movie: the truman show

Besides the fashion, the slang, and the presence of Jeremy “I’m Totally Not Brendan Fraser” London, the most ‘90s thing in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats was the running gag about Willam. You know, the guy who keeps staring at a Magic Eye picture all day and still can’t see the hidden sailboat.

Well, it turns out there’s a very good reason for this. The picture doesn’t contain a sailboat. And how do we know this? The magic of Photoshop and tireless determination. One fan was able to reverse-engineer the original image (which was screencapped from the movie) by copying and superimposing it over its duplicate, simulating the movement your eyes are supposed to make when you “relax” them. This way, he was able to discover what was really inside.

It was some random shapes! So, wait, does this mean that every single character in this movie, from some little kid to Stan Lee, got together to fuck with Willam? That seems like a feasible explanation, except that Willam himself eventually sees the sailboat, too. We have no choice but to conclude that the characters in this Kevin Smith movie might have been stoned.

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