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This is a 24/7 stream that plays random Homestuck music. Canon music and fan albums are both prone to show up here, as well as other albums made from the Homestuck Music Team.

And yes, we know you’re super surprised that this stream is “still up”. You’ll get used to it.

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B$ are gained either by sending a donation via Super Chat ( $1 CAD = 7 B$) or by being active in chat.

100 Followers Special Event

Looks like I’m approaching 100 followers here on Tumblr! I’d like to do something special for you guys to celebrate, and I thought maybe I’d do another stream, but this time a little bit different.

You know those post-game dungeons in FFXV? Well, I still haven’t cleared the infamous Costlemark Tower where bitches won’t let you use items. I’ve been putting it off to farm AP and try to unlock most of the Ascension Trees, but I was thinking if I break 100 followers, then I’ll stream my (probably pathetic and tragic) attempt at beating Costlemark. It would be a longer stream than last time, of course, but y’all could ask me questions about whatever as I play. I’d do it on a Sunday again so that husband could join in and help me monitor chat.

I’ll probably have broken 100 followers by next weekend, if the speed remains steady, so hypothetically we’re looking at 5/7/17 perhaps to start around 2pm EST. Steyliff Grove took me around 4 hours to beat, so maybe Costlemark will be about the same? I might get tired halfway through and have to split it across two streams, but I’ll do my best to tackle the whole thing at once.

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in this kind of stream event? This is my thank you/celebration of cracking into the triple digits, so I want to do something you guys would like. ^.^