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“I don’t know him, not really. I see him, and he reminds me a little of his mother somehow. I don’t know why-he doesn’t look like her, except that she was also beautiful, and she had that terrible vulnerability that he has-”

“Vulnerability?” Clary was astonished. She had never thought anyone but herself thought of Jace as vulnerable.

“Oh, yes,” said Jocelyn. “I wanted to hate her for taking Stephen away from Amatis, but you just couldn’t help wanting to protect Celine. Jace has a little of that.” She sounded lost in thought. “Or maybe it’s just that beautiful things are so easily broken by the world.”

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March 27th, 2007: Happy 10th Anniversary to the Mortal                             Instruments by @cassandraclare​!

First Dialogues:

City of Bones:  “You’ve got to be kidding me,”

City of Ashes:  “Are you still mad?”

City of Glass:  “Score, I’m kicking butt at Mario Kart”

City of Fallen Angels:  “Just coffee, please.”

City of Lost Souls: “Mom, its me!”

City of Heavenly Fire:  “Picture something calming. The beach in Los Angeles—white sand, crashing blue water, you’re strolling along the tide line …” Jace cracked an eye open. “This sounds very romantic.”

City of Heavenly Fire (last line): “Freely we serve, because we freely love, as in our will, to love or not; in this we stand or fall”


“If you’re not doing okay, you should tell me,“ Jace said. "We’re all under stress, but we have to keep it together as much as we-”
Alec whirled on him. There was disbelief in his eyes. “Doing okay? How would you be doing?” he demanded. “How would you be doing if it were Clary that Sebastian had taken? If it were her we were going to rescue, not knowing if she was dead or alive? How would you be doing?”
Jace felt as if Alec had slapped him. He also felt as though he deserved it. It took him several tries before he could get out the next words. “I-I would be in pieces.”
Alec got to his feet. He was outlined against the bruise-colored sky, the glow of the broken moons reflecting off the ground; Jace could see every facet of his expression, everything he had been keeping pent up. He thought of the way Alec had killed the faerie knight in the court; cold and quick and merciless. None of that was like Alec. And yet Jace had not paused to think about it, to think what drove that coldness: the hurt, the anger, the fear. “This,” Alec said, gesturing toward himself. “This is me in pieces.”  [City of Heavenly Fire]

ALL of Malec Scenes

Hey guys, I know many of you watch the show only for Magnus and Alec so here are all of Magnus, Alec and Malec’s scenes! 

S1E1                         S2E1

S1E2                         S2E2

S1E3                         S2E3

S1E4 part 1               S2E4

S1E4 part 2               S2E5

S1E5                         S2E6

S1E6                         S2E7

S1E7                         S2E8

S1E8                        Sadly, Episode 9 and 10 don’t have their own video but 

S1E9                         here are Malec clips only:

S1E10                      S2E9:

S1E11                              Malec talks on the balcony                          

S1E12 part 1                   Magnus tells Alec about Izzy 

S1E12 part 2                   Alec punches Raphael 

S1E13                             + this gem: Alec takes back the institute from Aldertree


                                         All Malec moments                                          

(I did not make these videos but shoutout to whoever did!)