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Since the discourse keeps annoying me.

Things that are 100% true about Willow in canon:

  • She’s a Lesbian
  • She Loved Oz

Human sexual and romantic attraction are complicated af, and both of those things can be true.

As always, you can do whatever you want in fanfic/fanworks tho.

30 Days of Whedon (Day 14)

Day 14: A Scene/Moment that made you angry- Wild at Heart/New Moon Rising

I am a hardcore Willow and Oz shipper. I thought that they were an adorable, sweet, and perfect pair. While Tara did grow on me, I never liked Willow and Tara as much as I loved Willow and Oz. Especially in the beginning. I hate this arc. There is no other character in Buffy that I hate as much as I hate Veruca. She just waltzes in, flirts with Oz and ruins everything, then leaves. We were doing fine without her, thank you very much. It’s totally out of character for Oz to cheat on Willow, anyway. I guess it was more about how the wolf took over his human side, but still. Anyway, I never gave up hope. When Oz returned in New Moon Rising I really hoped he and Willow could work it out. Tara wasn’t a major enough character yet for me to really care about her. A few moments with a quiet stuttering girl could hardly compare to seasons of Oz’s awesomeness. It seemed clear to me that Willow should choose Oz. So when she ditched him for a character I didn’t really like, I was pissed. All I could think when she was in that car with Oz was that she was making a major mistake. It’s the only time in the series that I ever cried. I still wish she’d chosen Oz and they could have sailed off into happily ever after. Tara and Willow are great too, but it never even came close to Willow and Oz for me. I hate this arc so much.


Willow/Oz AU: Detective Film Noir ∟ requested by anonymous

Detective Daniel “Oz” Osborne hasn’t had to go undercover in years. At least, not since his time in the local mafia, when he blew his cover after killing a man. A quiet, laconic man who enjoys his privacy, Detective Oz’s life is rudely interrupted when he is forced to pair with exuberant and bubbly Willow Rosenberg, a new cop with her eye on a detective position. Together they must take down a high-class, high-profit smuggling ring from the inside, while posing as lovers. What starts as an uneasy and distrustful partnership, soon blossoms into more as they learn each other’s secrets.