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oooh do RENT!

Y’know, I think Rent is already so iconic. There’s so much expected of Rent as a piece. Kinda like Hairspray, you expect certain things when you go to see Rent: certain costumes, certain set designs. I feel like a show like that is really hard to innovate per se since there are already so many expectations surrounding it.

BUT, I would definitely try to make the audience view the characters as objectively as possible. Because, although I really love the characters, they’re kinda awful people (most of them). I would make it my mission to embrace the ugly parts of these characters, because that’s what makes them interesting.

ALSO, I think I’d pull a Come From Away type thing, and have everyone onstage the whole time. Everyone playing multiple roles, assuming different characters throughout the show. I think I’d play up the sense of community. Their defiance is what unifies them, so I’d make sure that defiance is at the center of the show itself.

things some of my favourite musicals have taught me

-how to make an omelette
-a basic understanding of the history of america
-a basic understanding of the history of america from a mormon’s perspective
-in order to be successful, you don’t need to have brains or knowledge, just popular
-how to kill someone and make it look like a suicide
-how many minutes there are in a year
-how to tell if someone is gay or European
-it’s really easy to fake emails
-don’t sell drugs kids, even if you have the hots for the person you’re selling them to
-always be aware of autocorrect
-how to break in a glove
-nice is different than good
-everyone’s a little bit racist sometimes
-it’s too late to screw at 4am
-revolutions likely end in death
-almost all bankers, bums and barbers know how to read
-‘pop’ is a suitable synonym for the verb ‘chew’
-how many people resided in newfoundland before 9/11
-how many people were redirected to newfoundland after 9/11

(might add more as time goes on)

haunting things in musicals
  • the build up to and the final “seeaasons oF LOOOOOOVE” in “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)” while jesse l martin fucking belTS
  • the “nATALIE nATALIE nATALIE-"s the company sings along w anatole in "Letters”
  • natasha richardson’s voice in general BUT ESPECIALLY the instrumental leading up to the second “everybody… they love a WINNER” in “Maybe This Time”
  • when gavin creel sings the final “TELL ME WHYY” and the tribe goes “FREEDOM” in “Where Do I Go?”
  • when (any) mimi pitches her voice up while singing “goodbye love- hello, disease” during “Goodbye Love” because?????
  • the entirety of when andrew rannells and christian borle r singing together in “What Would I Do” but really when they do the “one hour moore-/ one hour more-” and then come together for "one hour-one hour- moOOORE
  • when (any) trina sings "they sometimes love but not enough-” and then hits that note on “my hEArt will beat at will, but stiiilll…” in “Trina’s Song”
  • “maybe he’ll come back today, maybe he came already, and he’s sitting in the drawing room… and I simply forgot.”
  • when the entire company softly choruses “tiiiiiiiiiime / will they tell your story?” in “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”
  • claudia’s “paciencia y fEEEEEEEEE” while the americans sing “you better clean this mess / you better learn ingLES" in "Paciencia y Fe” (and really the entire fucking song end my life olga merediz)
  • when (any) wendla reprises “i beliiive” while (any) moritz is singing “another dream / another love you’ll hold” during “Those You’ve Known”
  • i know there’s more im not thinking of right now ADD MORE
Musicals I know nothing about but my siblings love
  • Heathers: main chick straight up vigilante murders her boyfriend
  • Newsies: Gay, that's it. Everyone is gay
  • Rent: Film dude never gets the girl
  • Les mis: everything is sung and Sophie from Mama Mia marries Eddie Redmayne.
  • Into the woods: Grimms brothers with a sound track
  • Wicked: the wicked witch is gay(?) for Gilinda?????
  • Annie: little redhead adopts bald man
RENT (Live on Fox) Casting Thoughts

Mark: Ben Platt

-hottest name in musical theatre rn

-awkward cinnamon roll

-will fidget with camera 

Roger: Brendan Urie

-scruffy rocker vibe

-will wear black nails and eyeliner

-picture him singing One Song Glory for me pls

Mimi: Jasmine Cephas Jones

-slays Out Tonight

-can play a whore

-”oh wow she was in Hamilton”

Maureen: Demi Lovato

-over-dramatic diva

-big voice

-token pop star

Joanne: Amber Riley

-not new to TV musicals

-Glee star power

-already slays Take Me Or Leave Me

Angel: Todrick Hall

-did drag on Broadway

-can dance (in heels)

-I can just hear him saying “New York City: center of the universe!” 

Collins: Elijah Kelly

-was also in The Wiz Live!

-has all the vocals

-he and Todrick would be cute af together

Benny: Leslie Odom, Jr.


-Burr/Benny parallels?

-I can just hear him singing You’ll See 

Life Cafe Waiter: Lin-Manuel Miranda