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Marvel: we can’t make one of our film or show leads Asian. That would be…. against the original source material. That’s also why we can’t make them LGBTQ+.

Power Rangers (2017): hey what’s up. 4/5 of our leads are POC. One is autistic and one is confirmed LGBTQ+. We have the first Asian superhero in a big-budget film, the first autistic superhero in a big/budget film, and the first LGBTQ+ superhero in a big-budget film. None of this was really in the original source material, but representation matters and we specifically casted them with the intention of making a diverse film.

if you’re lookin for a fun time...

the Power Rangers movie, my guys.

Look, ok. It is hilarious character-driven action-packed fun times. all things I and most long time PR fans are 100% here for.

All in all, I adore my sons, 

Zack [“My mom’s the BEST”] Taylor,

Billy [actual heart and soul of the film] Cranston and 

Jason [will literally bitch slap idiots who mess with his team] Lee Scott,

 just as much as I full on love my daughters 

Kimberley [reformed queen bitch and baddest fucking ass] Hart and 

Trini [jumps an actual fuckin chasm to avoid the chit chat (tbh same)] Kwan/Gomez/what-is-her-surname-here-I-do-not-know.

seriously, go watch this film. I just know it’s gonna be underrated as hell, and I cannot watch it fail in the box office because the critics have never watched a single Power Rangers episode in their lives.

The Power Rangers movie was so good, yo. “Don’t listen to the critics” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but I really do mean it this time. Well-integrated diversity, stellar cast…even a character like Zordon, that could so easily have been one-note, gets some rich story. I’m a longtime fan of the franchise but I went with people that aren’t and we all had a blast!

Voltron headcanon: Keith has never in his life seen Lilo and Stitch. The team rectifies this and is not prepared for Keith to be completely emotionally destroyed by this movie.

How do people meet people


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Ode To Beauty And The Beast

I’ve loved Beauty and the Beast since I was 5. Belle was & still is my favorite Disney princess. Like Emma, this heroine (& in turn this story & it’s lessons) has shaped me into the person I am today. I watched this film on almost a constant loop. “With a dreamy far off look, & her nose stuck in a book” describes me to a T. I would tell people to ‘Be Our Guest” when they would walk in our door; or any door for that matter. When I was 7 I named my new puppy Beauty. Do I need to go on?

I believe it was around the release of Maleficent that I began to hear whispers of a live action BATB. My heart leapt out of my chest in anticipation & trepidation. Leading up to the films release I tried my damndest to keep my expectations in check. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say my inner child wasn’t full to bursting. I knew that even if the film was mediocre I would at least enjoy the music & visuals, like I did w/ the live action Cinderella. But, oh was this retelling better than anything I could’ve hoped for. 

THE CAST IS PERFECT!! I don’t care what anyone says Emma Watson is an amazing Belle. She put so much into this role, and it shows beautifully. Dan Stevens deserves an award for being able to flawlessly, not only act, dance, but sing through all the crazy accoutrement that made him into the Beast/Prince we all know & love. Luke Evan’s Gaston is as dastardly as ever. I loved the slow build of his evilness; & I left the film cursing him more than when I arrived. Which I didn’t think was possible but damn! Lefou was an absolute joy & such a great surprise. By the end I was whisper shouting at him “C’mon Lefou, you see Gaston’s evil, STOP HIM!” Wow Josh Gad; SO GOOD!! Ewan Mcgregor as Lumiere was fantastic; Kevin Kline, Ian Mckellen, Emma Thompson… I can go on & on!! 

THE NEW SONGS ARE AMAZING!! I do not want to see the day when “Evermore” doesn’t make me choke up or bring me to racking sobs. With that song there is no inbetween. “Days in the Sun” was a perfect new take on “Human Again”; & in some ways it’s almost better than it’s predecessor. Seeing “Be Our Guest” be brought to life was truly something amazing to behold; as was “Beauty & The Beast.”. Which by that point my cheeks were wet with tears.

THE VISUALS WERE BREATHTAKING, THOSE COSTUMES ARE TO DIE FOR!! I need Belle’s wedding dress in my life NOW!! And honestly that yellow dress isn’t even that bad. Everyone needs to get off their high horse & shut it. This film expanded on things that needed expanding, added things that I didn’t even think needed to be there. ANSWERS QUESTIONS THAT I’VE BEEN ASKING FOR FOREVER (how do the villagers not know about the castle/why were the servants cursed along w/ The Prince, etc.) I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop praising this film. I’ve seen it twice now & there’s nothing I would change. Except for maybe an extra bit of backstory to when The Prince was young. But that’s just me being nitpicky. I was smiling from ear to ear from the moment the first notes of “Belle” began; to crying tears of joy when “Beauty and the Beast (Finale)” was playing. This film made me feel like a kid again; & I fell back in love with one of my favorite fairy tales. 

Beauty & The Beast (2017) is sooo good & I’m sooo happy it’s soo good!


i s2g when will the tadashi fangirls chill tf out

I’m so fucking irritated. I try to make plans with my sister and her boyfriend (my old friend,) and they never fucking make time. They say they’ll hang and I give them a plan days in advence, I give them a time HOURS after they’re free, and last minute, oh oops they can’t make it srry :///// it literally takes weeks of struggling to do something like once every few months honestly fuck them