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Today has been pretty good, skated to the bank to get something’s straightened out. But as you all know our van broke down. We got what’s wrong pretty figured out and the price tag is $723 usd plus tax. We currently have about $730 usd in current funds. So we can get the car fixed, but it’s gonna take all that we have.

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Stranded (Barry Allen X Reader) Part Three

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader + Team Flash (platonic)

Word Count: 726

Summary: Reader is best friends with Fred and George Weasley and has been for as long as they can remember. They were just going about their normal day at work when something rather peculiar occurred after a certain team Flash member decided to experiment with his powers. (I suck at summaries k sorry.)

Warnings: None as far as I am aware of

A/N: Thank you so much for all the positive response you’ve given to this story, it really does make my day when I see your lovely comments :) { i’m already working on the next chapter and it shall be vv fluffy ;) }

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So we are in Colorado, but we are way out in the flats with no gas. If anyone could help we really need it. We only need enough for a tank of gas like $40. Our phones are shut off and I cut my thumb open. But we did get what we needed to get done done.

I do have an interview set up so I may have a job!!!! If you can help we really need it!!! Our PayPal is We really need help!!!!

FanFic: Stranded Part 10 Rucas/Smarkle

   Part: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Farkle woke to the sound of a text message. Truth be told, he wasn’t fully asleep.  He hasn’t slept much the whole weekend. He had such high hopes for this weekend away with his friends and Izzy.  For some reason, Izzy isn’t talking to him. He has been begging her to tell him what he did but she has remained steadfast in her silence.
Farkle rolled over and grabbed his phone, his eyes struggling to focus on the text message

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Stranded (Part 2) - [Morgana]

[Part 1]

“I would like that,” (Y/N) smiled at Morgana, who was standing by the door, patiently waiting for her. As much as she hated wearing dresses, she would rather be in an airy, lung-constricting gown, than in the same room with Arthur for a second longer.

(Y/N) picked up her box, pushing it up with her knee as she walked out of the room with Morgana. Once the door closed stood, they stood outside of Arthur’s chambers, listening to his muffled whining. (Y/N) could see on Morgana’s face that she was just as entertained by Arthur’s anger as she was. A few minutes passed, and once his temper tantrum began to die down, Morgana motioned for (Y/N) to follow her.

“Where are you from? I’ve never seen someone dressed so… differently.” Morgana began walking down the hall, her elegant stride producing a gentle breeze that blew her hair back in small waves.

(Y/N) walked alongside her, feeling a bit small in her presence. “Close…” She lied.

(Y/N) would’ve told Morgana the truth, but she was afraid of sounding like a mad woman, or worse, being treated by Morgana the same way Arthur treated her. But then again, why should she care what Morgana thought. She didn’t know her, nor did she care for her. Besides wasn’t this just a daydream anyway?

“Oh? I could probably borrow a horse or two to take you home.” Morgana said, so innocent and unknowing.

(Y/N) laughed, trying to imagine what the twins would say when she woke up and told them where she was. “No, no. It’s not that close. But thank you, it’s kind of you to offer.”

Morgana stopped in front of a door that looked much similar to the one that lead to Arthur’s chambers. She pushed it open, walking in first. “Come on, I don’t bite.” Morgana held the door open, waiting.

(Y/N) walked in cautiously, taking in the entire room. Her chambers seemed to be well kept, as opposed to Arthur’s, and there was beautiful white and purple draping adorning the windows, as well as her canopy bed. Although it was a bit darker in here, the atmosphere was much more welcoming.

(Y/N) stood awkwardly at the door, waiting for Morgana’s permission to walk any further. “You can set your things there,” Morgana pointed to table sitting in the middle of the room.

(Y/N) carefully set the box down where Morgana had directed her, noticing from the corner of her eye, a group of Knights outside the window. She walked over, sitting down on the chair that was placed against the wall for decorative purposes.

Morgana watched her closely. Her clothes were quite odd, and the little stick poking out of her boot even more. Everything about this girl told Morgana to run, but her curiosity was a far stronger competitor than her common sense.

Morgana pulled a chair from the table, and dragged it toward the window where (Y/N) sat admiring the Knights in their red capes. “Do you know how to use a sword?” Morgana asked, sitting next to her.

“God no.” (Y/N) chuckled softly, remembering the time when she and the twins tried using swords with their wands. She had the scar to prove just how bad of an idea that was. “I know how use a broom. It’s not just for flying, you know. You can also give someone a good whack with it if needed.”

