honestly how was harry potter surprised by all his misfortunes after like his second year at hogwarts i mean by his fourth year when the goblet of fire spit out his name how did he not stand up and predict that was going to happen. i definitely would’ve just looked into the camera like i’m in the office and just walked outta there like nope not today i just need a five year nap let mcgonagall compete she’ll win


Miss Granger, a plain but ambitious girl, seems to be developing a taste for famous wizards. Her latest prey, sources report, is none other than the Bulgarian Bonbon Viktor Krum. No word yet on how Harry Potter is taking this latest emotional blow.

Weasley Twins Hair During GoF era appreciation post

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Can you do one where during the Triwizard Tournament it's Draco that Harry has to save instead of Ron pleaseeee? Love you and your writing btw💕

yes omg i love this, and thank you!!

(this is pretty long lol sorry)

My Writing

“Harry Potter!” Harry heard an all too familiar voice squeak.

Harry, who had fallen asleep in the library, opened his eyes to find Dobby looking at him.

“What is it, Dobby?”

“The second task starts in ten minutes, you must hurry, Harry Potter!”

“It doesn’t matter, Dobby, I don’t know how-”

“Harry Potter has to do the task! Harry Potter must save Master Malfoy!”


“They took him, Harry Potter, the person who is most important to you!”

Harry’s eyes widened at this, how could they have possibly known?

“They have Draco?!”

Dobby nodded and held out some gillyweed to Harry and then explained how it works to him.

“Thank you, Dobby!” Harry called and grabbed the gillyweed from his hand before sprinting down to the lake.

Harry made it with just a minute to spare, and he put the plant in his mouth and forced himself to chew and swallow before jumping into the water.

After the gillyweed began to work, Harry swam, searching for Draco.

He couldn’t believe that they would take him, that they would take any living person and hold them under water in hopes of the champions saving them on time. 

This bloody tournament is ridiculous, Harry thought to himself.

He ran into a few grindylows, but easily got them off of him thanks to Lupin’s lessons the previous year.

It wasn’t long until he found Draco and all the others.

Along with Draco, there was Hermione, Cho, and Gabrielle Delcour, all looking as if they were asleep and tied up with thick seaweed.

Harry wanted to save them all, but the merpeople surrounding the area informed him that he could not.

By the time he had stopped fighting with them, both Cedric and Viktor had come to save Hermione and Cho. It was clear that Fleur was not coming, so Harry quickly grabbed a rock and swam over to Gabrielle to free her. He sent her up above the water and then did the same with Draco.

By the time he was done, he could feel the gillyweed wearing off, and used Ascendio to get himself above the water.

Draco was now awake and floating in the water, and Harry swam over to him.

“Draco! Oh my god, are you okay? I’m so sorry, I didn’t know they were doing this, I didn’t-”

“I’m fine, Potter. What the hell is this about?”

Harry opened his mouth, but then quickly shut it again. He couldn’t possibly admit his feelings to Draco Malfoy, who hated him. He couldn’t tell him that the reason that they took him was because he’s the most important person to Harry.

Luckily, Harry was saved by Madam Pomfrey demanding him to get out of the water. He gladly listened, and gave Draco a fleeting, apologetic look, which was returned with a sharp glare.

Later that night, Harry couldn’t sleep. His mind wouldn’t let him think about anything besides Draco. He sighed and got out of bed.

Harry shivered when he pulled the covers off of himself. The lake was bloody freezing and Madam Pomfrey said he was lucky he didn’t have hypothermia, but that he should still try to stay warm the rest of the day. He grabbed his blanket and wrapped it around himself, leaving his invisibility cloak, and left the Gryffindor dorms to go down to the kitchens in hopes of seeing Dobby and maybe getting a mug of hot cocoa.

When Harry got down there, all the elves greeted him happily, especially Dobby, who Harry thanked several times for the gillyweed.

The elves quickly got him some cocoa, and he was having a friendly conversation with some of them, when someone else walked into the kitchens.

That someone was sporting a bedhead of blond hair, and Harry nearly dropped his mug when he saw him.

Draco’s eyes immediately landed on Harry.

“D-Draco…what are you doing here?”

Draco shrugged.

“Couldn’t sleep, not that it’s any of your business,” he said sharply.

“Right,” Harry muttered and looked away from him.

“Where did you get that?” Draco asked.

Harry looked up at him, and Draco nodded towards Harry’s mug.

“Oh, um, they made it for me,” he mumbled, gesturing towards the house elves.

Draco looked at them, and they all cowered in fear.

He glanced at Harry and saw that he was giving him a disapproving look before he even said anything. 

