movie: seven psychopaths

Sam and Colin and I drove out to Joshua Tree to spend the weekend getting to know each other, reading the script and bonding a little bit. Colin was driving and he popped into a gas station and got a bunch of crappy food, and bought the hat the Sam wears. He said he was kicking himself afterwards, when he saw it in the film because the hat is a scene stealer.
—  Martin McDonagh

Calling all psychopaths! Are you mental or deranged? Maybe you’ve recently been hospitalized, but are now okay. Or maybe the world just doesn’t understand you. Yeah, right! Well, I’m writing a screenplay with my friend called the Seven Psychopaths, and if your story is crazy or quirky enough, we might use it for our movie. So please call Billy Bickle at 310-555-01… -Seven Psychopaths (2012)