Morgana let out a small noise that could’ve been anywhere between a scoff or a laugh. She tried to make sense of what (Y/N) was saying, but couldn’t come up with anything in response, except for the obvious. “What?”

(Y/N), realizing that Morgana didn’t know she had magic, snapped her head toward her, smiling. “Oh, just a stupid joke,” (Y/N) laughed nervously, studying Morgana’s face to see if she believed her lame excuse. When she saw no hint of suspicion, she allowed herself to breathe again.

They stayed silent for moment. (Y/N) was no longer watching the Knights, but instead, she tried to imagine the vast lands beyond the concrete wall that surrounded the castle. She tried to imagine the people, wondering if they were anything like the ones back home. She wondered about the ones  who practiced magic in secrecy, and how hard it was to have to look behind all the time for fear of getting caught. (Y/N) wondered about everything. But Morgana only wondered about her.

Now that (Y/N) was no longer looking at her, Morgana was able to build up enough courage to ask her about something that’d been bothering her since her arrival. “What were you and Arthur arguing about earlier… if you don’t mind my asking.”

(Y/N) blinked, bringing herself out of her thoughts, and back into the room. She leaned her head against the cool brick wall, questioning whether she could truly trust Morgana. “How do you feel about magic?”

Morgana furrowed her eyebrows, confused by the question. She could’ve chosen to ignore it, but she decided to humor (Y/N) instead. “I wish Uther didn’t loathe it so much… perhaps that way he could see that magic is actually a gift… that way he wouldn’t see me as a monster.” The last bit came out as a small whisper. Barely audible, but loud enough for (Y/N)’s ears.

(Y/N) looked at Morgana, her eyes wide as she tried to figure out if she joking or not. “Are you saying that you’ve magic?” She shifted her body toward Morgana, her back now to the window as she crossed her legs in the chair.

Morgana nodded, looking away from her gaze. (Y/N) could see the fear and the anger in her eyes, and she realized that all that wondering was now over. This was what those wizards and witches looked like. Angry. Terrified. (Y/N) wished she would’ve never wondered about them in the first place.

“Magic is a gift, Morgana.” (Y/N) said in a soft voice. She reached for her hand, squeezing it reassuringly.

“It is not.” She wiped away a stray tear. “Not when you have Uther as a guardian. He would have me executed, and he wouldn’t even give it a second thought. Magic is a curse.” Morgana’s eyes were beginning to fill with a deep hatred (Y/N) had only seen once before in her life. She shuddered, remembering the distant memory of the war between Voldemort and Harry years before, or in this case, a war that had yet to happen. She recalled a time when she, too, was afraid of being of having magic, and had it not been for Fred and George, she probably would’ve stopped practicing all together. She couldn’t imagine a life without magic.

“Let me show you something,” (Y/N) said, digging through the pockets of her jacket. She pulled out a small polygonal box, and handed it to Morgana. “I hope you like sweets.”

Morgana hesitantly took the box in her hands, reading the words on it aloud, “Chocolate frog?” (Y/N) nodded, the anticipation of her reaction building up inside her. Morgana flipped the top open, revealing a small frog made of chocolate… and it was… “It’s moving!” Morgana exclaimed.

(Y/N) laughed. “What card did you g-” Just then the frog jumped out of its box, startling Morgana. (Y/N) , with her quick reflects, dodged the frog, catching it in the air with both her hands. “Whoa.” She brought down her hands, unclasping two of her fingers to reveal the frogs face. “You can eat it if you’d like,” (Y/N) pinched the frog with her fingers, bringing closer to Morgana.

“I can’t eat a frog! Are you mad?”

“A little,” She giggled. “It’s not alive, Morgana. It’s just magic.”

Morgana inhaled deeply, considering whether she should eat the frog or not. She almost said no, but she gave in to the eagerness in (Y/N)’s eyes. Morgana took the frog, bringing it close to her lips. She closed her eyes tightly, and bit into the frogs head. She was quite surprised to find that it really was made entirely of chocolate. She finished the frog, excited to see what else (Y/N) could show her. “It’s great!”

(Y/N) smiled, resting her elbows on her knees. “Want to try something else?”

“I would love to!”

