movie: not another happy ending


It’s okay. We hate terrorists.
- Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani)


“I hope to carry on acting for as long as I can but the thing about acting is you do a job and you know that might be it, the last time I ever work. There is an uncertainty. You don’t generally go from one thing to another. So much depends on many factors, there are so many things about how and why you get a job, so it is scary. “It is about learning to persevere but I have been lucky to have this streak of work.”

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"Standing quietly together in the kitchen" OTP prompt is totally legit re: Huma. I could see it happening at the end of Uma's shift at Ursula's when the place is finally closed. WDYT? Your Huma headcanons got me shipping them TBH! If they don't get together in Descendants 3, I'll be mad as hell.

harry’s probably the only one allowed in the shop after hours bc he comes after her shift all the time if he’s not already there. he helps her clean up without asking and when everything is clean they’ll just stand together with uma leaning against his shoulder. they don’t say anything and he just let’s her relax for a moment. he rests his hand on her head, softly petting her braids or twirling one of them between his fingers. they have moments like that when they’re in the kitchen a lot bc even though affection is frowned upon on the isles, uma doesn’t have any qualms about tender touching when it’s just the two of them. it’s a sort of silent affirmation between the two of them, an i love you without saying it (until they’re off the isles at least).