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DCEU and the common message so far

MoS: Humanity is worth saving and should be able to live out their life. Krypton had their chance and now it’s time to let humans have theirs.

BvS: There’s still light in the world. Through all the hate and crime, there are still people out there trying to do the right thing and in times of need we rally together. (Bruce Wayne’s restored faith in humanity after being inspired by Superman’s sacrifice.)

WW: Humanity isn’t perfect but they are capable of great things and should be able to forge their own path.

Not that hard of a concept to grasp.

Rude Mouthbreathers: wait, are you actually saying you *liked* Justice League??? You didn’t think BVS was absolute garbage?????? Hold up, MOS didn’t Bore™ you?????????? Hang on, are you telling me Zack Snyder is a *good* director—



“The city battle scenes in it (Birdy the Mighty) are so good, they have a huge impact. Also, because in Man Of Steel the fighting is mostly one-on-one hand-to-hand stuff, rather than in, say, The Avengers where they’re fighting a huge force, the movie’s much more like the fantastic style of anime than other movies.”

- Zack Snyder

Man of Steel - Birdy the Mighty fight scene comparison

someone: dceu clark is so dark and broody that’s not what superman is supposed to be

me, internally: clark kent has a far more multifaceted personality than bright and sunshiney and hopeful, and the fact that he can still remain so throughout bvs despite the vilification he constantly encounters takes incredible willpower. plus, he’s still in the middle of character development, like all of the characters in the dceu: he’s still growing and changing. not to mention it’s toxic masculinity to treat his easy expression of his emotions as simple “dark” and “broodiness.” he is a flawed and imperfect character who is still learning, who, despite the negativity he faces, despite the hatred unfairly directed toward him, still keeps and cherishes a tender kindness he has nurtured throughout his life, and which is more precious and more hopeful in light of what he has been through, and i think that’s beautiful.

me, irl: leaves

How dare someone say DC isn’t inspiring hope?! It is inspiring hope in a world where finding hope is hard. Superheroes shouldn’t enter a universe when everything is okay and be the source of rising tension and problems, they should enter the world when people have nothing else to believe in when they need inspiration!

The DC universe starts with Clark Kent being a hero in a world where people would turn against him. Clark Kent can’t find his place in the world, he is struggling with creating his own identity, but he is still saving lives. Lois finds him because everywhere he goes he saves people. The world is invaded and Clark is pushed as he would realistically to his breaking point (the destruction is the level it would be if a world ending fight had happened) the world is scared it needs hope. It needs superheroes to inspire. Criticize MOS all you want, everyone knows that if a being with God like powers showed up you bet your ass everything Martha feared would come true, but Clark still has enough faith in humanity to risk everything for it- how is that not hopeful?

BVS is apparently so dark, but the entire movie is about people who have lost hope regaining it. Clark struggles with being hated and feared, he struggles to deal with his sacrifice, as anyone would. He pushed himself to the breaking point for people, and yet they don’t trust him. Clark instead of breaking works hard to prove himself, he tries to be a hero for the world, to fit in. It isn’t easy for Clark, but it is worth it to him, Clark see’s enough good in humanity that he finds a reason to be their hero despite the fact that he doesn’t owe the world a goddamn thing. 

Bruce has lost everything, he has lost his purpose, and he see’s the worst in Clark, as he see’s the worst in himself, and humanity. Bruce despite struggling with his PTSD  finds a reason to trust again because of Clark’s heroism. It’s Clark Kent’s embodiment of the most human principles (hope, trust, faith) that brings Bruce back from the edge. “Men are still good”

BVS shows heroes even when they lose hope can find it again. Diana is much the same, after a World War she doesn’t think that humanity deserves saving, but because she see’s a man with no power fight a losing battle, when she see’s a being much like herself risk everything despite being rejected she remembers why she fights! How is that not hopeful.

Suicide Squad begins with dealing with the fallout of Superman’s death, the world hasn’t simply gotten over it. However, horrible people, people who have no reason to trust each other, or fight for humanity, come together to save it because even the worst of us have the potential to do the right thing. The idea that no one is too far gone to save, that even with a bomb in your head you can choose to save someone you care about is shown. That is pure hope.

Hope is easy in a world where the hero can save everyone, hope is easy when people trust heroes from the start. But hope in a universe where your faith is constantly tested, now that is an achievement.

Allow me to be politically incorrect but I don’t think people actually get Man of Steel unless they are an immigrant or if they are empathetic to immigrant stories.

What Clark goes through in that film is what illegal immigrant go through all the time.

“Yeah, he might be a good dude but he still could do some bad. Let’s throw him out.”

When you get to the core of the story, the movie is about an immigrant so I don’t expect a lot of people to get it. Especially in Trump’s America.

Where's the Hope? Where's the Joy?

I saw the Justice League trailer… I’ve been a life long DC Comics fans and I want to look forward to the movie. I really want to like it as much as I loved “Wonder Woman”.

But… it looks as dark (dimly lite) and dark (depressing) as MOS and BvS. There were no moments of joy. Aquaman looks and sounds like he grew up in East LA not Atlantis. Batman (Affleck) talks about how Superman inspired “hope” but that was never established in the earlier films.

There’s no question that it is a Zack Snyder film. Can Joss Whedon save it in reshoots?

honestly ppl that say dceu stans are problematic dont seem to realise that most fandoms have problematic stans. and ppl calling it a ‘boys club’ are just plain wrong. a lot of my experience with the fandom has been other ppl hating on dceu fans bc ‘well we dont like the movies so you shouldn’t either’. thats exactly what that sounds like. i’ve seen so called ‘professional’ critics attacking everyday fans simply for liking a dceu movie. its honestly exhausting. and ppl that say ww saved the franchise should look at how much money the previous films made even while being slammed by critics. obvs ww has done even better but it in no way did it save it. sure, we probably garnered more interest in the dceu, especially among female fans and i take that as a hugely positive thing. ugh i just wish ppl would stop hating on the fans themselves. u can hate the movies as much as u want. but u gotta respect that there are ppl out there who like them.

oh and stop sending hate to zack snyder. he and his family are mourning the loss of their child u disgusting fucks.