movie: john carter


I started the show when I was 22 years old. I got the job at March 17th, 1994. St. Patrick’s day. I’m gonna finished it March 18th, 2009. Fifteen years and one day later at 37 years old. And in the interim I got married and had a couple of kids and my life changed in every conceivable way. And I have this show for both thank and blame for that. It’s been an incredible experience and one that I would not trade for anything. No regrets whatsoever. - Noah Wyle (x)

In Defense of Non-Block Busters: I am doomed to love films that will never get a sequel. Thanks critics. Thanks people who illegally download a movie instead of paying for a ticket.There is a long, agonizing scream that sounds inside my head when I think about what could have been.