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Unpopular Opinion

I don’t think “fan service” is valid criticism. I don’t understand why this is an issue. 

We are fans. We are paying for the show’s production by subscribing to the network. We are giving the show purpose by participating as its audience. 

Why are cute or funny moments that are written to please the fans so problematic? We suffered for 5 years of relentless heartbreak in the series. I personally think it makes sense for things to get better now from a storytelling standpoint. 

Our characters have been hardened in the gauntlet of this brutal universe and are now prepared to face the Long Night. We don’t need to randomly start killing people off left and right on the eve of the biggest conflict yet. It’s okay that there haven’t been a bunch of significant deaths lately. It feels logical to me that everyone is finally coming together. This is what everything has been building to. Our remaining players are necessary.

So honestly most of it isn’t even fan service to begin with in my opinion. But let’s say it was. 

Thrones is almost over, guys. You do realize that, right? I like the idea that they are giving us some fond memories and some laughs with the characters we love. Sure, some of the conversations seem jarring when it has been so grim in the past, but I like what we’re seeing. I like the chance to smile and laugh for a little while. 

I feel confident that season 8 will swoop in to fuck up our feelings in every way imaginable so I am enjoying goofy conversations about Tormund’s attraction to Brienne. I am enjoying Tyrion and Davos poking fun at Jon and Dany about their attraction to one another. I think it’s sweet that Jon called Dany by her nickname and that they held hands. 

People traveling from A to B so quickly does feel odd at moments. I get that. But it allows more to happen in the few episodes we have left so I’m trying to make the best of it. 

Idk. As a fan, I’m happy to be serviced before they end my life with whatever deaths we will have to endure in season 8.

Anyway, this is just a response to people complaining about “fan service,” not to valid criticisms of things that seem off. Like I personally feel Arya’s treatment of Sansa is off. Like I personally feel Dany’s cruelty to Tyrion is off. 

It isn’t perfect but I don’t think it’s bad by any means and I’m still loving the season. 

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July 28th.

you: Jeff Kaplan may be a big part of development, he is by no means the only voice on the team. There are dozens of people in Blizzard who discuss and debate with each other on who and what gets nerfed or buffed.

Me, an intellectual: jeff kaplan broke into my house, spray painted “roadhog needs a nerf” all over my walls, and made bastions physically manifest in my living room


yei! another milestone , jeez i can´t wait until Mark reach 20 mill so he does some stupid challenge again haha (the tasteful nudes)

btw meanwhile doing this i was watching the pole dance video and man i have not laught so hard, i miss the grumps in the channel :( hope to see them soon and congrats Mark! @markiplier

RIP ma friend~

My graph tablet finally broke completely after 5 years of good company. Now I have to carefully make my choice for a new one. Until then I’ ll try to draw as much as possible in the traditional way. Therefor I also need to buy tools- @_@.

For all of you, who still get a commission done by me- please wait a lil’ longer, I will try to get everything settled as fast as possible. Thank you!

But see you around very soon! :’)