s flats.
  • and they were able to forgive themselves and each other for their pasts.
  • and they both understood what it meant to not want to be noticed.
  • except by each other. 

Tina Goldstein: “NEWT,… save HIM!” 

( I found this tiny moment very impressive) 

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do you have any headcanons about Marlene McKinnon x Dorcas Meadowes? <3

  • okay so.
  • marlene has always been very open about the fact that she is a lesbian.
  • ever since she was young, she was always telling her mother that she liked girls.
  • and you know, the wizarding world did not have stigma against that.
  • so it was no big deal.
  • but dorcas meadowes was a muggle-born.
  • and her parents did not feel the same way about girls liking girls.
  • so she was quiet about it.
  • even when she arrived at hogwarts.
  • but marlene mckinnon was not shy about her crush on dorcas. 
  • she was never shy about anything.
  • marlene was as open about everything as you got. 
  • but marlene also knew that dorcas was not open about her sexuality, so she did not push anything.
  • it wasn’t until their sixth year when dorcas finally came out to her parents - to everyone.
  • her parents were not accepting, as expected, but everyone at hogwarts was.
  • and that’s all that mattered to dorcas.
  • dorcas knew of marlene’s interest in her, and dorcas was very aware of her interest in marlene.
  • marlene was her good friend.
  • but she wanted something more. 
  • so as soon as she came out and it was known, she didn’t even say a word to marlene.
  • she just walked up to her in the common room one day and kissed her.
  • and dorcas felt marlene smile into the kiss.
  • dorcas was the first to pull away.
  • and marlene was smiling down at her with rosy cheeks.
  • and oh god.
  • dorcas couldn’t get over how cute she was when she said to her..
  • “i knew this was what i was waiting for.” 

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Would you mind telling what characteristics you think the houses share between each other? (Like what traits Slytherin and Ravenclaw share, or Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, etc.)

Slytherin + Ravenclaw: They share the fact that they both value knowledge, but they value knowledge differently. Slytherins value it in a way to self-preserve and to get through life efficiently and effectively, Ravenclaws value knowledge for the sake of having new information - it doesn’t need to be relevant to help them survive. 

Slytherin + Hufflepuff: They both share that they value loyalty, but their loyalty comes from different places. Hufflepuffs are loyal to all people and traditions, whereas Slytherins are loyal to themselves and their people. Slytherins can look more selfish on the outside than Puffs, but really, they would do anything for those they love at the drop of a hat.

Slytherin + Gryffindor: They both have strong convictions and ambition. Gryffindors ambition is to do what is right and to leave a mark; Slytherins ambition can be just about anything they set their mind to. The difference is that Slytherins don’t want glory, they want success and safety. Gryffindors usually have a thirst for glory or to make some worldly impact. Slytherins ambitions don’t have to be big and about the world; they could only be about themselves.

Gryffindor + Ravenclaw: They both pride individuality in their own ways. Ravenclaws value it because they think eccentricity should be accepted, and they accept all ways of thinking. Gryffindors value individuality when it comes to beliefs and morals. The best way to navigate the world is to trust yourself, and every person is unique when it comes to their moral code.

Gryffindor + Hufflepuff: They both value justice. Hufflepuffs want justice and fairness for all people, whereas Gryffindors want justice to make sure people are punished or made aware of their wrong-doings, so it won’t happen again. They are very lawful and dutiful with different focus. Gryffindors are more about morals and ideals, whereas Hufflepuffs are more about people.

Ravenclaw + Hufflepuff: They are both accepting. Hufflepuffs are accepting because it is fair to be accepting, but Ravenclaws are accepting because they want to truly understand different perspectives and ways of life. They are both the type of people you want to go to if you want someone to listen, because they will listen before they judge.

This is based off of a mix of canon traits and @sortinghatchats system, though it is mainly off of canon traits. I tried not to get too stereotypical.