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Re: Cumber/Hunter - ๐ŸŽผ O, Holy Shit... ๐ŸŽถ

Well, it’s been a train-wreck kind of pleasure to discover Tumblr and the outstanding snark (kudos, truly!) on both sides of the BC/SH “debate”.

Anons: are they REALLY married? Was she REALLY pregnant?* Is BC’s career in jeopardy/shot bc of the “showmance”/Pillowbatch? Etc., etc., et. al.

On the flip-side: the usual uber-fan “S/HE CAN DO NO WRONG AND HOW DARE ANYONE QUESTION THEIR LUUUURVE?!” rhetoric from the “True And Good-Hearted Fans That Each Deserve A CBE Individually” crowd.

Between the two camps, it’s hard to tell which is more … Jesus, just… *fill in the blank*

So, suggestion-that-will-be-ignored: take. a. break. A long one. Put down the pads, turn off the desktops, look around a bit, and - if you REALLY care for BC and/or SH - quit hounding the poor mutherfuckers from all goddamn sides bc if you think you’re helping either by objectively-but-lovingly criticizing OR praising BabyBatch as the 2nd coming of God’s Only, you’re fuck all mistaken.

“They” *do* read this shit, folks. And since neither camp is gaining ground or honestly knows WTF happens behind closed doors, your conjecture doesn’t do anything but fuel the tabs’ flames bc you’re TEACHING them how to sell their trash. Do you enjoy reverse manipulation? Based on your strong opinions, I kind of doubt it.

So, whatever. I’m no angel but I’ve got some history to back me up. Take it for what you will but if you decide to continue, don’t pretend it’s for anyone’s benefit but your own.

Yep, there’s the rub.

Believing #Hamlet will kill no matter the tabloid BS,

M. xx

*sorry, this one simply amazes me, bless yer crazy-ass hearts.

A Whole New World of Made-Up Lies by paparazzi, stalkarazzi and fanparazzi.

Yes, Kristen Stewart has a great smile (I was lazy to search for the most recent one, forgive me). Her latest movie American Ultra is opening US wide on 21st August 2015, Equals is in competition at the Venice Film Festival 2015, Still Alice, Camp X-Ray and Clouds of Sils Maria (US) are available on DVD/ Blue-Ray.

Werner Herzog’s Queen of the Desert  starring Robert Pattinson is coming to a cinema near you this year. Childhood of a Leader is premiering in Venice Film Festival on 5th Sept 2015, and Life is also coming to you this year. The Rover is available on DVD and still featured in cinemas in some parts of the world.
The invasion of the yellow spiders! Creepy crawly clusters spotted
Bundles of the ultra-creepy crawlies have been photographed in counties including Yorkshire, Suffolk and Devon. Brightly coloured with a black spot on their back, the spiders are newly hatched babies.

For some reason since last year the UK press have gone bat shit crazy for spider stories - the more horrific the better. Another slow news day I guess although you’d think with the war against Islamic State and the growing immigrant crisis coming out of Lybia you’d think they’d have plenty to write about but no - when it doubt there’s nothing like bad-mouthing spiders