movie: jackass

A nurse on our unit was choked out by a patient with a TBI.

Patient attacked this nurse that’s my size & pinned her against a wall by her throat. She was blue when help got in the room & she almost lost consciousness. Once the patient was contained & the nurse was extracted from the room & tended too. Our supervisor said to her, “So I suppose you are going to want your assignment changed?” My reaction was…

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While everyone is hype with 2B and 9S from Nier, this weirdo here is hype with Jackass and all the machines and environments! The moment i heard jackass, i was like, need to draw her LOL ; v ; Do look forward to more machines doodles from me soon!  I really love a lot of their scenario in the game.

The Sketch version of this can be found in my Instagram > micehellwd


Face Casting: Nick Sagar as Declan Lynch

“Freedom in the Lynch family was a complicated thing, and at the moment, Declan held the keys to it”

New doodle by Scarlet Beriko~ its Kei from Jackass♡

E.T.A. some misc. info on Kei~

Name: Hara Keisuke. Has droopy eyes. Always has a default scowl in place. He’s wearing glasses since he can’t afford contacts. 

btw scarlet beriko’s longhand scrawl is atrocious~ her handwriting is like chicken scratches, totes illegible :3