movie: the gathering storm

The Gathering Storm (2002) | Randolph Churchill

Suburban Shootout (2006-2007) | Bill Hazledine

Unrelated (2007) | Oakley

Wallander (2008-2010) | Magnus Martinsson

Archipelago (2010) | Edward

Thor (2011) | Loki

Midnight in Paris (2011) | F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Deep Blue Sea (2011) | Freddie Page

War Horse (2011) | Capt. Nicholls

The Avengers (2012) | Loki

The Hollow Crown - Henry IV (2012) | Prince Hal

The Hollow Crown - Henry V (2012) | Henry V

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) | Adam

Thor: The Dark World (2013) | Loki

아직 못 본 필모가 많다 + 끝에 두 개는 보너스.

How I summarize each WoT book in my head (spoilers)
  • Eye of the World: Fellowship of the Ring with more women
  • The Great Hunt: Hurin sniffs stuff, Babies learn to channel, Mat blows horn, Rand fights Ishy
  • The Dragon Reborn: Stone of Tear, also Faile
  • The Shadow Rising: Elayne and Rand k-i-s-s-i-n-g, Mat gets hanged, Moiraine gets nekkid
  • The Fires of Heaven: Sex Igloo, MOIRAINE NO
  • Lord of Chaos: Egwene Amyrlin, ASHA'MAN KILL, still cryin bout Moiraine
  • Crown of Swords: LAN AND NYN, and Illian or something, still cryin'
  • Path of Daggers: Bowl of Winds, Seanchan
  • Winter's Heart: Min/Elayne/Avi Bond, SAIDIN
  • Crossroads of Twilight: ???????
  • Knife of Dreams: Perrin and Faile PLoD FINALLY OVER, OH NO RAND'S HAND, still cryin' bout Moiraine
  • The Gathering Storm: *cryin* EGWENE! RAND NO D: RAND YES :D
  • A Memory of Light: *cries all fluid out of body*