“Awesome.” (Y/N) reached back into her pockets, and dug out two pepper imps, handing one to Morgana. She unwrapped it, waiting for Morgana to do the same. Morgana’s mind raced a thousand miles per hour, trying to imagine what the small black peppermint she held in her hand had in store for her. “On three… one… two… three.”

Both Morgana and (Y/N) threw the peppermints into their mouths, sloshing it around as they enjoyed the nice cinnamon flavor. Then Morgana’s eyes widened, watching as smoke began to billow out (Y/N)’s ears and nose. “You’re smoking!”

“So are you!” (Y/N)exclaimed. They both burst into a roaring laughter.

This went on for hours. (Y/N) and Morgana tried all the sweets that she had in her pockets, reveling in the delicious flavours and their special effects. Once those were gone, (Y/N) began telling Morgana about the twins and their shop. She told her of the joke products they sold, and how much they loved experimenting with new things. She even told her stories about their adventures after the great Wizarding War. About how much she missed Hogwarts, but didn’t at the same time. And Morgana loved it.

They were leaning closer to each other, like two little girls telling secrets that they didn’t want no one else to hear. But then the door opened, and in walked a young woman with curly hair, and beautiful brown skin. “My lady, I’ve… oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you had company.”

Morgana straightened her back as she turned around to greet the young woman, “Oh that’s alright Gwen. This is (Y/N).” Morgana flashed a gentle smile at Gwen, then at (Y/N).

Gwen gave (Y/N) a confused half-smile. “Oh… um, I believe this is yours then,” Gwen pulled out a small gold necklace as she walked to where they sat, placing it gently into Morgana’s hands.

Gwen looked past Morgana at (Y/N), eyeing her suspiciously for a second. (Y/N) waved at her, and Gwen quickly reverted her gaze back to Morgana. “Would you like me to prepare your bed?”

“No, Gwen. That’ll be all, you may go.”

Gwen hesitantly curtsied, glancing at (Y/N) one last time before leaving the room.

But something she said crawled under (Y/N)’s skin, sending shivers down her spine.

Did she say ‘bed’? (Y/N) spun around in her seat, the night sky stealing the air directly from her lungs. The trees that once danced in the wind under the sun now stood still, casting an eerie shadow over the wall that separated the castle from the rest of Camelot. Time had slipped from her hands, in between the stories that she told and the laughs that they shared. Her skin turned a ghostly pale at the realization that this wasn’t a prank after all. She really was in Camelot.

Morgana noticed her sudden change in mood, and decided to hold onto the necklace a while longer, not wanting to upset her any further. She quickly placed it in her jewelry box, bringing her attention back to (Y/N). “Are you all right? You look like you’re about to be sick.” Morgana brushed a strand of hair away from (Y/N)’s face, placing her hand at the nape of her neck.

(Y/N) was frozen in her seat. Her mouth was parted slightly, as if she wanted to say something, but couldn’t. Her eyes were wide, focused on something that only she could see, and her chest sat unmoving, almost as though she stopped breathing, which scared Morgana.

“(Y/N)?” Morgana crouched in front her, trying to meet her eye. And finally, she let out a raspy breath. Tears began to pour in an unbroken stream without warning, staining her cheeks.

(Y/N) whimpered, unable to form a coherent sentence. “I-I… Cam…” She couldn’t focus, not on Morgana’s face, nor on the room surrounding them. How did I get here? (Y/N) thought, but she couldn’t remember. She was too disoriented to think.

“Okay, okay. Deep breaths,” Morgana said, breathing deeply in through her nose and out of her mouth at a slow, rhythmic pace. “Can you follow me?”

(Y/N) nodded vigorously, still a blubbering mess as she tried to follow Morgana’s breathing pattern. Eventually she was able to even out her breathing, and her heart rate was as normal add she could manage for the time being.

As Morgana prepared for bed, (Y/N) sat in the chair, crying silently to herself as she stared at the ring on her finger, thinking of the twins and how they were dealing with her sudden disappearance, or if they even were at all. The was a subtle glow around the letters that brought her a small comfort, but it wasn’t enough.

Morgana stepped out from behind the panel screen, newly dressed in her nightgown. She watched for a second as (Y/N) bit her nails, staring into nothing. She then made herself to the side of the bed where she’d chosen to sleep for the night. “Is that what you’ll be sleeping in?” She asked.

(Y/N) flinched at Morgana’s voice breaking the silence so suddenly. “Um… no, no… not entirely.” Her gaze was distant, dead, like all the life had seeped out of her in an instant. “Where will I sleep?” (Y/N) asked in a wobbly voice.

