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The Cabin in the Woods || Pack Meeting

Kirin trudged through the light snow, hands deep in her pockets and a look of displeasure etched across her face. Stupid Gaius and his stupid pretty face and stupid pack stupid stupid- He’d given her instructions to meet him and the pack, someplace in the woods. It was an abandoned house, and Kirin figured she should easily be able to smell her way there. She had Gaius’ scent: her nose was always so much better around the full moons–

Speaking of which, Kirin could feel the urge to turn- cut loose let go be free- in the pit of her stomach, but she managed to repress it with will power and sheer grumpiness. She may still be part of this pack and still might need Gaius’ protection, but she didn’t need to look happy about it.

She sighed, entering the forest. Kirin knew she shouldn’t be that mad at Gaius. How was he supposed to know that Kirin would like Macheath? And if he was into guys, then 4 for him. Unfortunately, Kirin was unwilling to part with the angsty-teen mood just yet, as she saw Gaius’ hangout in the distance between the trees..

The Cabin in the Woods: Making of...
  • Franz: So I got the lil mini camera to follow myself and these guys far I havent been very good, I recorded a bunch of stuff and got really self conscience and deleted it all.
  • Chris: *Chris looks over and cracks up.*
  • Franz: ...Still got a bunch of time left.
  • Anon: Not really.
  • Chris: Last day of shooting.
  • *all laugh*
Okay guys. If I find a decent torrent of The Cabin in the Woods to livestream, will y'all watch it with me?

I want to shout from the rooftops how much I love this movie, and the only person I know who has seen it is my boss’ boss, who I fangirl Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Whedon stuff with.

My boss’ boss, who isn’t even in the same state.


If you are a horror fan, if you are a fan of black comedies, if you love to laugh your ass off and thoroughly enjoy rollercoaster rides, you might slightly possibly find this movie a little likeable.

The only horror movie I place above The Cabin in the Woods is Let the Right One In, and that’s because I’m a hopeless romantic.

sob sob sob sob sob

So… maybe?