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“If you think that I cannot live without you,” she says to him, “you are so wrong.”

“For I am not a flower, you are the not the sun,”

She looks at him,

“I don’t need your presence to bloom.”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #162 // I do not need you
“Let the hate go.” he said. “Let it all—go. The burdens that you’ve been keeping inside your heart. The darkness that surrounds it. Please do not keep that baggage with you forever. I know, it’s the hardest thing to do, but how will you be able to know if it’s worth it, if you wouldn’t even want to give it a try? This time, listen to your heart carefully. Close your eyes and let it flow. Let the feelings run through. Darling please remember, that we aren’t living in the past. You aren’t in the same position as you were ten years ago. This is the present. This is what you should be thinking of .” he held her hand tightly and said, “I am not him. And he was not me. And just because I am asking you to forgive him, that doesn’t mean that I am also asking you to forget everything he did. I am just asking you not to let him ruin everything we have right now. Because I love you. And I can never afford to lose you. Please darling, not you”.
—  ma.c.a // Past and Differences

Two little voices
One drum beat
Marching along side by side
Down this unpaved street

Sometimes one stops
Sometimes one rushes forward
Sometimes one swerves
Sometimes one goes backward

One is the one
Couldn’t decide on the right beat
The pitch the tune the rhythm
Raging a war down the street

One is melodic
One is impossibly unique
One is unmatched
One is too unwieldy to keep

It took a wrong turn
One misstep on a beat
Making its own rhythm
Now one is walking down its own street

That girl that stares back at me in the mirror, she’s never hurt me.
She’s sure as hell never going to leave me.
So it’s about time I loved her, because she deserves it.
—  self love is the best kind of love //

i will never understand why some creators are against fanfiction of their show or books or whatever.

in my mind, that is the highest compliment a fan could pay to a creator. even if the fanfic isn’t actually good or goes against canon or whatever, i would cry if someone loved my work enough to write fanfic

Ego destroys love.
—  The idea that you can do better, after you have gotten the thing you were chasing // @abillionlittlethoughts

‘He’s just one person. Why does he mean so much to you?’

Little do you know, I’ll never know the answer to that question. I know he’s just one person and there are millions and millions of others who have the potential to mean 100 times more to me than he does.
But he’s everything to me. The fact that he is just one person is irrelevant - to me he is the world. He is happiness and sadness and anger bottled into a vessel with the biggest heart and widest smile. He is everything I’ve ever dreamed of and everything I’ve ever wanted to have.

We’re all “just one person.”
We’re all one life out of seven billion, and we’re all “just one person” to one another. But that doesn’t matter when “just one person” completely fills your soul and heals the wounds on your broken heart.

He is everything. Though, yes, he may be “just one person,” he is nothing short of my past, present, and future

—  When they ask me about him // 22.9.2017

I could do nothing but stare. Drained, paralysed. It was always there, the void. The empty space in my chest. And it was getting bigger and bigger.

This hole in my chest was swallowing everything I once had.

I was a universe, on the verge of collapse.


it is so weird that  i think about past i have flashbacks how people hurt me

Destroyed me i feel like i am the only one who feel bad but when I  think about it

They should feel horrible they should go fuck themselves

i should not feel pain,hurt,bad because they hurt me not me

So why i feel like this?

Why i must feel pain in chest?