“With me.” Morgana smiled, hopping up onto the bed, and tucking herself in. “You’ll sleep on this side,” she said, patting the pillow.

(Y/N) nodded, stood up, and absentmindedly removed her jacket, shoes, and pants, placing them neatly on the chair where she once sat. Morgana stared, mouth agape at the half naked woman who was making her way to the other side of the bed. She would’ve said something, but she felt like (Y/N) had already been through enough. And something in her kind of liked seeing (Y/N) like this, so she just brushed it off.

They both laid down, pulling the covers over themselves as they faced each other.

(Y/N) smiled weakly, “Thank you… for helping me with my panic attack, I mean, and for letting me stay the night with you.”

Morgana giggled softly, “I’m just glad you’re okay.” They watched each other for a while in a comfortable silence, until Morgana felt the need to say something. “I’m going to help you get home, (Y/N). I promise you I will.” Though, in reality, Morgana didn’t know if she could, or even where to start, but she did know she would try. And it brought (Y/N) a great comfort to know that she would.

Stranded (Part 2) - [Merlin]

[Part 1]

(Y/N) chuckled nervously, “Um…” She bent over and picked up the box of Weasley products, looking at Arthur and Morgana in the eyes. “I’m going with Merlin.”

The tension in Merlin’s face instantly relaxed, giving way to a huge smile, “Great. This way.” He motioned her toward the door.

“You can’t. As your prince, I order you to stop.” Arthur shouted.

She scoffed, “How ‘bout you talk to me when you’re the king. Plus, do you want to be the reason I bleed out and die?” (Y/N) raised her eyebrow at Arthur, who was beginning to grow annoyed with her responses.

“Well do you?” Merlin teased, knowing that it would further anger Arthur.

“Shut up, Merlin.” Arthur rolled his eyes, and dismissed them with a wave of his hand. “Just go.”

Merlin led (Y/N) out of Arthur’s room, and down the hallway.

As they made their way up a flight of stairs, a tiny voice in the back of Merlin’s head urged him to ask her questions. He pursed his lips, trying to build up enough courage to even turn around to look at her. Ah, fuck it, he thought. “So you have magic?” He asked once out of earshot from the guards.

“Yeah, but… do you not?” (Y/N) watched him. He was a lot different than what she thought he’d be like. For one, he was much younger, and, not to mention, handsome. “Are you not Merlin? You know… the greatest Sorcerer to ever live? The uniter of the land of Albion?” She leaned in closer, whispering the last bit to him.

Merlin’s skin went cold, and he quickly spun on his heels to face (Y/N), startling her. She stopped, her heart in her stomach. Did she say something wrong?

“How do know that?” He asked.

Her lips formed a crooked smile, “So it’s true then?” Merlin turned back around, and continued walking.

“It’s what the dragon tells me, but sometimes I’m not sure if he’s got the right Merlin. I mean, I’m a servant. How’s a servant supposed to unite the entire land of Albion?” (Y/N) noted a hint of sadness in his voice, but also something that sounded a lot like frustration, too.

“Well you don’t do it all on your own.” She reassured him.

“Yeah I know. I’m supposed to guide Arthur when he’s king.” Merlin held open a wooden door that led into a dimly lit room. “After you.”

(Y/N) looked at Merlin, then back into the room. She held onto her box tightly as she entered, noticing a table near the corner full of what seemed to be potions. Merlin followed her in, shutting the door.

“Is this Gaius a sorcerer as well?” She asked, taking in the room. The decor was a lot like she’d imagined, since, in all honesty, the Wizarding world hadn’t changed their taste as much as the muggle world.

“Yes and no. He stopped practicing sorcery after the great purge.”

“Great purge?”

Just then an older man with white,  long hair dressed in tattered robes came out of the room in the back. “Merlin, how many times have I told to clean your chambers? You can’t- oh, hello.” He noticed (Y/N) at the entrance, holding a peculiar box.

“Hello.” She replied in a low voice. Merlin, smiling like an idiot, took the box from her and set it down on an empty table, then pulled her toward Gaius.

“This is (Y/N).” Merlin introduced. Gaius looked her up and down, confused as to why Merlin seemed so excited about this strange girl.

“You’re dressed rather odd.” He said in a dismissive tone, then began walking to the table that held all the potions.

