movie: teen beach movie

why teen beach movie and teen beach 2 are fucking amazing
  • female empowerment
  • “don’t dress for him, it’s better when you dress for you”
  • “if you like it just wear it”
  • “you are not like other girls…” “i’m actually like all the other girls”
  • “girls can do the same things boys do”
  • “i like your world because girls can do whatever they want”
  • “i gotta be me”
  • “lela you can change your world”
  • “take a chance, why not ask him on a date?”
  • feminism
  • ross lynch and maia mitchell’s skills 
  • tanner’s shorts
  • tanner’s wet hair
  • tanner dancing along the air puppet
  • the characters’ development
  • mack staying in the beach school bc she wants and not bc her boyfriend

what she says: im fine

what she means: how was wet side story filmed if none of the characters really exist? who directed the movie? did the characters have real life actors? how were they able to enter the real world if they didnt have physical bodies? what happened to the movie when all the characters left? were there any other people in the world, or did only the movie cast exist? how was their universe created? why was it parallel to mack and bradys? is mack and bradys world ours, or is it another parallel universe? why is travel between the two worlds possible? where did the symbol on mack’s surfboard come from? why did it correspond with lela’s necklace? why does this symbol have the power to go between worlds? are other objects with the symbol able to take you between worlds? how did mack and lela come into possesion of the necklace and the surfboard? how did the necklace return to the movie world twice after it was lost in the ocean? is it somehow drawn back to its original world? will mack’s surfboard return to her world? is it only possible go to a different world on that beach? why was there a 40-foot wave? a wave that tall would be categorized as a tsunami, so why wasnt the beach evacuated? how did it crash without causing damage to the beach? is a big wave needed to go between worlds? how were lela and tanner able to return back to their world without a big wave? was lela aware that changing the movie plot would erase mack and brady’s memories? if the events of the first movie were erased, then how was mack still at the beach? shouldnt she had gone to the private school like she planned in the first movie? why did none of the kids at school react to the bikers and surfers breaking into their gym during the dance? why did butchy take the necklace with him when he disappeared? why did the first kid to disappear leave behind his guitar? how did