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Mention how you feel about Eustace scrubb. Do it. Just do it. No one can stop you

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  • Eustace Scrubb is a feminist. 
  • Much to Lucy’s delight, Eustace turns out to be an excellent dancer.
  • Eustace Scrubb never really does get a handle on sword-play.
  • Eustace Scrubb puts his skills as a documentarian to use and is the first of the Friends of Narnia to compile a complete account of the Pevensies’ adventures in Narnia. In other words, Eustace is the “chronicler” of the Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Eustace Scrubb loves Jill Pole fiercely, completely, unabashedly. 
  • Eustace planned to study botany in university.
  • Eustace is an ISTJ.
  • Eustace’s deepest desire is for his mother to love him. 
  • Since his un-dragoning on the maiden voyage of the Dawn Treader, Eustace has regarded his cousins with a sort of quiet awe that borders on hero-worship. Though they fight like cats and dogs, Eustace is particularly enamored with (and intimidated by) Edmund.
  • Eustace’s favorite color is brown.
  • Eustace and Lucy have a special relationship. Eustace is uncannily perceptive when it comes to interpreting Lucy’s moods, and often, he manages to accidentally say just the right thing. 
  • Eustace never did learn to appreciate the right sort of books. “Horribly inaccurate,” he’d complain. “Who ever heard of a dragon with two heads?”
  • Eustace is quick to see both sides of an argument. He excels at what Edmund calls, “playing devil’s advocate.”
  • Eustace never does manage to nail down the particulars of chess, but he is an excellent strategist in battle. 
  • Eustace is a hopeless romantic.
  • Peter, upon hearing of Eustace’s deeds on the Dawn Treader, knights him on the spot. Eustace secretly wonders whether being dubbed with a carving knife while kneeling on the dirty kitchen tile counts, but Edmund, being an expert in Narnian law, assures him that his accolade is quite valid. 
  • Eustace loves pistachio ice-cream.

you know i remember when i was in the fourth grade and ben barnes played prince caspian in narnia 2: sword boy or whatever and i never even saw that movie because i loved the first one too much and i was like… who is this man on the poster??? who is this person??? ruining one of my favorite movies??? …… he’s so pretty????

and now i’m sitting here almost twenty years old watching the punisher and this man…. has the nerve to continue to be…. so stunningly handsome…. and it’s so offensive to me like i remember you sir i remember you and your hair

Okay just jumping back to the quote I used in the edit I just posted… 

Even if I can’t stop blubbing, I won’t get my string wet.” How nice is that? I mean, no, it’s not nice. It’s kind of awful. These are the thoughts of a 16-year-old girl in battle whose friend has just been captured. But now cool is it that she’s allowed to be emotional, even in the heat of battle? And how much cooler is it that even when crying, she’s allowed to be rational?

Jill’s a really great character, okay? I honestly can’t wait to see her come to life in the coming films. Because she’s brave, and even a little cocky, but she has her fears and she cries a lot, and she’s not considered any less of a strong woman just because she does. C. S. Lewis specifically tells his readers in The Silver Chair that he hopes we don’t lose interest in her because of it. He knows how people treat female characters. He actively fights against it.

Even in battle, Jill doesn’t have to be fierce and deadly every second. She breaks down, and yet she still has the sense to keep fighting. She’s brave and wonderful and  I love her. I really do.

So, here’s to Jill Pole. The kind of strong woman who we all can be.