“Gaius,” Merlin followed him. “I think she’s a sorceress from the future,” He whispered. “She knows about me and my destiny.”

“You told her?” Gaius seemed angered by this. “You know nothing about her! What if she tells someone else? The king will have your head.”

(Y/N) pondered for a second, not wanting to get involved in whatever was going on between them at first, but ultimately decided it wouldn’t hurt. “Oh, you needn’t worry about that. I won’t be here much longer.”

Merlin turned to look at her, his smile visibly slipping from his face. “Why not? Where are you going?”

“Well, you see, this is all just a hallucination. I’m daydreaming right now.”

There was an awkward moment of silence as Merlin and Gaius tried to make sense of what she just said.

“Hallucination, you say?” Gaius asked, narrowing his eyes at her.

“Mm,” she nodded. “It’s a stupid prank my best friends pulled on me. I just hope I wake up before the shop opens.” She sat down on the edge of the bench, resting her arm on the table. Of all places she could of hallucinated, she never imagined it being Camelot. It was rather amusing, but the thought of being centuries from her time still make her stomach turn.

Gaius stood silent for a moment, then decided to approach her considerately. “If what you are saying is true, then how long until you wake?”

“Few more minutes.”

“Um…” Merlin bounced on his heels impatiently, looking at Gaius. He needed to go back to Arthur’s chambers, but he didn’t want to leave (Y/N), especially not since he learned that she could potentially disappear.

Gaius nodded, holding his hand up as a way to tell Merlin he can go finish his duties. “Okay, well I have to finish running errands for Arthur,” Merlin told (Y/N). “I hope you’ll still be here when I get back.”

“Probably not,” She answered him, tapping her fingers along the table. She didn’t mean to be rude, she just wanted to wake up already.

“Right…” With that Merlin left, leaving her alone with Gaius.

Gaius stared at her from across the room, making her even more nervous than before. She could tell that he was going back and forth between wanting to ask her questions or just letting it go entirely. But curiosity always wins. “Merlin tells me you’ve magic.”

“Yes… but why is this so surprising?”

“Magic is forbidden in Camelot. No one who wants to live would go around telling others that they wield the power of magic.” Gaius sat down in front of her. This conversation brought back memories of when Merlin first arrived, having to teach someone who was so curious about magic to not use it.

“I didn’t tell them,” she announced. “I simply fixed the table I broke.”

“Hm,” Gaius observed her. She didn’t seem to have harmful intentions, but he couldn’t be sure that she was all good either. “I’ve got an errand to run to the king. Will you be fine on your own? Be aware that I take inventory. I’ll know if something is missing.”

“Sure,” She nodded. Once he was gone, (Y/N) let her head fall onto the table gently. “Please let me be right about this. Please let this be a stupid prank,” She pleaded to no one in particular.

A few hours passed, and Merlin and Gaius walked in the room noticing (Y/N) in the same position they’d left her in, seemingly asleep.

She gripped her wand tightly, never opening her eyes or picking her head up off the table. Once she felt Merlin close enough, she shot up, pointing her wand at him menacingly. “What have you done to me?” She shouted, her face a deep crimson color. “Why am I not waking up?”

Merlin held his hands up in surrender, afraid of the unknown things she could do to him with just a small wave of her hand. “I’ve done nothing, I swear.”

“Liar!” She growled. “I should’ve came to hours ago. Fred and George would never leave me under this long!” Her eyes were beginning to well up with tears, and get hand was trembling quite harshly.

Merlin, noticing that she was more afraid than angry, tried to calm her down. “Then perhaps you aren’t hallucinating. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you really are in Camelot?”

The sheer thought of being centuries away from home made her want to throw up. (Y/N) kept the wand pointed at Merlin, afraid that if she put it down, it would confirm everything he was saying. She looked over at Gaius, who was trembling in his robes, then back at Merlin. His face was soft, but his eyes were terrified. They were looking at her they way everyone did Voldemort that day of the war, and it made her feel like shit. Just then she realized what she was doing. She let out an exasperated sob, and lowered her arm. “I’m sorry…” She cried.

Merlin let go of his breath, clutching his chest to slow his rapid heartbeat. “You know… never in my life did I think I’d be afraid of a stick.”

(Y/N) let out a weird noise that sounded like it was in between a laugh and a sob. “It’s a wand, you prick.” She lifted her shirt slightly to wipe away her tears, but her body seemed to miss the cold touch of her time turner. She released her shirt, and began patting her chest and neck area frantically. “My necklace!” She yelped.