“Could I have one of those…please?” Draco asked kindly, at least for him, anyway.

Harry gave him a small smile, but blushed and forced it away when he caught Draco looking at him, and god dammit why did he have to look so bloody cute with that bedhead and those pajamas?

An elf quickly brought Draco a mug, and he thanked them quietly.

“Well, thanks again, guys,” Harry told the elves, and headed towards the door, not wanting to be in there with Draco anymore.

He got a few steps out into the corridor before he was stopped.


Harry wrapped his blanket tighter around himself and turned to look at him.

“I just wanted to, um, say thank you for, you know, saving me.”

Harry blushed. 

As if I had a choice.

“Yeah, right, no problem.”

Harry started to turn back around.

And,” Draco said, halting his actions. “And um, some people were saying that the people that had to be saved were the most important people to you guys, and I was just wondering if that was true…” he trailed off.

Harry’s cheeks burned brightly, and he was wishing he had brought his cloak instead of the stupid blanket.

“Yeah. It’s true,” Harry mumbled quietly and looked down at his feet.

Harry heard Draco’s steps getting closer to him, but still didn’t look up.

“Since when?” Draco asked softly.

Harry sighed.

“I don’t know…a while.”

“And other people, they know about this?”

Harry’s head snapped up at this.

“No! I never told anyone, I have no idea how they found out.”

Draco just nodded, making Harry feel incredibly awkward. He wrapped the blanket even tighter around himself, wishing he could just disappear into it.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what, Potter?”

“Putting you in this position.”

Draco rolled his eyes, and was going to make some smart retort, but then noticed Harry shivering.

“Are you cold?”

“What?” Harry asked, confused by the sudden change of subject.

“You’re shivering…are you cold?”

“Um, yeah. The lake…it wasn’t very warm, and Madam Pomfrey said I’ll probably still feel cold for a while. Hence the blanket and the cocoa.”

“Well, I’m feeling kind of cold too,” Draco said boldly, but blushed when Harry didn’t answer right away.

Harry got the hint after a few moments, though, and he smiled.

He unwrapped the blanket from around himself and held it open for Draco to join him.

“This blanket is definitely big enough for two,” he said with a wink.

Draco rolled his eyes, but walked up to Harry, who then wrapped the blanket around the two of them.

“I feel warmer already,” he joked.

“You’re so annoying, Potter.”

Harry laughed, and he and Draco began walking the corridor, side by side, with the blanket draped around their shoulders.

“So, do you share blankets with everyone, Draco? Or am I important to you, too?” Harry asked with a smirk.

Draco shoved him as best he could considering their sides were pressed against each other, but he had a smile on his face.

“Yeah, you might be able to say that.”

“Oh really?” Harry teased and turned to look at Draco.

“Shut up,” he mumbled.

Harry laughed, and leaned in close to Draco, but then paused to look into his eyes, to make sure it was okay. Draco gave a small nod, and leaned in the rest of the way, connecting their lips in a short and slightly awkward kiss.

They were both blushing furiously when they pulled away.

“So, what does this mean?” Harry asked.

“I’m not sure, Potter, but I’m guessing more people will soon find out just how important to you.”

Harry grinned at him.

“I’m looking forward to it.”


Okay so I know many people have done 4th year au’s where the person Harry would miss the most is Draco. However what if it was Pansy?

Of course everyone is shocked by this. Why on earth would Harry Potter miss Pansy Parkinson the most? They barely know each other. Pansy herself is confused, annoyed and flattered all at the same time, whilst Harry is embarrassed and scared that his secret will come out.

Clearly it isn’t something as easy as that he fancies her oh no, it’s a lot more complex. You see Harry has always known he needs Malfoy in his life. He is the only person who treats him like a normal being not the ‘famous’ Harry Potter. Harry needs the occasional fights in order to keep his wits about him and stay sane. He is the only one who sees that the only real person who can protect Draco is Pansy. Yes, he has Crabbe and Goyle but they’re not friends they’re accomplices. They could never help Draco as much as Pansy does.

That’s why Pansy will be the thing Harry misses the most because if she’s lost then so is Draco and then in the long run, so is Harry. Pansy plays a much bigger role than anyone may think. To most she’s Draco’s sidekick with a silly schoolgirl crush, but to Harry she’s Draco’s support, his lifeline and really, his only friend. To lose her, he’d end up losing his true self because everyone else would overwhelm him with the pressure to be ‘Harry Potter’, and that’s something he can’t afford to lose.

//Ayyyy another shitty idea that occurred to me at night which I’ve only just got around to writing properly.