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Maybe it’s the fact that it’s 3am, maybe it’s the fact that I’m a little strung out after only just finishing finals and I’ve only just now finished submitting a script for competition and I’m giddy and nervous about it.  And maybe it’s just because I would watch Nicholas Hoult do just about anything but um….YES.  FUCK YES.  


Rifftrax: Jack the Giant Killer (1962/2014)

“The cheesy 1962 fantasy epic Jack the Giant Killer is back, in newly recorded studio form! This one’s got it all: stop motion dragons, a leprechaun who lives in a bottle, a Viking who turns into a dog… it’s like if your hyper little brother wrote and directed Game of Thrones.

Not to be confused with the recent Jack the Giant Slayer (just kidding, we know you weren’t confused and likely forgot that remake existed until this very moment) this movie keeps it old school, and answers the question “what would Ray Harryhausen style special effects look like if you didn’t hire Ray Harryhausen?” It also answers the question “would it be funny if a leprechaun in a bottle kept yelling ‘SEIZE A BONE’?” with a resounding yes, yes that would be very funny.

Originally riffed live in Nashville, now updated and recorded fresh and extra Giant-Killing-y, say “Be right there!” to Mike, Kevin, and Bill and join them in mourning Herla the Wizard (poor, sweet Herla) for the fun of Jack the Giant Killer!”

The live version is fun, but now you can enjoy Jack the Giant Killer with brand-new riffs and without the disgusting sound of innocent human laughter. Just go to Rifftrax where you can download it in a variety of digital formats, or, if you simply cannot wait to seize a bone, watch it instantly online. 

A Bewitching Manicure - Legendary makeup man, Charles Gemora, puts finishing touches on the rubber gauntlets worn by Karen Dolan for the 1962 action fantasy film, Jack the Giant Killer. Gemora died from a fatal heart attack a few months after his work on the film in August 1961. (AP photo via Flashbak)

Philippine-born Charles Gemora’s 40-year career span in Hollywood was remarkable and diverse. He worked in set-design and/or sculpting on films like Victor Hugo’s, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923), Douglas Fairbanks’ The Black Pirate (1926), and Universal’s Nightlife of the Gods (1935). His research and expertise in ape costuming designs and portrayal gave him the moniker, Hollywood’s Gorilla Man - his work in this area is a signature of his career. Gemora’s makeup work was creative, inventive, and influential. He tutored Harry Ray on how to makeup Dorothy Lamour in The Jungle Princess (1936), and assisted fellow artists Jack Dawn, Cecil Holland, Robert Schiffer, and William Tuttle, when Caucasian actors were to portray Asians for The Good Earth (1937).  His work with Barbara Stanwyck in The Great Man’s Lady (1942) is considered one of the most realistic age makeups ever placed on celluloid. One of the most interesting of Charles Gemora assignments was his creation of the three-eyed Martian in the sci-fi horror classic, War of the Worlds (1953) - at the last minute it was decided that the creature/costume was too large, Gemora, with the help of his daughter Diana (age 12) rebuilt it overnight. Gemora performed as the Martian the next day. Gemora also was an inventor - his accomplishments in that area include his work in the development of 3D cinema.  

Charles Gemora entering the Martian suit he designed, built, and wore for War of the Worlds (1953). (image via

“He struck them down, seven at one blow!”

(detail of his face and scissors)

A loooong time ago I made up a webcomic idea that revolved around fairy tales and my own twists on the characters in them, which I named “Conte de Fees”, that would have basically ‘short story comics’ for each character in the land of Märchen and its surrounding countries. It’s still an idea I’d like to carry out one day, so I find myself drawing characters from it sometimes. This time, I decided to re-vamp Jack: the “Giant Killer” and the Brave Little Tailor’s apprentice. 

In Jack’s hometown, the local tailor is the well known Brave Tailor, who every one thinks managed to kill 7 robbers in a single blow, can over power giants and is a master huntsman, capable of capturing even unicorns. Because of these beliefs, and many other gossiped stories around the tailor, Jack developed a huge amount of respect towards the man as a child, wanting to be just as adventurous and brave as he. Once he was old enough to work, he managed to talk the tailor into letting him be his apprentice, a dream come true…only to slowly realize that all the stories he had been told about the man had just been made out of assumptions by the other townspeople or were only accomplished out of sheer dumb luck. At first, he’s disappointed and wants to out the tailor on fooling an entire town, but after seeing that the man isn’t even AWARE people took all his stories out of context, he decides to stay quiet and eventually warms up to his teacher, liking him for the actual character he is. 

Needless to say though, Jack still thirsts for adventure, mainly to impress the local goose girl who he has a crush on. Though he’s gained the reputation of being a 'giant killer’, he’s actually quite friendly and courteous to them, having been taught by his teacher that giants are (normally) kind creatures of the earth that just like to live in peace (the giant he 'killed’ actually had been a very old, dying giant that had given some of his possessions to the apprentice [sewing scissors once owned by his wife, thread, and a sewing needle] since the two had been on good terms with each other before the creature became part of the earth again as a hill. The towns people assumed he had killed it due to the items he had 'won’ during his trip). In turn, the giants help him from time to time by telling him when a future adventure is felt in the wind. 

In the end though, Jack tries to be as cool as a teenager he can be, but slowly loses any composure when around the goose girl for too long, usually making himself out to be very awkward and quite the opposite of suave. 

Hope you like! Maybe more of my Conte de Fees people will show up again (like Kerr!) in the future! ALSO REMEMBER: THESE ARE MY VERSIONS OF CHARACTERS AND STORIES FROM FAIRY TALES, NOT ALL FACTS ARE GOING TO BE SAME BECAUSE I’M TRYING TO BE *~CREATIVE~*


Jack the Giant Killer from the director of X-men, Bryan Singer…starring Nicholas Hoult and Ewan McGregor.

I really love all the movie adaptations of the Grimm and/or fairtytales that are coming out.