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“You guys are going to get into trouble, you complete bag of idiots!” 

“McGonagall doesn’t need to know, Lysander!”

“Yeah, James and I are going to run away, bye! Tell Lorcan that I love him very much!” 

Just in that moment, Lorcan Scamander ran outside, in seach for his soon-to-be-dead girlfriend, Dominique Weasley.

Dominique and Lysander look at each other in bewilderment, before Lorcan and Dominique exchange looks. 

“Look, I love you and this is the worst timing —” 

“We need to run, Dom!” James cuts off, beginning to jog. 

“I love you, Dominique!” Lorcan yells, out of nowhere, well aware that he didn’t need to shout. This makes James freeze on his spot. After a few silent moments, James takes a glimpse at everyone’s faces and then, out of nowhere, suddenly, he sprints away. 

“This is the part where you two start snogging and I’m meant to — OK, spoke to late, bye bye.” 

James Sirius Potter and Dominique Weasley had set off firework’s in Filch’s office and Pansy Parkinson’s child had caught them, thus having them to run away. Little did she know that this was her ticket to getting an I love you from her long-term boyfriend, Lorcan Scamander. 

Taken by Lysander Scamander minutes after James and Dominique fled from the castle 

okay but the marauder’s with matching tattoos
  • could you just imagine all the boys getting tattoos of their animagus with an m incorporated in it somewhere
  • they went back to remus’ house during the summer one time and james was like, “let’s do something crazy”
  • remus humored him and asked him what he thought they should do
  • then he chimed in and said they should get tattoos
  • remus was against it at first and peter was skeptical but sirius was so excited and for it
  • james thought it could show a sign of rebellion that he wanted and wanted something on his body from the muggle world
  • they didn’t plan to make them be friendship tattoos at first
  • they were in a muggle city looking at different designs
  • it was peter’s idea that they should have something dedicated to the marauder’s
  • they all loved the idea
  • so peter got rat foot prints walking on his shoulder to create an m
  • sirius got dog paw prints and one of them had an m inside on his lower abdomen
  • james got antlers with an m in between them on his arm
  • and remus got a wolf on his back that had the other boys’ tattoos interwoven in the wolf’s fur that created an m (it’s hard to explain but you can imagine it however you want)
  • and when they got back to hogwarts for seventh year they enchanted them so as long as their friendships were alive they would be white  and would easily be hidden from their parents and other students (they wanted them to be a secret thing between them)
  • but once peter betrayed them and james died, remus and sirius’ tattoos turned black
  • this got depressing fast I’M SORRY 

anonymous asked:

do you have deamus, hinny, or romione headcanons? <3

i have headcanons for all three <3 i will keep them short though since it would be super long if i had a ton for all three in the message


  • rose was definitely like ron (super smart but didn’t care about grades) and hugo was like hermione
  • i just get this vibe hermione miscarried with her first pregnancy?? 
  • i don’t even know why like that is why rose was so special
  • hermione definitely kept her maiden name and ron was totally okay like that because “she wouldn’t be the girl he was in love with if she didn’t”
  • i feel like they got married at her parents home in australia because it was super important to her and thought it would be great to include muggle culture
  • the weasley’s were all for it 


  • holy shit ginny totally proposed to harry!!! i love this headcanon
  • and he was so taken aback because he was going to do it the next day and they were like?? 
  • but that’s totally them and they’re so cute
  • ginny was so excited when she was pregnant with james but harry was really scared like he didn’t want to do anything wrong and be a bad dad cause he didn’t have good influences
  • but ginny always reassured him and it was wonderful
  • and i imagine harry being a stay at home dad/took a break from being an auror when the kids were small?? and ginny was able to keep playing quidditch after she had her kids cause he knew how important it was to her
  • james was definitely a quiet version of ginny, lily was like her godmother, and albus was an outgoing version of harry 


  • they started noticing their friendship was more than a friendship in fourth year
  • they would stay up late at night in the common room and talk about everything possible and one night dean asked seamus about his sexuality
  • seamus always knew he was gay but was still very closeted and dean was thinking he was bisexual and wasn’t sure
  • seamus didn’t say anything so dean told him he was questioning his sexuality
  • and so dean asked if he could kiss seamus to see and he was like sure and then damn
  • they became a secret item for a long time but harry and ron were oblivious to it and neville noticed it first when he would see seamus sneak into dean’s bed at night and vice versa
  • but they always made sure they were in their own beds when everyone else woke up
  • they basically came out at the battle of hogwarts when seamus finally saw dean again and ran up to kiss him after not seeing him for so long 
  • and no one was shocked and were cool with it
  • i like to believe dean and seamus were the first to get married in their hogwarts class