Merlin gasped, “Oh, I’ve got it.” He dug in his pockets, “I found it while I was cleaning Arthur’s chambers.” He pulled out the chain, and handed it to her, then pulled out the hourglass piece separately. “Sorry, it was broken when I found it.”

(Y/N) took the broken necklace, all hope flushing out of her body. “Oh, no. Please no,” she muttered, trying to piece the time turner back together. She waved her wand at the necklace, “Reparo,” but nothing happened. She tried it a few more times, but it proved useless. Without the ministry of magic, trying to fix her time turner would be a waste of time.

(Y/N) sighed loudly, letting her head fall onto the table, hard this time. A loud thud echoed throughout the room as she cried, “This can’t be happening.”

Merlin sucked his teeth, wondering if telling her about the dragon would be the right thing to do. He decided against it at first, but seeing her sad and afraid made his stomach turn. “I know someone who might help,” Merlin blurted.

“Merlin!” Gaius was shocked that he could be so reckless with his secret, especially with someone who he just met. Merlin knew it was careless of him, of course he knew, but it was the first time he’d ever seen someone so small and afraid of the world.

“Really,” She looked up at him, her eyes filled with a newfound hope.

Merlin smiled, “Yeah, but we’ll have to see him in the morning, he’s probably asleep right now.”

(Y/N) nodded, “Yeah… um… speaking of sleep, where will I be sleeping?” She looked at Merlin, her eyes wide and red rimmed from the crying.

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that.” Merlin tapped the table, thinking. “You can sleep in my bed,” He offered, walking toward the room in the back where Gaius had come out of earlier. She followed him in, looking around at the poorly kept chambers. “It’s not much, but it’ll do. I’ll leave you, so you can get ready for bed.” Merlin said, then left the room, closing the door behind him.

(Y/N) sat on the bed, removing her shoes. She could hear muffled arguing behind the door, and for some odd reason it made her unexpected visit feel rather unwelcome. “Get over it,” she muttered to herself. She stood up, and removed her jeans.

(Y/N) placed her shoes in a corner, with her folded jeans and jacket on top of them neatly. She leaned against the wall, thinking about what Fred and George were doing right now. Whether they were missing her or not, or whether they blamed themselves for her sudden disappearance. She looked down at her ring. The letters were illuminated by a glowing blue light. It was dim, but it was there. She smiled smally.

A few minutes passed, and Merlin walked in. “(Y/N)?” He figured she would’ve already been in bed by now, so when he didn’t see her, he grew nervous.

Merlin’s voice snapped her back into reality. “I’m here,” she said, quickly walking toward him.

He turned to see her in nothing but her shirt and underwear, then quickly turned away. “I’m sorry, I thought you were ready.”

She giggled, “I am. This is how I sleep.”

Merlin slowly turned back around, taking in her unspoiled perfection. He gulped, then quickly shut the door. “Don’t let Gaius see you like this. He’ll have a fit,” He chuckled, setting down his things.

She laughed softly, making her way to the bed. (Y/N) sat in it, covering herself with the blanket. “Are you sure this is okay? I can sleep on the floor, I don’t mind.”

“Nonsense,” Merlin removed his shoes, and laid down on the floor close to the bed, propping his head against a pillow. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

(Y/N) peeked her head over the bed, smiling down at Merlin, “See you in the morning.” She laid down on her side, covering her body up to her chin with the blanket, finally closing her eyes.

Hours passed, and (Y/N) had trouble falling asleep. Fortunately for her, so did Merlin.

“(Y/N),” Merlin whispered.


“What’s it like where you’re from?”

She smiled, remembering the twins and their years in Hogwarts. “It’s great. An entire world hidden away by magic, where wizards and witches don’t need muggle technology to be happy.”


“People born without magic.”

“Oh,” Merlin tried to imagine being able to live in a place where he didn’t have to hide who he really was. But a place like that seemed like a fairytale.

She thought about how hard it must be for Merlin, having to lie to the ones he loved everyday while trying to fulfill some great destiny he didn’t ask for. She smiled, looking past the ceiling and into the memories of Hogwarts and her friends. “I think you’d really like it,” She said in a soft voice.

Merlin was fascinated by the world she was describing to him. “I already do,” he whispered. “Let’s just hope we can get you back home.”