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Okay but Ginny and Blaise falling in love around Christmas would be just so wonderful.... like I need the headcanonsssss

so i got another request for blinny during their eighth year, so this is going to actually be combined for the @slytherdornet winter/holiday challenge!

  • ginny and harry broke up a few months after the war.
  • something was just missing.
  • and for awhile, it was awkward, but it eventually became like they were siblings once again.
  • ginny felt like she should feel guilty that it was that easy when she broke it off - but a part of her was relieved to have harry back in her life without all those expectations.
  • she was happy that he was going back to hogwarts with her, too, along with her brother, hermione, and all their friends.
  • maybe some normalcy would come back and be good for them - but ginny knew it would never be the same.
  • especially when she ran into blaise zabini in the hall that first night back.
  • he was taller, sleeker, more muscular.
  • her mouth went dry, and all he said was, “excuse me, ginevra.”
  • his voice was like velvet.
  • she had hated him before, so why was this leaving a mark now?
  • he plagued her dreams after that.
  • and the first few months went by quickly without any direct interaction between the two of them.
  • ginny was frustrated that she was even frustrated by that fact.
  • it wasn’t until the beginning of december when they spoke again.
  • ginny was walking back alone from hogsmeade.
  • neville and luna wanted to stay behind for a little longer, but ginny was tired.
  • and she enjoyed the walks in the snow to clear her mind.
  • she took a deep breath as she shoved her hands into her jacket pockets.
  • and she focused on how the falling snow felt when it hit her cheeks and the sound of her boots crunching against the snow.
  • ginny was an athlete - she was known to be observant of her environment - but the one time she wasn’t, she ran right into blaise zabini.
  • he was walking back to campus alone too, and he seemed to be in his own mind just as much as ginny.
  • ginny felt her cheeks flush once she realized who she had ran into.
  • she felt as tongue-tied as she used to when she was little towards harry.
  • “sorry, blaise. i-i didn’t mean to run into you.”
  • he looked down at her with a smile on his face.
  • not a smirk - but a smile.
  • ginny’s cheeks turned redder.
  • “it’s okay, ginevra. it’s the first time you’ve called me by my first name. did you notice?”
  • ginny felt flustered - her guard was down. 
  • “whatever zabini.” she replied coolly. 
  • she tried to push past him, but she felt him grab her arm.
  • “you don’t have to do that, you know,” blaise said seriously, “we’re not at war anymore.”
  • ginny was stunned by his words - she felt like he had hit her with a snowball.
  • her mouth dropped open, but it snapped shut quickly again.
  • she didn’t say a word, but he just gave her a small smile - a smile like he pitied her - and he walked away.
  • she saw him again a week later - the day before they were supposed to leave for the christmas holiday.
  • she was sitting in the snow by hogwarts lake.
  • her sweater was pulled close to her chest, and she looked out at the frozen water - she wondered what it would be like to ice skate, she had never tried it before.
  • she was startled when someone sat next to her.
  • and it was him.
  • her cheeks turned red again, and she swore at herself for making her embarrassment obvious.
  • but blaise just turned his head to face her.
  • she tried to avoid looking into his eyes - they were like melted honey. eyes shouldn’t be that beautiful - it frightened her.
  • “what are you doing for christmas break?” he asked her.
  • ginny shrugged. she didn’t want to talk, because she knew it would bring her guard down again.
  • he suddenly sighed.
  • ginevra, i told you that you don’t have to act like we are at war anymore.”
  • she huffed in response.
  • “it’s ginny.”
  • “i know, but ginevra is gorgeous, don’t you think?”
  • she turned her head so she was looking directly at him.
  • a small smile played at his lips. 
  • he was teasing her.
  • she couldn’t help but smirk slightly, but she looked away.
  • “whatever zabini.” she replied.
  • “i have to go,” he suddenly said.
  • he got up and shoved his gloved hands into his pockets.
  • before she realized she sounded desperate for his company, she asked, “why?”
  • he chuckled slightly.
  • “well, you technically have to go, too, the train is going to leave shortly.”
  • she blushed again, and as she got up, she tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.
  • “right.” she replied.
  • they walked toward the train in silence, but as they got closer, blaise grabbed her arm and stopped her.
  • you know, i wouldn’t protest if you wrote to me over break,” blaise explained, “i enjoy talking to you.”
  • “how do you know?” she asked, “we have barely talked.”
  • he smirked.
  • “i’ll be looking forward to your letter.”
  • he walked away then toward draco and pansy.
  • ginny noticed harry rubbing the back of his neck while talking to pansy parkinson.
  • ginny couldn’t help but grin - that was his nervous habit, he was liking parkinson.
  • she couldn’t wait to tease him about that later.
  • but she was still more preoccupied with blaise’s request.
  • she didn’t write to him when she get home.
  • but on christmas day, an owl came for her.
  • it didn’t have a signature, but she knew it was from him by the slanted cursive writing and the beautiful parchment.
  • his words stuck in her mind for the rest of break, but she didn’t write back. what she wanted to say to him needed to be in person.
  • “it’s time for a fresh start, wouldn’t you agree?”
  • she re-read his short message over and over again until it was permanently etched into her brain.
  • and all she could think was, yeah, i suppose it is time. 
Kinder Memories

read it on the AO3 at

by Kasket

Set in the boys 4th year at Hogwarts. On early Christmas morning, Albus and Scorpius agree to make kinder memories at Hogwarts.

