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Omg, the lip licking is something i see the Jikook in your story (flashing lights?) doing! But then jimin beating himself up because: WTF!? its Jeon Jungkook, get your shit together Jimin. Lols xD

ok thats…… rly tru……… how did u.. holy shit.. u know what heres an excerpt:

jimin catches jungkook’s gaze from across the room, irritation building in his chest. he arches a brow as subtly as he can, while the man before him continues babbling on, oblivious. you planning on helping? it says, more clearly than any words could have.

jungkook hoods his gaze, checks to make sure no one’s paying attention to him before wetting his lips with his tongue. he smirks, a silent challenge written on his lips, and jimin’s stomach tightens at the darkening of his gaze. unconsciously, he mirrors the action, breath catching when jungkook’s smirk falls, resting in a flat, impatient line, filled with promise and desire.

he makes his way over, long strides eating up the room and leaving glances in his wake. ceo yang stutters over his words when jungkook sidles up, hands in his pockets, the picture of ease. jimin knows better - can read the telltale tightened line of his shoulders like a picture book.

jungkook glances at him, tongue swiping out to wet his lips again. “mind if i cut in?” he asks, though the question leaves no room for objection.

yang mumbles out a hasty agreement, and jimin is left both frustrated at the way he seems to fear jungkook but not him, when jimin is just as influential, and grateful for jungkook’s intervention. even if it means owing him a favour later. he follows jungkook tersely out of the banquet hall, almost jumping out of his skin when jungkook slips a hand into his back pocket.

leaning in close, jungkook murmurs, “don’t act all coy now. what did you think was gonna happen, looking at me like that.”

“i didn’t look at you like anything. i just wanted to get out of there,” jimin scoffs, leaning a little to keep there faces at a fair distance.

jungkook cocks a grin. “alright.” dragging him into an empty room, jungkook presses him up against the wall. it’s dark enough that jimin can’t make out his face, but he can recognize that leer in any lighting. “then say you don’t want this.”

jimin grabs him by the lapels. “why should i even have to say it?” he whispers against jungkook’s lips. then he reels him in, presses their mouths together, hot and heavy.