-lighters, matches




-non-perishable food that doesnt need to be cooked

-fully charged phone

-fill your bathtub with water! that way if need be, you can put some in your toilet so it will flush

-clean clothes(do it tonight!) same for dishes

-plastic/paper silverware, napkin, plates, cups

-sandbags if you can get them, esp for us ppl in the orlando area or on the coasts. idk where it’s hitting, but ik it’s hitting orlando super hard. idk where sandbags are either, so good luck to me!

-tape your windows in if you can

-bring your pets inside (ex. my bunnies can’t be on the patio, the stray cat that never left us cant be outside)

-bring any outdoor furniture (w/in reason) and decorations inside

-for the love of god dont forget to keep your garage shut

-fill your car with gas

-make sure you have baby wipes, tampons/pads, towels, washcloths, etc

-blanket forts are fun