movie: the wicker man


Gently Johnny - The Wicker Man OST

I will NEVER stop loving this song.

“We bring you a King with a head of gold…”

01. john barleycorn - the john renbourne group 02. horn dance - sharron kraus 03. dead king - espers 04. at a springe wel - mediaeval baebes 05. wolf quartet - matt berry 06. a fairytale about slavery - miranda sex garden 07. cantiga - mediaeval baebes 08. gather up - matt berry 09. the wearing of the horns - the memory band 10. the monk song - miranda sex garden 11. das tor - faun 12. the lammas - the owl service 13. dead queen - espers


One of the best quotes.
  • Lord Summerisle: "And the ministers fled the island never to return. What my grandfather started out of expediency, my father continued out of love. He brought me up the same way: to reverence the music, and the drama, and the rituals of the old gods; to love nature and to fear it, and to rely on it and to appease it when necessary. He brought me up--"
  • Sergeant Howie: "He brought you up to be a pagan!"
  • Lord Summerisle: "A heathen, conceivably but not, I hope, an unenlightened one."