Words: 1398, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Hermione headcanons for a non-magical AU? I loved the one you did for Ron so I wanted one for Hermione also please :)

thank you :) sure, i’ll do some for hermione.

  • so basically, hermione would totally be a law student at harvard.
  • this has probably done before, but this is really how i imagine it.
  • she comes over from england to the united states just to go to harvard.
  • because it had been her dream since she was a little kid.
  • she also is the type to always go to peaceful protests.
  • she is always standing up for what she believes in when it comes to individual rights, etc.
  • hermione is your typical activist.
  • and she even has a record - which is the one “flaw” she has - but she looks at it like this.
  • her record is her doing the right thing - and at the end of the day, all people that make change in the world get one these days, right
  • her favorite color would be red - and her best friend pansy would always tell her she really needed to start painting her nails, but hermione didn’t care about any of that stuff.
  • i can totally see hermione being vegan.
  • and she would always have her hair up in a messy bun on the top of her head.
  • and she clicks her pens when she is nervous.
  • she didn’t touch makeup until she got into college - and only if it had been free from animal testing.
  • she was the only person in this day that still carried around a pager.
  • and she was constantly carrying around her black water bottle that had stickers all over it - because water was just so important.
  • i mean.
  • you couldn’t talk hermione out of getting her eight cups a day.
  • she also was obsessed with ballet flats.
  • like she had them in every color.
  • and she was totally the type to wear things from thrift shops only.
  • she also volunteered constantly.
  • her resume was spotless - and there was no way she wasn’t going to be accepted into harvard.
  • she skipped two grades in school.
  • and she always had her tea loaded with sugar - some people claimed it was to keep her up all night to do homework.
  • but really, hermione just had a huge sweet tooth.
  • she was a stress eater.
  • constantly eating sweets when a test was coming up, etc.
  • i also see hermione as a runner.
  • she had to train really hard to become one, though.
  • mainly because hermione has no natural coordination.
  • hermione would just be super ambitious and hardworking.
  • work and school would be her life, in a sense.
  • until she met him.
  • and you can imagine him as whoever you want, but i guess we all know, that him is ron weasley.

Harry Potter & Pansy Parkinson - for the @slytherdornet Winter/Holiday Challenge!

Harry woke up on Christmas morning to see Pansy already awake and gazing at him lovingly. He felt his heart swell as she stroked his cheek and blushed from him noticing her gaze. It was her silent way of saying I love you.

“Merry Christmas, Potter,” she whispered softly, “Do you want to go down and open presents?”

He studied her eyes and the softness that was now behind them. Her guard was down this morning, and for that, he was grateful. This was a look she now only reserved for him. 

For once on Christmas morning, he did not want to go down and open his gifts right away. Instead, he wanted to hold her for a little while longer.

He pulled her close to his chest, and he watched as she closed her eyes. He wondered what she thought about whenever she heard his heart beating.

“Merry Christmas, Pans,” he finally answered, “Let’s just lay here for a little while longer.”

And so they did. 

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if you'd be open to do it, what are your headaconans (all!) For a one, lovely redhead, George Weasley ?

okay, so i love thinking about how the twins are different. people try to morph them into one person, but i think other than their humor and ingenious minds, they are actually pretty different people. i’m all for doing this.

  • i imagine that george is the romantic.
  • he is the secret and very sensitive sap who easily gets his feelings hurt.
  • but he hides it with his humor, and really, only fred and ginny ever saw that side of him before the war. 
  • he had no idea ginny saw it.
  • but she did. 
  • he was the type that would cry if a puppy were to die in front of his eyes.
  • or when he was younger and was teased, he would run away from everyone to go and cry with only fred around.
  • he wouldn’t show people this side of him, because george was the type to want to keep this all private.
  • but after the war - without fred to confide in and show his true self to anymore.
  • he turned to ginny.
  • finally, she thought.
  • ginny always knew the truth anyway, but she never brought it up.
  • i’m pretty sure most of the family truly knew, but they would never say anything.
  • it is sort of like they all truly knew percy’s nature, even though he tried to hide it behind a pompous attitude.
  • that’s the thing about the weasley kids; it wasn’t only ron that was insecure. they all had their one major insecurity.
  • for george, that was his sensitivity and his romantic nature.
  • mainly because it wasn’t as “socially acceptable” for a guy to be like that.
  • but after fred died and he opened up to ginny more - he started to embrace it, because he knew fred would have wanted him to.
  • so george started swapping romance novels with hermione.
  • and ginny and him would go to muggle theaters to see the types of movies that made you cry.
  • and george even started volunteering at st. mungos to help patients.
  • and he would use his jokes and creations from the joke shop to brighten people’s days - not only for pranks.
  • i just really love sensitive george weasley, okay. i really imagine fred sort of being opposite of him. 
  • other than their ingenious minds and humor - they were really two very different people.
  • and that was okay.
  • it’s still okay. 

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