movie: speed racer

Here’s a list of shows that i loved as a child that no one seems to remember exist. They literally should all be brought back in my opinion.

Three Delivery

Speed Racer: Next Generation

Kappa Mikey

My Life as a Teenage Robot

Danny Phantom

El Tigre- The Adventures of Manny Rivera

The Secret Show

Making Fiends 

Tak and the Power of Juju

The X’s

The Mighty B


and creepiest of all children shows that scarred me for life that should never me brought back because it will scar everyone for life:

Mr. Meaty

Speed Racer
Speed Racer

DEVO always loved to stir up controversy and consequently they were accused of being “Clowns” and “Neo-Fascist”. Oh, No! It’s DEVO. Is their attempt to sound like Neo-Fascist Clowns.

“Speed Racer” is a song with deeper undertones when compared to DEVO’s other works, but it does deal with social, economic, and political issues of the 80’s. There is also, like always, controversial lyrics.