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Please stop boycotting “A Dog’s Purpose”. That video of “animal abuse” was posted by TMZ. TMZ, who is just about tabloids and is known to be problematic. As a trainer, the person working with the dog was doing what he could. He stayed by her side, at her level, and spoke to her and reassuringly touched her sides.
This video was ALSO made by PETA, an organization that is notoriously awful. They have stolen animals from people’s homes and euthanized them several times. They also edited the video to skip right from footage of the dog being nervous about the water right to her being IN the water, implying they just threw her in. They didn’t. She’s a German shepherd, she isn’t a water dog and would naturally be nervous. The minute she showed any sign of struggle, they removed her and cared for her. This is a trained animal and trained workers who know how to make entertainment without hurting the doggy cast. Don’t boycott this film because of a literal tabloid.

Ariel Winter attacks tabloid’s ‘trash’ story about her boyfriend

Sooner or later, most celebrities learn the rule: Never explain, never complain, especially not to supermarket tabloids.

Ariel Winter is young, only 19, so maybe she hasn’t read the memo yet — thus, her Twitter tirade against Star magazine’s story that claims the Modern Family star is the “breadwinner” in her relationship with actor Levi Meaden and that she actually pays him to “take care of her.”

She was outraged, she was incredulous, she was adamant. Not true and “not cool,” she said in a tweet that linked to a long rant.

The Illustrated Police News was one of Britain’s very first tabloids and one of the first periodicals to tap into the British public’s morbid appetite for crime and sensation. The paper was founded in 1843 and was partly inspired by the success of The Illustrated London News.
It was considered a workingman’s newspaper and was frequently condemned for appealing to lowbrow tastes yet it was not the stories printed that attracted the most criticism, it was the lewd and graphic illustrations of blood spurting from wounds, women’s faces twisted in terror as they were attacked by cruel husbands and hosts of scantily clad sleepwalkers who always happened to be attractive young ladies.
The Illustrated Police News was voted the ‘worst newspaper in England’ by readers of the Pall Mall Gazette.


Is That True? Or did you read it in the Herald-Sun*?

(* local Murdoch tabloid rag. This quote was a union bumper sticker a few years back).


[Because who doesn’t love Bat Boy?]

This pale, hairless humanoid is the size of a human child. Its eyes bulge from its face and its ears are long and triangular. It bares its needle-like claws and teeth as it flaps about on bat-like wings growing from its back.

Chiromin, called “bat-kin” by some, are small blood-feeding humanoids with bat-like features. They are mistaken for vampires by the ignorant, but chiromin are very much alive. Nocturnal creatures, they prefer to feed on the blood of sleeping prey, stalking up to it unawares and inflicting a shallow bite. The saliva of the chiromin contains a potent anticoagulant and a painkiller, causing blood to flow from the wound without waking the victim. Rather than sucking blood, chiromin instead lap it up with long, tubular tongues. Chiromin prefer the blood of large animals, such as deer, wild cattle and livestock, although they do occasionally feed on humanoids. Although they do not echolocate like real bats do, their senses are keen enough to find ample prey in the dark.

Chiromin live in caves or in hollow trees and often share their homes with bats of all types and sizes. Although the chiromin do not have any way of controlling the bats, they find them comforting. Chiromin do not have much in the way of a material culture—weapons are limited to the occasional spear and clothing is practically unheard of. They do appreciate the treasures of man and may collect such baubles, although they rarely have much of an idea of their value or purpose. The family is the most important social unit to the chiromin, and a chiromin will gladly sacrifice its life to save that of its kin.

Chiromin vary in alignment the same way humans do, although they tend towards evil more often than not due to the influence of wicked cults and other subterranean humanoids. Good chiromin may keep livestock of their own, such as keeping near their cave a small flock of semi-feral sheep to feed on. The average chiromin stands three and a half feet tall and weighs only twenty pounds due to their lightweight bone structure.

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The American Dream Created Anna Nicole Smith — And Then It Killed Her
From her first Playboy appearance in 1992 to her death in 2007, Anna Nicole Smith’s story was about a beautiful girl lifted up from the dust, and then about a beautiful woman destroyed.
By Sarah Marshall

From her first Playboy appearance in 1992 to her death in 2007, Anna Nicole Smith’s story was about a beautiful girl lifted up from the dust, and then about a beautiful woman destroyed.