movie: weekend


the [long] weekend.

a delightful one with my favorite gent. we went on a six mile trail run, had a couple lazy coffee + breakfast mornings at home, took riley for walks, went down to the coast to spend time with my parents + brother, passed a gorgeous day at the beach, ate from some favorite carrboro food trucks, met up with friends at steel string brewery, tested out bikes at bullseye bikeshop, watched a movie, and visited durty bull brewery for the first time. as usual, we schemed ways for the departing person to “miss” their flight.


the weekend.

on friday night, dad and i went to see erika wennerstrom [of heartless bastards] play at cat’s cradle back room. it was an intimate show – maybe fifty people at most – and felt close to transcendent. i realize that’s a strong word, but their lyrics + music resonate so deeply for me and hearing her perform stripped-down versions [and some of her own beautiful songs] was indescribable and brought me to tears a couple times. afterwards, mom joined us, we picked up tacos, and drank a couple bottles of my good italian wine.

on saturday, we walked with riley to the farmers market and packed for a camping trip. we’d decided to stay overnight at falls lake. we spent a bit of time acquiring provisions [admittedly stressful, as town was insane for graduation] and i felt a lot better once we got to the woods. after setting up camp, we took a short hike, my brother met us, and we spent the evening playing cards.

sunday was a gorgeous day and i spent most of it at my sister’s house to celebrate her birthday + mother’s day with the fam. we went to the pool, grilled out, had cocktails, played cornhole, and did the usual birthday festivities.

Saturday Morning

I woke a little after 7am this morning, and stared at the ceiling for a while, listening to the clock radio. I have no idea how to re-program it not to kick in on weekend mornings - we lost the instruction book quite some time ago. You probably have to do something simple like hold three buttons down simultaneously for five seconds, and then cycle through twenty five different options on the display that only shows the time. Kind of similar to the Apollo guidance computer really. How could you forget something like that ?

After jumping in the shower, clearing the kitchen, and consuming half my body weight in coffee, I set off into town on a mission to buy flea powder. We have three cats, and the weather is slowly warming up - so guess what’s happening. I sat in the junk room for five minutes last night, and felt something jump on my foot. Twice.

Needless to say the entire room has now been fumigated with evil smelling sprays, carpet powders, and hoovered to within an inch of it’s life. The little bastards are going to lose spectacularly. Mark my words.

In other news, I wiped two of the computers in the house this week - my old desktop computer (that I have re-inherited), and my old netbook (which I have also re-inherited). They now have shiny new installations of Windows 7 on them (don’t laugh). I know - I’m rocking it like it’s 2012 again, but they FLY on the old operating system, and apart from a new suit of clothes, it’s functionally identical to Windows 10.

I’m not running a virus killer on either of them, because I’ve only seen one virus on any computer in our house in the last ten years - and that was down to the kids being stupid. Antivirus software is always too late to catch anything worth catching (witness the WannaCry epidemic recently).

I was going to try and cut some of the grass outside this afternoon, but the sky is rapidly clouding up like a Hollywood Alien invasion is about to happen. Seriously. Spectacular storm clouds. If it does rain like the world’s ending I might end up laughing quite a lot - because the elitist idiots in town have organised a “party in the park” that costs £40 per head to enter. If it gets washed out it will serve them right. Even though we couldn’t afford to go anyway, I’m not bitter about any of it - I’m just opposed to people creating events that bar people from attending based on wealth. It’s ridiculous.

Finally - maybe the break in “almost every day blogging” has done me some good. If I take away the pressure of posting something every day, I actually find myself with things to say now and again. Who knew!?