Magic Lightning by Ben
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Yesterday, I set up nice and early for “Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert In The Sky” at Magic Kingdom, however, some storms had another idea about what time the fireworks went off! Mother nature wouldn’t let herself get upstaged, and so she made sure she put on an incredible pre-show!

هذه الدنيا الصغيرة
كل ما فيها سراب
. . وكأنّا
لم نلتقِ في سطر حب
لم نجتمع فوق السحاب
هذه الدنيا الصغيرة
جاءت بنا بعد الغياب
. . وانتبهنا
كم وقفةً كانت نهاية
كم لمحةً كانت عذاب
لا تقلْ اشتقتَ لي
حينها يسقط باب
بيننا يومًا تسكرْ
دون لومٍ أو عتاب
هذه الدنيا الصغيرة
سلّمتنا للمآب
. . و كبرنا
كن كما كنتَ جنونٌ
وتظاهر بالشباب
بعد أن صرتَ النهاية
وعلى نغمةِ اسمي
أغلقتَ الكتاب

Lets make Eid special again - GoFundMe

Salam everyone, we are hoping to fundraise some money to try and make the refugee kids Eid feel a little more special! They’ve been through a lot this year, more than anyone can handle and the least we can do is make their Eid somewhat feel like Eid again with a small gesture. This money will be used to buy the refugee kids here in Orlando Eid gifts, I will have a great group of people here that will help me distribute the gifts to the kids, InshAllah! So any small amount will help and be greatly appreciated! What ever money is left after buying the gifts will be distributed to the families of the refugee kids here in Orlando, InshAllah. Please help us make their Eid feel a little more special! May Allah reward you for your kind donations!!! Jazakum Allah Khairan!