movie: mystic river

Life isn’t happily ever after… It’s work. The person you love is rarely worthy of how big your love is. Because no one is worthy of that and maybe no one deserves that burden of it, either. You’ll be let down. You’ll be disappointed and have your trust broken and have a lot of real sucky days. You lose more than you win. You hate the person you love as much as you love him. But you roll up your sleeves and work - at everything - because that’s what growing older is.
—  Dennis Lehane, Mystic River
A volte penso che… penso che ci siamo saliti tutti e tre insieme in quella macchina. E tutto questo è solo un sogno, lo sai?
In realtà, siamo ancora ragazzini di 11 anni chiusi in una cantina a immaginare come sarebbe stata la nostra vita se fossimo scappati.
—  Mystic River