みんなでぶりっ子#ぶりっ子の頂点 〜 テオくん

Being a burikko with everyone #thepinnacleofburikko 〜 テオくん

Pay attention to me!

Later, OK?

Pay attention to me!

Later, OK.


It comes up all the time. “Your husband is Japanese? And are you raising your children bilingual? What a gift that is.” And I say no, actually, we speak English at home. It’s a litmus test. There are always a few whose eyebrows lift, who can’t quite hide their disapproval. How can we willfully deprive our daughter and son of fluency in another language? We have hobbled them at the starting line.

Because my husband is Japanese, it seems like a no-brainer. Sometimes it’s not that simple

どうぶつ animals

あなたの すきな どうぶつはなに?
What is your favorite animal?

いぬ inu - dog
ねこ neko - cat
ねずみ nezumi - mouse
うさぎ usagi - rabbit
うま uma - horse
うし ushi - cow
ぶた buta - pig
ひつじ hitsuji - sheep
とら tora - tiger
ぞう zou - elephant
くま kuma - bear
しか shika - deer
へび hebi - snake
とかげ tokage - lizard
かめ kame - turtle